Moonee Valley City Council Stormwater Asset Management Aug 2012


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Moonee Valley is applying a Council-wide approach to its progressive sustainable integrated water management strategy. Staff from over 12 teams across Council are involved. Find links to our Water Strategy on this page

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  • 8 different teams across Council All looking pretty please with ourselves So why is that
  • And why are we so pleased with ourselves … Winners of the Excellence in Asset Management First in Victoria in fact
  • It all starts with good policy Setting in place integrated water targets as part of our adopted Water Strategy 2011, we are ensuring support for stormwater assets is built in to ensure ongoing support, budget and training
  • Guidelines support our policy Provide information for Council, residents and developers on how to maintain WSUD assets
  • We have a number of projects at ecosystem health Nuisance flooding – warrick and boulevard Water saving – 43%
  • Now we end up with a whole array of WSUD assets
  • Good old excel spreadsheet Easy to use But usually relies on one person – traditional the person in the environment team Not a corporate system, not linked to other systems
  • Confirm is Councils Asset Management System. All Council assets are being placed on this system – buildings, roads, drainage, trees right down to bollards and benches Benefits of using Confirm All information about an asset can be stored in one place … the designs, related documents, maintenance schedules It keeps a history of maintenance, customer enquiries – anything we want really It allows for multiple departments to centrally manage assets linked to Council’s customer service system – pathways
  • Councils, GIS system Intrampas, stores information about our WSUD assets geographically All staff in Council can simply click on a water icon to find out about the asset . WSUD style – tank or raingarden etc . Environmental benefits – water quality, water saving Great for users who just want some background information about assets but who aren’t users of Confirm
  • Council has set up its finance system to automatically record water usage across all of Council assets. This has been designed with service provider, technology one, and a report is automatically generated each month for managers to graph their water consumption Any reports indicating increases in water use will need to be investigated and changes made to ensure water saving
  • Understanding the cost of maintenance
  • WSUD tours Working group meeting bimonthly Training for key staff
  • Forums, Launch events Breakfast at blair Factsheets
  • Ongoing training for staff Capacity building through projects Attending forums, conferences and hot topics
  • “ it’s so nice to see our rates money be put to such good use”
  • Moonee Valley City Council Stormwater Asset Management Aug 2012

    1. 1. Integrated Water AssetManagement
    2. 2. This is us ….
    3. 3. •Place page content here
    4. 4. So why are we so excellent …We have a strategic and integrated approach to assetmanagement Holistic Planning Community Integrated Engagement Systems
    5. 5. The power of policy …
    6. 6. and guidelines
    7. 7. Projects addressing stormwater issues
    8. 8. Our assets
    9. 9. Traditional recording of WSUD assets
    10. 10. Good IT systems are key
    11. 11. WSUD Workflow
    12. 12. Good IT systems are key
    13. 13. Good IT systems are key Insert utility report
    14. 14. MaintenanceRequirement FrequencyLitter removal and weeding 3 weeksRoutine inspections 6 monthsSediment removal As neededResetting of asset 20 years
    15. 15. Staff engagement
    16. 16. Community engagement
    17. 17. Training
    18. 18. What do we get out of this at the end • High performance assets o understanding of lifecycle costs and maintenance • Environmental benefits o reduction in pollutants entering waterways o reduction in mains water use • Community satisfaction o appreciate the benefits provided by our WSUD assets