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GantecTurf's new trial program for golf courses saves them money and time, while protecting the turf and environment

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  • Academy pg 31-33
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  • Gantec Turf Care

    1. 1. Stimulate | Boost | Reduce | PromoteGantec TurfTurf Care System This presentation is best viewed in PowerPoint 2010 or higher. To download the free viewer click here ©GantecTurf, 2012 all rights reserved
    2. 2. Enhancing Your TurfStimulate Root Boost Vitality Reduce Inputs Promote Development and Resistance and Costs Sustainability Using the 100% natural Gantec Turf Care System
    3. 3. VitalityHow does a plant thrive in theDesert?
    4. 4. While most trees, plants and life doanything but thrive in harshenvironments like deserts, thereare a few extremophilic speciesthat have adapted to survive.
    5. 5. West African Neem Tree • Known by most locals only as great shade trees in the middle of the desert • The Neem Tree possesses at least 100 unique bio-actives in its immune system that help the Neem resist: • Heat • Drought • Cold • Pests • Fungus • And much more • Part of the secret is below ground, in the roots, where the Neem’s powerful vascular system has adapted to absorb scarce nutrients and water
    6. 6. The Rediscovery of • The Neem tree was rediscovered in Neem 1959, when Dr. Heinrich Schmutterer, a young German scientist trained in entomology and plant pathology, worked in Sudan during a locust invasion. • After the swarm, all the trees had been stripped bare by the locusts, except one tree which he discovered was a Neem. • On closer investigation it was concluded that the locusts did indeed land on Neem trees, but they always left without feeding. Since this discovery, there has been worldwide scientific interest in Neem and intense research into its many properties.
    7. 7. The Gantec Inc.,™ Technology • Developed by Chief Biological scientist, Dr. Joe Affholter, our core technology is called Bioadaptive Supplementation • The principle is to borrow the “essence” from extremophilic plants found in extreme environments, like the Neem Tree, and transfer the rich natural ingredients to plants cultivated professionally. • Our technology employs unique life science insights and sophisticated, biocompatible extraction and formulation methods to maximize the benefits, quality and usability of our products.
    8. 8. Turf Care Benefits Applying these extremophilic bioactives found in Gantec™ highly concentrated biochemistry to turf has resulted in: 1. Increased root length and absorption capacity 2. Augmented turf vitality and stress resistance 3. Reduced need for synthetic fungicides, fertilizers and pesticides 4. Improved reputation of environmental sustainability Lets take a look at each benefit
    9. 9. Stimulate RootDevelopment Increased root length and absorption capacity
    10. 10. Significant Root GrowthStimulate Root Development Naturally stronger turf with deeper roots is able to do more with less while resisting stress. • Activating root system growth and exciting nutrient uptake, in both favorable and stressful conditions, enables sustainable, strong, and natural turf. • Stimulates root absorption and vascular flow of both water and nutrients • Measurably deeper penetration of soil in weeks • Denser roots naturally discourage weed growth • Improved absorption rate and capacity reduces the total need for inputs (water and fertilizer) and increases stress resilience
    11. 11. Root and Plant Development• Logically, root growth and function is often directly proportional to plant vitality
    12. 12. Sandy Ridge | Example Field Trial“What we are seeing is a fertilizer thatstrengthens the root system of the plant andenables the greens to be thicker, firmer, andgenerally more resilient to heat and stress”,“By this time last year we had troublemaintaining exceptional greens quality due tothe inability to build up a root structure thatallows the turf to hold up during drought andheat.” Ray Kleinbriel Sandy Ridge Golf Courses SuperintendentThis year, Ray agrees that the course conditionshave been better than ever. The local sportssection recently noted that the greens at SandyRidge had a strong ability to stay green in thissummer’s 90 and 100 degree weather.
