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Brief introduction to the Allmyapps App Store

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Allmyapps Windows App Store

  1. 1. Allmyapps Windows App Store The App Store for Windows PC
  2. 2. What is Allmyapps… For End-Users
  3. 3. A usage-base application store  A store to discover and install new applications – Usage based discovery: most users don’t know the names of applications – Allmyapps recommends users 1 application for a given usage – More than +16.000 desktop and web applications are listed
  4. 4. A user friendly software updater  A user friendly tool to keep PC applications up-to-date – Automatically detects the applications installed on the user PC – Notifies users whenever updates are available – Enables easy download and install of application updates – Keeps your PC fast and secured
  5. 5. A convenient tool to reinstall PC applications  A utility to save and reinstall PC applications in a snap – Eases the migration to a new/reinstalled PC – Saves the user list of applications in his account – Lets users reinstall all their applications easily – Reinstalls applications in their latest version
  6. 6. What is Allmyapps… For Software Publishers
  7. 7. +2M monthly active users A unique distribution channel  What makes allmyapps different? – Quality users. We do *not* force installations or use tricky marketing techniques to distribute your application. You get users that are truly interested in your application. – Quality software. We do *not* distribute/promote software which does not fully pass virustotal tests. We protect your brand through a 100% clean & quality based app store. – 100% Performance based. You only pay for what we’ve achieved in distribution (Pay- Per-Install) and sales (Revenue Share). No hidden cots.  How to get listed on allmyapps? – Establish an affiliate partnership with us (on the platform of your choice) – Send us a dedicated version of your application with our affiliate ID built-in – Send us your product description url and/or PAD file Start here:
  8. 8. A performant promotion tool  We are happy only if *you* are happy – Pay-Per-Install (PPI) or Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) – By managing the entire download+installation process, allmyapps has has one of the most performant installation funnel of the market Discovery offer until March 31st “YOUR price is OUR price”  The cleanest way to promote your app – We review and recommend your app on the home page of our store, boosting your image and brand recognition. – Increase the number of installs of your app by an order of magnitude – Drive a important flow of highly converting users Learn more Promoted App
  9. 9. A clean monetization opportunity  Distribute your own customized allmyapps – Increase your sales by featuring all your portfolio of products in the front row of your customized version of allmyapps. – Get affiliation and advertising revenues on all other products that are not in your portfolio. – Reward your users with a free software updater for all their PC apps Learn more Discovery offer until March 31st “Get 50% revenue share”
  10. 10. Learn more Get in touch Thibauld Favre - CEO
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