Bi assignment parts of speech


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Bi assignment parts of speech

  1. 1. INSTITUT PERGURUAN TENGKU AMPUAN AFZAN<br />KUALA LIPIS , PAHANG<br />NAMA PELAJAR : REKHA A/P RAJENDRAN<br />NO K.P : 911203-08-5946<br />UNIT : PPISMP SEM 1 ( MT / BI / BM )<br />NAMA MATA PELAJARAN :ENGLISH <br />NAMA PENSYARAH : CIK RAJA NORITA BT RAJA SHAMSUDIN<br />TARIKH SERAHAN : 21 OCTOBER 2009<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />First I would like thank my English lecturer Miss Raja Norita Binti Raja Shamsudin for her help and guideness to complete this task.Without his help I will not be able to complete this task because he cleared all my doubts throughout completion of this task.<br />Next , I would like to thank all my friends who had helped me to finish my task.Without their cooperation I would have never been able to finish my task.<br />Lastly I would like to thank my parents who supported me throughout I was doing this task.Their support made me to complete my task on time.<br />Thank You.<br />CONTENTS<br />1. TASK QUESTIONS<br />2. PART A<br /> i) Article 1<br /> ii) Article 2<br />3. PART B<br /> i) Summary Of Article 1<br /> ii) Summary Of Article 2<br />4. Reflection<br />5 . Reference<br />PART<br />A<br />Article 1 <br />HEROES<br />It was 7.30 am on May 6 last year, and the morning rush hour had already begun on Saladaeng Soi 2 in Bangkok’s commercial centre. Nucharee Sukwatthanaphorn was making her way along the road to work. The 37-year-old credit manager was carrying a shoulder bag with 50,000 baht ( $1420 ) in cash, which she planned to deposit when her bank opened at 9 am.<br />Further along Saladaeng Soi 2, Suphot Phoomprasert, a 32-year-old bank supervisor. Had just bought some food for lunch. Eager to get to work, he flagged down a motorcycle taxi driven by Sophon Jindathip. The pair knew each other – Suphot was a regular client of the 33-year-old driver.<br />Meanwhile, as she waited for the bank to open, Nucharee browsed some roadside stalls. Suddenly, a motorcycle sped past. The driver leaned over, snatched Nucharee’s bag and accelerated down the road.<br />Nucharee stood stunned for a few seconds, then started running after the thief. “Help! Help!” she shouted.<br />Most people along the road stared at her; a few pointed in the direction the motorcyclist was heading.<br />At that moment, Sophon drove past the scene. Both he and Suphot saw a woman running on the road and shouting for help. Sophon had worked in the area for many years, and figured out straight away what had happened. He turned to Suphot and said, “I will follow the thief.”<br />Suphot agreed. “Don’t stop at my office, or we’ll lose him,” he called out. Aware that he was being pursued, the bag snatcher accelerated his motorcycle. Sophon, drawing on his experience of driving in the area, managed to keep the thief in sight. Just as they approached an intersection, the traffic lights turned green, allowing the thief to make a run for Wireless Road. Fortunately the traffic under the Thai-Belgium Bridge – at the intersection before Wireless Road – had slowed to a crawl. The thief wove between the cars without slowing down.<br />The next set of traffic lights turned red. Sophon, who was stuck behind a car, could see that if the thief made it through the intersection, he would be able to disappear into the heavy traffic on Wireless Road. Any hope of catching him would vanish as well. Knowing they had to act quickly, Sophon told Suphot to run after the thief, who was 100 metres ahead from them. “I will leave the motorcycle here and follow you.”<br />Still clutching his lunchbox, Suphot hopped down and ran as fast as he could. When he reached the thief’s motorcycle, he called out, “Did you snatch a woman’s bag?” Although Nucharee’s bag was hanging from his handlebar, the driver denied any wrongdoing and began to ease his bike forward.<br />Sophon caught up with Suphot and the pair began to pull the thief off his bike. The man put up a fierce fight, but several onlookers stepped forward and together they managed to subdue him. While Sophon and other bystanders were keeping the perpetrator under control, Suphot ran to the police booth at the intersection about 100 metres away. The police arrived five minutes later and arrested the man.<br />While the chase was taking place, Nucharee had gone to a police booth close to where the snatch theft occurred. She was informed that the thief had been arrested and that her money was safe. “I didn’t think that I would get my bag back,” she says. “The two gentlemen are real heroes because they risked their life to help me although they didn’t know me.”<br />Both men turned down Nucharee’s offer of a cash reward. However, Suphot agreed to take a small sum of money to repair his watch, which had been badly damaged during his altercation with the thief. Sophon and Suphot later received certificates of recognition from the Office of the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and the National Identity Promotion Office.<br />“I always help other people,” Sophon says. “I was lucky this time because my passenger shared the same spirit.”<br />Parts of speech<br /><ul><li>NOUNS
