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  • 80% dos membros são estão cadastrados passivamente, não estão buscando ativamente uma movimentação profissional.
  • Increase pipeline of Quality CandidatesReach more top talentUnrestricted search delivers significantly greater results (60 million +)Reach prospects unavailable on job boards Access full profiles with names and all available fieldsIncrease Recruiter ProductivitySuite of efficiency tools allows recruiters to do moreMaximize return on investmentGlobal reachAll activity within platform stays with your companyTransfer an account to another recruiter and maintain activity historyPool InMails and job slots for use across the teamAvoid risk - OFCCP trackingApply tracking codes and download data in case of auditReduce time and cost per hireQuickly engage high quality prospects through LinkedIn’s trusted networkEliminate need to engage third party searchGain Competitive edgeRecruiter accounts are only available to internal corporate recruiting organizations.Staffing firms are limited to subscription accounts
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    1. 1. Recruiting SolutionsRecruiting Solutions v Recruiting Solutions
    2. 2. Recruiting Solutions Why are the world’s best professionals on LinkedIn? Chris Thompson Sales Director - Current Co: 3D Financial, 2 years - Financial Industry | Greater Boston - Years Experience: 9 Join my Group to share best practices on prospecting – Rob S.  Manage Their professional identity  Build and maintain their professional network  Access valuable Knowledge, insights, opportunities
    3. 3. Recruiting Solutions Truly global. Ever-growing. 238M+ members USA: 52% CAN: 4% BRZ:2% EU: 22% IND: 8% AUS: 2% +3M / mo
    4. 4. Recruiting Solutions The Power of Viral Growth  LinkedIn Member Growth: – 2010: 80M – 2009: 45M – 2008: 33M – 2007: 8.5M – 2006: 10M – 2005: 4.4M – 2004: 1.6M – 2003: 85K  Quick Stats: – 1 new member per second – 90% of network is college educated – 60% of network classified as Senior Executive – 84% of network between 25 and 54 years of age – Average Household Income of roughly $139,000 85,000 members 2003 1.6M members 2004 4.4M members 2005 8.5M members 2006 10M members 2007 80M members As of Oct 2010
    5. 5. Recruiting Solutions Brazil  190M inhabitants  108M PIA – Proper age for work (theoretically)  24,2M PEA – People actively in the job market  13,3M brazilians in = (approx. 55%)  102,3M brazilians with internet access
    6. 6. Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn Talent Advantage Overview 6 LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Recruiter Talent Direct Recruitment Ads Career Pages Work with us! Recruitment Insights
    7. 7. Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn Jobs Network: Let our jobs do your job 7 1. Higher quality: An unmatched pool of passive and active candidates 2. Time savings: LinkedIn directs your jobs to the most qualified candidates Highly qualified talent from college graduates to executives
    8. 8. Recruiting SolutionsRecruiting Solutions 8 48% 13% 10% 10% 7% 2% 1% 10% LinkedIn’s unmatched talent pool delivers the highest quality applicants Q13. Based on your experience, which job board would you rank highest in each of the following…Quality of applicants (LinkedIn Job Posters Survey, Dec 2009) Recruiters and hiring managers rated LinkedIn as the top source of quality applicants at over 3x the rate of the job boards
    9. 9. Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn Recruiter: Find and contact your ideal candidate. Faster.  Increase pipeline of quality candidates  Increase Recruiter productivity  Maximize return on investment  Avoid risk - OFCCP tracking  Reduce time and cost per hire  Gain Competitive edge
    10. 10. Recruiting SolutionsRecruiting Solutions Meet our Customers
    11. 11. Recruiting Solutions Notable Customers in Technology
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