    13. 13. Bay City Country Club Another example of root growth can be seen by Bay City Country Club. After a short period of time, the Gantec treated trial area saw greater than an estimated 28% increase in root length as well as noticeable improvements in strength and density.Bay City Country Club
    14. 14. Boost Vitality andResistances Augmented turf vitality and stress resistance
    15. 15. Bioadaptive SupplementationBoost Vitality and Resistances Provides essential bio-active rich nutrition to the turf that boost vitality resulting in a strengthened natural resistance to stress • Designed for systemic absorption of extremophilic bio-actives • Results in greener foliage, fuller growth, and increased plant vigor • Slowly releasing plant-based nutrients • We have developed an extraction process using all natural and gentle processing technology to provide a broader spectrum of biologically active materials. Our process brings out both the hydrophobic and hydrophyllic components of the extremophilic bio-actives. • Our proprietary formula contains over 70 diverse extracts of the resilient West African Neem tree
    16. 16. Key Benefits• Slow release formula, floods turf with essential nutrients and plant “vitamins” over time• Systemic absorption of bio-actives increases lasting effectiveness
    17. 17. Identified as the Highest Potency in the World Due to the harsh nature of the environments in West Africa, the concentration of the bio-actives have been identified by the German Organization for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) to be the highest in the world We have identified trees in Senegal with 75% greater potential of key bio-activesWest African Neem Tree’s than the trees found in India (the primaryBio-Actives source of Neem extracts). Our natural processing technology results in a greater concentrated yield of bioactives, which in turn, remain stable for years longer than our competitors.
    18. 18. 100% Natural Plant Based Nutrition Natural Ingredients • Meliaceae (Neem) • Citrus • Soybean meal • Seaweed • Alfalfa meal • Corn gluten meal • Cotton seed meal • With extracts of Peanut Important bioactives: • Nimbin • Nimbidin • Nimbidol • Sodium • Gedunin • Quercetin • Azadirachtin • Meliantriol • Salannin • Triterpeniod • Deacetylazadirachtinol
    19. 19. Sandy Ridge This is an image of one of Sandy Ridge’s previously struggling greens which, after application of the Gantec system, is now vibrant, strong and green. Systemic absorption of bio- active rich Gantec fertilizer greatly supplements natural resistances to stresses like drought, heat, pests, and fungus.Sandy Ridge Green
    20. 20. Cut Synthetics Inputs and CostsReduced need for synthetic fungicides, fertilizers and pesticides
    21. 21. Not all synthetics are harmfulCut Synthetics Inputs and Costs But, the reduction of unnecessary fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides can save costs, and protect the environment. • Gantec natural fertilizers and plant supplements have the potential to reduce other preventative and reactive inputs • The reduction in other inputs results in significant costs savings through decreasing the amount of product, labor, and water necessary to maintain quality • Gantec, does not replace existing inputs, but naturally supplements them and boosts their effectiveness • While our solid fertilizer does contain Nitrogen, our system is not designed to be your primary source of nitrogen.
    22. 22. Chemical Input Savings • By adding the Gantec System to your program you no longer need the same quantities of your other inputs • We recommend that you take all of your current fertilizer, fungicide, and pesticide inputs and cut them in half • On average, this reduction in current inputs and addition of the Gantec input has resulted in a 15-25% net monthly savings for our golf courses
    23. 23. Water Savings• Increased root length • Decreased waste of and absorption requires water directly effects less water the bottom line of your budget
    24. 24. “Not only was the liquid material easy touse, it is all natural, and the result was asgood as what we achieve with traditionalsynthetic inputs. Using the GANTECmaterials, we can work toward moreenvironmentally friendly golf coursemanagement techniques, demonstratefiscal responsibility to our members, anddeliver the sustainably resilient, beautifulcourses and grounds we are known for,” ~Glen Brancheau, Garland’s Director of Grounds.
    25. 25. 4 Promote Sustainability Improved reputation of environmental sustainability
    26. 26. Build a reputation of Sustainability Provide your course with opportunities for positive PR with the potential of attracting new membersPromote Sustainability • Keep your management practices, and that of your course on the cutting edge of the industry – what some believe to be the future solution to the current decline • The Golf Industry is negatively viewed by many environmentally-conscious consumers • Few courses have found sustainable and affordable means of reducing their chemical and carbon footprint giving you a unique advantage
    27. 27. The Benefits of a Sustainable Course“Sustainable golf courses should require lesswater, less chemicals and less intensivemaintenance. Sustainable golf courses shouldalso cost less to maintain, so it should be lessexpensive to operate and lower the cost ofgreen fees.” ~ David Hueber former VP of the PGA Tour and President and CEO of the National Golf Foundation
    28. 28. Three Principles of Golf Course Sustainability:• Environment - Sustainable golf courses strive to be one with nature and cause no lasting environmental harm, which includes taking no more from nature than what is needed and that can be replenished, and by fostering biodiversity and supporting wildlife habitat with golf course maintenance “best practices” that minimize the use of irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals.• Economic - Sustainable golf courses are economically viable enterprises that meet the needs of its customers and provide a golfing experience that is affordable and enjoyable for the average golfer.• Social - Sustainable golf courses contribute to the social well-being of a community by preserving and protecting environmentally sensitive green spaces, generating economic activity, and providing recreational amenities that enhance the quality of life in a community. Taken from Mr. Hueber article for the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate
    29. 29. Regulatory Pressure • “There will be increasing financial and regulatory pressures on golf courses use of water, especially in high-population desert areas where shortages are acute” John Barton, Golf Digest • According to Dr. Hueber, “The real estate developers’ business model for developing difficult and expensive golf courses required a financial subsidy that is no longer available in today’s economic environment. It is likely that there will be increasing pressure on golf courses to cut costs, particularly, golf course maintenance costs because this is the highest expense category for all golf courses” • USGBC has announced the creation of the “LEED for Neighborhood Development Communities,” which will have direct applications to golf related master planned communities.