  2. 2. Bag
  3. 3. Wireless road
  4. 4. Police
  6. 6. At
  7. 7. To
  8. 8. Over
  9. 9. ADVERB
  10. 10. Already
  11. 11. Suddenly
  12. 12. Later
  13. 13. CONJUCTION
  14. 14. And
  15. 15. Or
  16. 16. If
  17. 17. VERBS
  18. 18. Browsed
  19. 19. Leaned
  20. 20. Snatched
  21. 21. ADJECTIVES
  22. 22. Slowed
  23. 23. Heary
  24. 24. Fierce</li></ul>Article 2<br />NICE DAY FOR A STRANGE WEDDING<br />Love is strange , a songwriter famously sang.He must have been Asian.I mean , take the mother of my friend Shyrnne ,for example.She found spouse who was quiet , polite , didn’t answer back ,was deeply rooted in his community , and never , ever ran around.Then she divorced him.He was a bit wooden.OK , not to put too fine a point on it but he was a tree.You could say she took her love nature a bit too far.<br />You see , the woman had been told by an Indian fortune teller that her second marriage would work , but not her first.Wanting to save heartache all round,her mother’s parents married her to a nearby oak. “ It’s easy to get divorced from a tree,” they explained.And they were right.The tree did not contest the divorce.Once all the paperwork was done, they married her to a human.<br />Mind you,my eyes well up at the thought of this innocent tree , released back into the arboreal social market as soiled goods , but what can you do?Life is hard.As for the human bride , I imagine she found her second husband a bit more talkative than fer first.Or maybe not.He is Asian after all.In a region that values marriage , it’s curious that the choice of partner is sometimes the least important fact. Shyrnne told me about a guy she knew who learned from his bride that the wedding date he had chosen was the day of his fiancee’s final exams. “ No problem ,” he replied , and changed the date of the wedding.No he didn’t .He kept the wedding date and looked for another girl.I wonder how the guy broke the news to his fiancée. “ You can’t do June 19th?That’s too bad.Know any other chicks with unbelievably low standards? ’’<br />In my journalistic days, I reported on the wedding of one Jayalakshmi , a 21-year-old from Chennai , India.Halfway through the wedding , groom Murugesan announced that he was disappointed he had not received a motor scooter among his dowry presents and was departing to find a woman with a deeper appreciation of a man’s automotive needs.<br />Bride Jayalakshmi promptly decided that her love for the idea of having a big Indian wedding was greater than her love for any particular individual , so she grabbed one of the male guests and hustled him into position. No doubt he found something suitably romantic to say , such as , “ Help Me ! ”. Strange pair-ups don’t just happen in South Asia . In China , people regularly marry ghosts . If a woman dies unmarried ,the relatives pay someone to wed her spirit. It’s not a bad deal.She’s a cheap date and there are never any fights over the remote.<br />I once reported on the tale of a man named Karan Singh who was caught red-handed assaulting the daughter of his neighbour. He was jailed for three-and-a-half-years.He offered to marry his victim, and was released and sent back to her with a smile.This is reminiscent of the wedding of the Western concept of the “ shotgun wedding ”,in which a stern father would point a firearm at a man and say “ You are an evil , immoral brute of the worst order.Marry my daughter this instant.”<br />I know of one case of a jilted Western bride acting in an Asian way.Allison Innes,20,of Scotland, was ditched by her caddish boyfriend shortly before wedding.But the whole thing went ahead , with a friend marrying her in place of the original groom.On the surface , this seems like an Asian wedding tale.But there’s a key difference –Ms Innes was eight months pregnant.In Asia, her ballooning condition would have prevented alternative husbands springing from the audience to romantically proclaim: “ I suppose I’ll have her if no-one else wants her.”<br />But the West can’t beat Asia for wild weddings.When a reader wrote to me about a man in Europe who married his sister , I barely batted an eyelid.My file of Asian wqeddings includes one in which a nine-year-old girl married a dog and an adult woman who married a statue and people who regularly marry ghosts and paintings.Don’t get me wrong , the European wedding was very controversial , but at least the bride was human. <br />Parts of speech<br /><ul><li>NOUNS
  25. 25. Songwriter
  26. 26. Mothel
  27. 27. Spouse
  29. 29. From
  30. 30. To
  31. 31. In
  32. 32. ADVERB
  33. 33. Deeply
  34. 34. Sometimes
  35. 35. Hustled
  36. 36. CONJUCTION
  37. 37. And
  38. 38. But
  39. 39. If
  40. 40. VERBS
  41. 41. Married
  42. 42. Released
  43. 43. Learned
  44. 44. ADJECTIVES
  45. 45. Quiet
  46. 46. Polite
  47. 47. Talkative</li></ul>PART<br />B<br />ARTICLE 1<br />Main Idea : <br />- 7.30 am on May 6<br />- carrying a shoulder bag with 50,000 baht ( $1420 ) in cash, which she planned to deposit when her bank opened at 9am.<br />- a motorcycle sped past<br />- snatched Nucharee’s bag and accelerated down the road.“Help! <br /> Help!” she shouted.<br /><ul><li>thief wove between the cars without slowing down.
