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habits of an effective team leader

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  • Prime minister parrallel-first among equal
  • The leader sets the tone—both consciously and on subtle levels—for what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not.Effective team leaders exhibit certain habits and behavioral qualities that inspire their teams to produce their best work.
  • They are willing to put the team’s success above their own. Coming from a place of selfless service, the effective team leader consciously finds ways to uplift the team and its individual members in need.
  • They go first in difficult discussions, which often leaves them vulnerable. Exhibiting courage, they bring difficult behavioral issues to the surface. Unwilling to engage in office politics or posturing, they consistently call out passive-aggressive behavior and people’s fear of conflict.
  • They understand that the purpose of an organization is to capitalize on the strengths of its employees instead of focusing on improving individual weakness. Team leaders that play to team member’s strengths build more powerful teams.
  • Transcending personality conflicts and petty behavioral problems within the team, they keep everyone focused on what matters most: The results the team is committed to achieving.You can’t pick and choose from the above list of habits. To be an effective team leader, you must adopt all five habits.
  • The effective team leader by g thierry mbenoun scribd

    1. 1. Developing teams in BusinessThe Effective Team Leader habits by G Thierry Mbenoun
    2. 2. Aim : To discuss about the role andhabits of an effective Team Leader
    3. 3. Learning objectives When you have completed this session you will be able toRecap important points of pass sessionsDefine Team leaderDescribe the four basic roles of team leaderList the five habits of an effective team leaderApply effective team leadership habits to group activities
    4. 4. What is a Team leader roleHave you been in a Team at in class, at school, atwork, in clubs, in playground, in communityassociation,?According to you, what is a Team leader role?Everyone is free to participateSay freely what you think
    5. 5. Team leaderA team member who may not have any authority overother members but is appointed on permanent or rotating basis to(1) represent the team to the next higher reporting level,(2) make decisions in the absence of a consensus ,(3) resolve conflict between team members ,(4) coordinate team efforts.
    6. 6. Effective Team LeaderWhat are the five habits you think aneffective team leader should have?Everyone gives at least one habit he orshe thinks an effective Team Leadershould have ,let say something in this order :
    7. 7. 5 habits of effective Team leader A team is only as strong as its leader.
    8. 8. Habit #1: Effective team leaders FOCUS ON THEIR TEAM more than themselves.
    9. 9. Let answer togetherWhat happen when a Team Leader focus only onhimself or on paperwork , ignoring, neglecting orabusing people
    10. 10. Habit #2: Effective team leaders CREATE A SPACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN TRUST ONE ANOTHER.
    11. 11. QuestionWhat can happen to the team when members of ateam don’t trust each other?What can they do to each other?
    12. 12. Habit #3: Effective team leaders FOCUS ON STRENGTHS, not weaknesses.
    13. 13. QuestionHow will you feel if you have a leader that only focuson your weaknesses?How can it affect the team productivity and moral?
    14. 14. Habit #4: Effective team leadersPUSH FOR A HIGHER STANDARD. Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Henry Ward Beecher(1844)
    15. 15. Habit #5: Effective team leaders DRIVE TOWARD RESULTS and keep their TEAM FOCUSED ON THE END PICTURE.
    16. 16. ConclusionList four basic roles of a Team leaderList one of the five habits of an effective team leaderusing your own words
    17. 17. References (accessed 21/03/2012) 20/03/2012)Henry Ward Beecher(1844)Seven Lectures to YoungMen .New York