    30. 30. PR OpportunitiesSuperintendents making Green Certificationheadlines for their Opportunities for your golfsustainability efforts: course• Mike Hurdzan, Widows • Golf Environment Walk Organization (GEO)• Jeff Carlson, the Vineyard • Department of• Dean Piller, 2010 CGSA Environmental Superintendent of the Management Year • Audubon International
    31. 31. PR Opportunities | ExampleFor instance, Sandy Ridge Golf Coursesuperintendent Ray Kleinbriel, left and courseowner Ed Clark are seen standing on the 17thgreen on the front page of the sports section ofthe Midland Daily News on August 3rd, 2012
    32. 32. Improve the Safety of your course• Our natural products are intended for use as specialty fertilizers and should pose no health concerns through normal use. – Helps keep you and your personnel safe – Protects your members and neighbors – Reduces the negative impact on the ecosystem of your course (plus issues of runoff)• The FDA has designated Neem oil as GRAS, or Generally Recognized as Safe.• “The EPA has examined the acute mammalian toxicology data related to human health submitted for clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil. The mammalian toxicology data for clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil indicate low acute toxicity following all routes of exposure… Consequently, at levels used on plants, human exposure is expected to be negligible and acute toxicity from such exposure is not expected.” ~EPA Toxicology Assessment
    33. 33. “We are extremely happy with the results of our golf course turf quality inthose areas we tested. By expanding our partnership with Gantec nextseason, we’re hopeful that we can achieve acceptable turf health by usingmore of their natural products and reducing the amount of syntheticsaround our 3,000-acre property.” ~ Glen Brancheau, Garland’s Director of Grounds.
    34. 34. 1. Designate multiple or single greens, tees, and/or fairways for a trialTurf Care Trial areaGantec is currently working with over20 innovative superintendents toreduce synthetic inputs and enhance 2. Reduce your current chemical inputsturf vitality. – Reduce all fertilizers, pesticides andGantec is offering a select number of fungicides in the trial area by a special trial price to testsmall portions of your course whilereceiving the discounts as if you were 3. Add the GantecPro solid fertilizerbuying in large quantities. – Add either all at once at the initiation of the trial or spaced out every month. Depending on your preference. 4. Add the GantecTurf liquid – every 3-4 weeks or twice a month combined with your current spraying routine 5. Designate a comparable control area where you should continue using 100%
    35. 35. AN INNOVATIVE, EASY TO USE, SUPER-CONCENTRATED, ALL NATURALSPECIALTY FERTILIZER. COSTS LESS FOR • Greatly boosts turf vigor and stressEQUAL OR BETTER RESULTS resistance • Highly concentrated (mix one ounce with 10 gallons of water)Liquid extract derived primarily from the unique • Reduces other chemistry inputs by 50% or morebio-actives found in the extremely resilient West • Promotes stronger, thicker and longer root developmentAfrican Neem Tree (Meliaceae). • Stimulates root absorption of water and nutrients • Designed for systemic absorption ofProduct Specs: extremophilic bio-actives • Highly emulsifiable in water, easy to apply• 87% Meliaceae sp. and Citrus • Multi-pathway activity • 100% natural plant-based material• 13% other natural ingredients • No compost or animal byproducts • Low toxicity • Stable for 3-5 years • Easy storage – (do not store in direct sunlightGantecTurf Emulsifiable Concentrate should be or extreme heats)combined with the GantecPro™ granular solid forbest results GantecTurf Emulsifiable Concentrate
    36. 36. SUPER-CONCENTRATED GRANULAR SOLID NATURAL FERTILZER. COSTS LESS FOR EQUAL• Greatly boosts turf vigor and stress OR BETTER RESULTS resistance• Improves soil composition• Slow release formula only requires Granular solid fertilizer (6-1-2) is comprised of natural application every 3-6 months plant-based material, including Meliaceae. The blend• Contains essential nutrients and vital organic of plant-based extracts delivers a unique spectrum of matter bio-actives, resulting in increased root• Highly concentrated blend results in easy development, vigor, and growth. storage• 100% natural plant-based• Low toxicity• Reduces other current chemistry inputs by Guaranteed Analysis 50% or more • Total Nitrogen (N)…................6%• Promotes stronger and longer root development – 1% Water Soluble Nitrogen• No compost or animal byproducts – 5% Water Insoluble Nitrogen• Multi-pathway activity • Available Phosphate (P2O5..….1% • Soluble Potash (K2O)………...…..2% GantecPro Granular Solid Fertilizer Product Ingredients: • Soybean meal • Seaweed • Alfalfa meal • Corn gluten meal • Cotton seed meal • With extracts of Meliaceae, Citrus and Peanut
