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  • 1. From eLearning to Social Learning: An Open-Source Trilogy - Moodle, Mahara, Elgg at Paris Descartes University Eric Cherel, CIO Thierry Koscielniak, ICT for Education Exec. Director
  • 2. Contents   S  The Trilogy within the Pedagogical Information System S  Moodle architecture S  Moodle skill assessment S  Mahara linked to Moodle S  Elgg’s public view of the ePortfolio
  • 3. The  OpenSource  Trilogy   Use" Online Courses" Users" Teachers +" Students" Visibility" Internal" ePortfolios Management" Academic " social network" Students +" Descartes Community" Orientation People" + Alumnis" Internal" Internal and public!
  • 4. Pedagogical  Informa:on  System   Personal Learning Environment
  • 5. Moodle  2  virtual  servers  architecture   S  Modularity S  Redundancy S  S  Scalability High Disponibility   The LMS is a vital service for students and faculty. This architecture provides all the security needed for a 24/7 load of the plateform for more than 40,000 users. HTTPS Heartbeat STUNNEL STUNNEL HAProxy HAProxy Virtual IP HTTP …   NFS Credits : Mr Mohamed Lamaachi, IS Architect
  • 6. vMoodle  Topography   One  can  authen*cate   to  any  node  of  the   constella*on  and   navigate  seamlessly.     Credits : Mr Valéry Frémaux, Consultant
  • 7. Moodle  virtualiza:on   The  access  through   the  Medecine  node   (right  red  arrow)  is   redirected  to  the   Medecine  data  via   the  virtual   configura*on  from   the  Moodle  admin.     The  admin  is  master   to  perform  network   services  :  deploy   plugins,  updates.   Credits : Mr Valéry Frémaux, Consultant
  • 8. Skill  workbook  :  Student’s  view   Skills reference bar green : validated red : declarative item grey : to be validated Credits : Mr Jean Fruitet, Nantes University
  • 9. Skill  workbook  :  Teacher’s  view   Students selection boxes - Edition - Validation - Comments Credits : Mr Jean Fruitet, Nantes University
  • 10. Student’s  Outcomes   Outcomes imported from Moodle to Mahara
  • 11. Student’s  Workspace  and  ePorfolios  Tools     Internal contents S  Some internal contents come from Moodle activity assessed by the teacher S  Some external contents come from the PLE* of the student   * Personal Learning Environment External contents
  • 12. Student’s  ePorEolio   Outcomes One skill per tabs Skills Carnet2 contents External Network Profile
  • 13. The  Academic  Network   S  The network is focused on the student-tutor relationship ePFMG http://www.educause.edu/annual-conference/2012/learningsocial-network-using-e-portfolio-medical-practitioners-studies S  Working groups S  Users’ shared knowledge S  Public profile visibility for researchers Works on an elgg platform Open Source Social Networking Engine
  • 14. The  History   From RenéD.blogs to Carnets2 Descartes and Carnets d’anciens" "anciens = alumni"
  • 15. The  Strategy   S  Carnets2 has been defined by the President of the University as a strategic tool to build strong academic bonds between faculty, students, alumni and partners. S  A process has been set up to enable alumni to activate their previous academic account and interact within the community. " " "http://armada.parisdescartes.fr" S  All faculty and researchers are asked to fill in and keep accurate their Carnets2 profile in order to share academic informations : research topics, publications, international collaborations, association memberships. "
  • 16. Account  ac:va:on  page  for  alumni  
  • 17. Carnets2  Profile  and  Dashboard   Profile Web site + ePortfolio Contents Networks links Publications Contacts Tags Wikis Groups Twitter feed
  • 18. Contact  us   IS Office ICT for Education Paris Descartes Eric Cherel, CIO Thierry Koscielniak, PhD, Exec. Dir. eric.cherel@parisdescartes.fr thierry.koscielniak@parisdescartes.fr Bruno Bouret, Dev. Mng. Bruno.bouret@parisdescartes.fr Valéry Frémaux, Consultant vfconsulting@mylearningfactory.com Yann Sallou, Lead dev. yann.sallou@parisdescartes.fr
  • 19. Paris  Descartes  University   S  Multidisciplinary university S  Spread over 9 colleges and 1 institute of technology S  38,900 students S  200 PhD + 600 MD granted each year S  5,600 members S  Faculties, researchers, staff and technical people S  1,300 researchers S  www.parisdescartes.fr 82 research labs
  • 20. Paris  Descartes  University Institute of Technology Biomedecine Maths & Computer Sci. Human & Social Sciences Headquarters + Medecine Pharmacy Psychology Sports Odontology Law – Economics www.parisdescartes.fr