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This workshop template will guide you to define a mobile analytics approach for applications like sales apps, promotion apps etc.

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  • Analytics is very broad topic. But it can be said that it depends on proper data. Data – on the other hand – highly depends on available sources. To start our introduction to analytics, we will therefore start by talking about data sources and also set the scope of our workshop. Describe the chartThe scope of this workshop is to use the available data within the App
  • Usage Tracking: Clicks, Click Flows etc.Error Tracking: Side not found etc.UI Optimization: How many clicks to we need to get to the most shown content, can we reduce them? Validation of assumptionsApp Performance (Download times etc.): Login time, download, response time etc.Business Impact: How often do we need to propose a product to sell itGenerate Business Insights: Which products are shown seldom but when shown sold nearly always etc.
  •  This is an example of possible data points for analytics.Walk-ThroughFor the next step, we will keep this slide on the projectorDivision needs to be a custom variable for Google Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics Workshop

    1. 1. Client. Project. Data. Mobile Analytics. Namics. Dr. Thomas Sammer. Senior Consultant. March 2014
    2. 2. Namics. Agenda.  Introduction and Scope  Workshop 1. Prioritise goals for analytics 2. Identify available data 3. Formulating KPIs: Connecting data and goals  Goals of this Session  Common understanding of analytics  Defining 3-6 KPIs, which will be guaranteed  Google Analytics will provide even more data, but these KPIs are the top priority.
    3. 3. Namics. Introduction and Scope.
    4. 4. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Scope. App Company External Data • Bloomberg • Reuters • Social Media • Etc. • ERP • CRM • Marketing Data • Etc. Out of scope Goal: 3-6 KPIs based on In-App data
    5. 5. Namics. Goals 4 Analytics.
    6. 6. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Goals 4 Analytics.  Analytics is a broad topic  Goals for analytics can be 1. Usage Tracking 2. Error Tracking 3. UI Optimization 4. App Performance (Download times etc.) 5. Measure Business Impact 6. Generate Business Insights
    7. 7. Namics. Usage Tracking Error Tracking UI Optimiz. App Perform. Generate Insights Business Impact Scale: Empfehlung: 3 2 1 0 Importance regarding the initial phase of the Sales App Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Goals 4 Analytics.
    8. 8. Namics. Data.
    9. 9. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Data. Clicks Usage User App Performance Operating System Feedback Message Market Language Division Individual User ErrorsDownload Time Response Time Client OS (Win7, iOS) Time, Date, Month, etc Click Flow Document Views
    10. 10. Namics. Examples.
    11. 11. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Data. Client.
    12. 12. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Data. Client.
    13. 13. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Data. Usage.
    14. 14. Namics. Connecting the Dots.
    15. 15. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Connecting. Data GoalsKey Performance Indicator
    16. 16. Namics. Groups. KPIs.Rotate. Select.  We need 3 groups  Each group with members from Client and Namics 1.  We target the 3 most important goals for analytics  Each team defines one additional KPI per goal based on the available data 2.  We rotate 3 times (3x10’)  After 3 rotations we have at least 9 KPIs 3.  To close the session, we will select 2 KPIs per goal  Outcome: 6 KPIs which will be implemented as part of the project 4. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Interaction.
    17. 17. Namics. Sales App. Mobile Analytics. Example. Usage Tracking App Performance UI Optimization Average daily usage per user and market Click Flow per market Average loading time per screen and market Average daily usage per user and division In-App user feedback Most shown screen per market Absolute number of users Start-up time per Client OS Usage per Client OS
    18. 18. Namics. Q&A.