    37. 37. Estimated Trial Costs Months of coverage: 1 month 3 months 6 months Average Green : $67.15 $201.45 $401.89 (6,500 sq ft) Greens and tees: $10.33 $31.00 $62.00 (per 1,000 sq ft) Fairway: $75.00 $225.00 $450.00 (per acre) Trial cost includes GantecTurf liquid concentrate and GantecPro solid fertilizer All trial courses receive a custom application rate schedule tailored to their specific needs. Discounted Trial Costs allow for low risk quantities at larger margin discounts Future bulk orders may be eligible for additional discounts.
    38. 38. Backed by Years of University Trials After years of university, lab and commercial testing for agriculture, GANTEC completed its first turf specific University study at Michigan State University in early 2012 conducted by Dr. Joseph Vargas. Dr. Vargas has over 45 years as a turf care specialist and is the recipient of the prestigious USGA Green Section Award. He has also authored three books on turf care as well as over 300 articles. Dr. Vargas found that the cost effective and natural Gantec program produced just as good results or better than its synthetic peers. These universities are just examples of our university trials, none of the universities listed here endorse the Gantec Products in any way
    39. 39. Our Engineers With over 70 years of combined chemical engineering experience Our head engineering team ensures that our final products are implementing the most advanced extraction techniques and are thoroughly tested for consistency, efficacy, purity and ease-of-use.Our Engineers • Dr. Affholter is a world class biologist who specializes in identifying and extracting extremophilic plant bioactives. • Dr. Robbins is an expert chemical engineer extraction expert who sits on the National Academy of Engineers. • Ric Olson was formerly Dow Chemical’s representative on President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.
    40. 40. Gantec | Values• Our products always employ renewable resources.• Our harvesting practices do not harm trees or the surrounding environment.• Our products help growers develop increasingly earth- friendly practices.• Our products reduce the need for large quantities of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides
    41. 41. Gantec | Values• Our products create new lasting jobs within an African country that has a 48% unemployment rate and 54% of its people living below the poverty line• We believe that each person involved in our supply chain should be fairly compensated for his/her contributions to the whole.• Gantec’s desire is to creatively generate sustainable employment wherever we are working, which will help raise the standard of living, reduce poverty and increase self-sufficiency for families and
    42. 42. Gantec | Values• We seek to improve our products and our process, to continually deliver the best possible value for our suppliers, partners, and customers.
    43. 43. Gantec | Values• Our award-winning team of scientists, biochemists, and other experts is second to none. They ensure that Gantec’s final products are thoroughly tested for consistency, efficacy, purity and ease-of-use.• Gantec products are field tested by experts in various sectors, including greenhouse plants and vegetables, golf
    44. 44. The Gantec Fertilizer SystemNot only does the GantecTurf Fertilizer System stimulate root growth andprovide bio-active rich nutrition to the turf, but it’s material has also beenshown to cut input costs, and significantly improve environmentalsustainability. Other benefits are currently being tested.
    45. 45. For order inquires, contact: Direct Line: (714) 235-6770 Scott Steele Email: Website: www.GantecTurf.comGantec TurfTurf Care System ©GantecTurf, 2012 all rights reserved
    46. 46. Works Cited•• The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, and Saginaw Valley State University Studies available upon request• Slide 6:• Slide 6:• Slide 18:• Slide 18: National Academy pg 31-33• Slide 27:• Slide 28:• Slide 29:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 30:• Slide 31:• Slide 32:• Slide 36: Direct Line: (949) 244-3264 | Email: | Fax: (714) 708-2099 ©GantecTurf, 2012 all rights reserved
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