Leadership is More Than Just Being in Charge


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Effective Leadership has little or nothing to do with your position, your title, your fame or prestige. It has everything to do with you who ARE.

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  • In business, this means getting people aligned and moving in the same direction – the direction that makes the organization fly. People are inspired by external forces, they are motivated by internal ones.
  • It's almost universal that people believe they need one thing when, in fact, they need something else. They need to know that SOMEONE knows what ’s going on, and is plotting the course for the greater good of everyone.
  • When choosing a leader to follow, people can ’t see your skills, but they can see your behavior.
  • Integrity - the most important requirement; without it everything else is for nothing. Always do what you say you will do - keep your promises. Achieve the company tasks and objectives, but never at the cost of your integrity or the trust of your people. Control – this is about HAVING self-control, not about BEING in control of others… this is not a lack of passion; it means controlling your emotions BEFORE they get the better of you Example – never ask anyone to do something you ’re not willing to do. Always work harder and more determinedly than anyone else. Manage your time well and help others to do so too. Help your team when they need it. Encourage your people to grow, learn and take on as much as they want to, at a pace they can handle. Involve your people in your thinking and especially in managing change.
  • Good Delegation is recognizing who possesses qualities to handle different circumstances and empowering them to do so. Good delegation saves you time, develops your people, grooms upcoming leadership, and motivates. Poor delegation will cause frustration, de-motivate and confuse others, and fail to achieve the task or purpose itself. Oversimplified steps: Who does what well and/or has the desire to do the task to be delegated? What steps are required? (communicate) Observation and follow-up
  • Leadership is More Than Just Being in Charge

    1. 1. Leadership is Action,Leadership is Action,Not PositionNot PositionAre you the LeaderAre you the LeaderYou Want to Be?You Want to Be?
    2. 2. Leadership is More ThanJust Being in ChargeFor the sake of being on the same page, letsdefine leadership as inspiring others to followyour vision / direction / dream.You can inspire, but motivation is internal.
    3. 3. Why do We Need Good Leaders?People WANT direction.
    4. 4. Leadership = Behavior First,Skills SecondLeadership is different from management.Management relies more on planning,organizational and communications skills.
    5. 5. There is no Magic Formulato Create a Good LeaderAre leaders born or made?The first step to become a good leader isKNOWING YOURSELF.
    6. 6. Leadership DevelopmentLearn to Lead YourselfLearn to Lead OthersLearn the art of Delegation
    7. 7. Leadership Behavior -Lead YourselfIntegrityControlExampleAssistObjectiveCommunicateStop TalkingOwn It
    8. 8. Leadership - Lead OthersLeadership - Lead OthersLeading others isn’t about givingorders and disciplining employees –it’s about finding the things thatpeople do well and encouragingthem to grow.
    9. 9. Leadership - Lead OthersLeadership - Lead OthersAre you asking the right questions?–What and How–NOT Why and WhoPraise Loudly, Blame Softly
    10. 10. Leadership = Mastering DelegationLeadership = Mastering DelegationDelegation is NOT simply telling others what toDelegation is NOT simply telling others what todo!do!Oversimplified stepsOversimplified steps– TaskTask– PersonPerson– Instruction/ConfirmationInstruction/Confirmation– CheckpointsCheckpoints– GoalGoal– FollowupFollowup
    11. 11. Are You the LeaderAre You the LeaderYou Want to Be?You Want to Be?Consider whatConsider whatleadership qualitiesleadership qualitiesyou possess.you possess.Consider whichConsider whichleadership qualitiesleadership qualitiesyou believe would beyou believe would bemost beneficial tomost beneficial toyour life AND youryour life AND yourwork.work.
    12. 12. Are You the LeaderAre You the LeaderYou Want to Be?You Want to Be?Plan how to improve on ONE of these inPlan how to improve on ONE of these inthe next 30 – 60 days.the next 30 – 60 days.Measure your results monthly – set goalsMeasure your results monthly – set goalsand work to achieve them.and work to achieve them.
    13. 13. Be The LeaderBe The LeaderYou Were Meant To Be!You Were Meant To Be!