  48. 48. Both men turned down Nucharee’s offer of a cash reward.</li></ul>Summary<br />It was 7.30 am on May 6 .Nucharee Sukwatthanaphorn was carrying 50,000 baht in cash, which she planned to deposit in her bank.As she waited for the bank to open, a motorcycle sped past and the driver snatched Nucharee’s bag.Sophon and Suphot drove past the scene. Sophon who worked in the area for many years knew what had happened. Knowing he was being pursued, the thief accelerated his motorcycle. Sophon caught up with Suphot and began to pull the thief off his bike. The man put up a fierce fight, but several onlookers stepped forward and together they managed to subdue him. Suphot ran to the police booth and the police arrested the man.Both men turned down Nucharee’s offer of a cash reward. <br />ARTICLE 2<br />MAIN IDEA :<br /><ul><li>Love is strange
  49. 49. Shyrnn , divorec her husband because she follow what a fortune teller tells her
  50. 50. Her friend change bride because the fiancée’s exam same with wedding date
  51. 51. Jayalakshmi marry a male guest when the groom left her
  52. 52. Chinese pay someone to marry their unmarried dead daughter spirit.
  53. 53. Karan marry his victim whom he assault.
  54. 54. Allison marrys her friend when boyfriend left her before wedding and she was eight months pregnant
  55. 55. Europe man marry his sister</li></ul>SUMMARY<br />Love is strange , Shrynne’s mother found a spouse , quiet , polite and never answer back.She divorced him when a fortune teller told her second marriage would work.Her friend , changed his bride just because the wedding date was his fiancee’s final exam.Bride Jayalakshmi married a male guest when the groom announced he was disappointed upon not receiving a scooter among his dowry presents.In china , the relatives pay someone to wed the spirit of unmarried woman.Karan Singh who was caught assaulting his neighbour’s daughter offered to marry her.Allison Innes who was eight months pregnant married a friend,when boyfriend jilted shortly before their wedding. A man in Europe married his sister,a nine-year-old married a dog,and an adult married a statue.<br />reflection<br />First , I would like to thank my lecturer who guided me throughout this whole process of completion.Without it , I would have never be able to complete this on time.This assignment is about eight parts of speech that i have learned in this semester .While doing this assignment I have learned more about parts of speech and I understand better about it.<br />In part A , I was required to select two articles from any authentic material.Then I have to identify six different parts of speech that i have learnt.While doing this part I was able to understand better about different parts of speech as I was able to identify them in both articles.<br />In part B , I learnt on how to write a summary from the selected articles.To write a summary , first i have to identify main ideas in each of the articles.I was able to differentiate between main ideas , explanation and examples as i reread the articles again.<br />In conclusion , this assignment has given me a chance to improve myself in different parts of speech as I have a better knowledge about it now.By reading articles I was able to see how different parts of speech is used in an essay or an article.Lastly this assignment has benefited me from the beginning.<br />REFERENCE<br /> MAGAZINE<br />NITINUT NUTNAKA,READER’S DIGEST,FEBRUARY 2009<br />NURY VITTACHI , READER’S DIGEST , FEBRUARY 2009<br />WEBSITES<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />