How to choose a digital camera


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How to choose a digital camera

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How to choose a digital camera

  1. 1. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!How to choose a digital camera?Digital camera is a high-end consumer durables, and now more brands, there are somedifferences from the quality and performance, buy a digital camera, three aspects to consider:First, the camera brand and quality, two main camera performance can meet the actual demandand cost-effective after-sales service of the camera.Throughout the digital camera brand, three-pronged Taken together, SONY, Olympus, Kodak,Fujifilm digital camera brand is worthy of a powerhouse. SONY brand and quality for all to see, inparticular, can be described as the industry leader in imaging products, 80% of the center hub ofthe CCD in digital cameras by Sony, Sony digital cameras in the U.S. market with 37% marketshare in global sales populous, its brand and quality worthy of choice for digital cameraenthusiasts.Specific digital camera to buy points:A digital camera CCD pixels resolution values:CCD is a key part of the digital camera imaging, is also one of the main factors affecting the costof digital cameras. Thus become an important criterion to divide the grade of a digital camera.Thus, the present in the market, the digital camera is a class "How many mega pixels. CCD pixelalso directly determines the resolution size, generally speaking, the resolution requirementsbased on your purpose, only to watch and create web pages or general output on the display, 1.3megapixel (1280 x 960 resolution ) is very worth your consideration, but if the photo qualityoutput, or select two million pixels (1600 x 1200 resolution) is better, if the output quality is veryhigh, such as shooting advertising or large format (A2) output then select 3 million pixels (2048 ×1536 resolution) in order to meet your needs. The higher the resolution, however, the price ofdigital cameras is relatively higher, according to their actual needs to choose a better camera in acost-effective, is worthy of a wise practice.(2) digital camera lens:Is the only channel of the light entering the camera lens, its quality also affects the image quality,
  2. 2. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!first, the light transmittance of the lens, determined mainly by the density of the lens (resolution),the second is the distortion rate of light, which requires superb design and technology, lens zoomcapability, the industrys leading Carl Zeiss lens used in some digital cameras, while the ten-foldsuper-zoom lens enables us to shoot more distant objects become possible.3 digital cameras manual featuresManual control includes two aspects: First, the manual adjustment of the function of traditionalfilm cameras, refers to the inheritance, such as manually adjust the aperture size, shutter speed,focus, exposure compensation, night mode, and so on ...... On the other hand is extendedbecause of the digital camera manual control function. With a memory card, shooting black andwhite / color photos, shooting videos and animated GIF of the digital activities, set the whitebalance effect, according to the need to select the photo compression size, resolution, high andlow.Sony digital cameras everywhere people-oriented, both under the automatic control shootingout of wonderful photos at the same time for enthusiasts to provide a rich enough manualcontrol mode, the DSC-P1, in addition to the previous excellent function, also the original had theClip Motion, animation shooting function (GIF format).4 digital camera battery and power consumption:Battery and power consumption is easy to overlook when choosing a digital camera, in fact, it isvery important, especially models with LCD display and built-in flash, the battery consumptioneven more, so you must pay attention to the LCD consumption electricity. The use of the digitalcamera battery consumption has become a major cost, and therefore can not but consider thetype of battery and power consumption. Use rechargeable batteries, you can reduce the cost ofdigital cameras, long-term use of ordinary battery in indoor use, if we can use the AC power, youcan quickly reduce the cost of power-hungry. Therefore, the same cost, it is best to select modelswith lithium batteries and chargers and external power supply.Sony reduce the power consumption of digital cameras and high-performance, high capacitybattery for the industry, new ideas, digital products are original smart lithium-ion battery, whileproviding the appropriate charging device and an external power supply, full of an electric batterycan support the camera more than a thousand photos, and the remaining conditions of thecurrent electricity consumption can be displayed on the LCD, users never miss the beautifulmoments because the cameras power supply problems.Five digital camera brands and servicesA well-known brand means a first-class products and excellent service, digital is the new industry,and digital camera prices are not cheap, so buy the product have to buy a comfortable, at easewith the after-sales service, the purchase of digital cameras should also serve as an importantindicator, if the after-sales service is bad, imagine the camera was broken, you get maintenance
  3. 3. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!to fix it, and sometimes a few days, to carry out your work can be imagined. After years ofresearch and development in the field of imaging and digital cameras, Sony has become theworlds leading technology leader in enterprise, its leading technology and excellent productsand good after-sales service for users worldwide to bring the infinite value and fun. Sony CCDtechnology development capabilities, their R & D of digital camera to provide a reliable guarantee,and in more than 30 Quanguolianbao service station, so that the effective protection of theinterests of the majority of domestic users are.In summary, we have to buy a digital camera should follow the following four principles: practicalprinciples, economic principles, the principle of functionality Feng, after-sales service andconvenient.