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The Way Inn is a healing center in Huaraz, Peru offers Ayahuasca retreats, Ayahuasca Ceremony, Personal Healing Retreats, Shamanism, San Pedro Cactus Ceremony.

The Way Inn is a healing center in Huaraz, Peru offers Ayahuasca retreats, Ayahuasca Ceremony, Personal Healing Retreats, Shamanism, San Pedro Cactus Ceremony.

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  • 1. Ayahuasca RetreatsAyahuasca Retreats What sets us apart? OUR RETREAT Here at The Way Inn we specialize in highly personalized ayahuasca retreat experiences with skilled and experienced facilitators and support staff. We offer five ayahuasca ceremonies during your stay led by Arnoldo, our native Peruvian curandero (shaman) with many years of experience and from a long lineage of ayahuasqueros from Iquitos. Retreat Information Retreat Preparation for your Ayahuasca Ceremony What to Expect from the Ayahuasca Ceremony General Medical Guidelines Guest Contract Dieta Information Travel Information Ayahuasca Resources FAQs Home Retreats » Who We Are » Philosophy » Sustainability » Blog Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!
  • 2. Each retreat guest will have access to private one-on-one consultations with the shaman with the assistance of a translator for additional guidance through this experience, during which the shaman can prescribe additional healing processes. Our licensed Ayurvedic practitioner will conduct individual Ayurvedic consultations and teach you Ayurvedic lifestyle techniques you can take home with you providing critical health information to help you empower yourself in your own well-being, as well as lead you through pranayama and guided meditations before your ceremonies. During your ceremony, you will be accompanied by several experienced facilitators/shamanic apprentices including a bilingual translator to assist with communication between you and the shaman. Unique to your experience at The Way Inn, you will also be provided an opportunity to participate in an optional San Pedro Cactus Ceremony after completion of your five ayahuasca ceremonies to offer an additional plant healing modality. OUR SETTING Nestled in the beautiful Cordillera Blanca region of the Andes Mountains, The Way Inn boasts of beautifully tranquil mountain scenery—visible from anywhere on the property. Breathe crisp, pure mountain air and drink pure glacial mountain spring water to help facilitate your healing process. You will find the lighter and more crystalline energy of the mountains to be an ideal setting for your personally transformative ayahuasca journey. Free from the sweat, humidity, snakes, and disease-carrying insects of the jungle, our location is proximal to a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with renowned international mountain trekking destinations, some even accessible within walking Ayahuasca Retreats 9-Day Andean Ayahuasca Retreat Permaculture and Sustainability Courses 11-Day Natural Cob Construction Course 12-Day Permaculture Design Course Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!
  • 3. distance from the property. OUR FACILITIES At The Way Inn, you will experience a level of accommodation above any other ayahuasca retreat center, especially those in the jungle. We offer a luxurious boutique level of comfort with orthopedic mattresses, down duvets/comforters, cotton sheets, limitless hot water, and pure glacial spring water straight out of the tap, so you can focus solely on your personal work during your stay. Wood-fire stoves are also available in several of the room accommodations. As a guest, you will have access to an incredible collection of books on a variety of topics from our vast library designed specifically to support your own personal growth. We have a full, local Quechua kitchen and hospitality staff (who also work with the medicine) preparing your meals with daily produce from our own organic gardens and will tailor your meals to fit any dietary restrictions or requirements you might have. You can feel free during your time here to tour our gardens, streams, trout pond, and permaculture projects. 9-Day Andean Mountain Ayahuasca Retreat Length: 9 Days/8 Nights. Includes: 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, shamanic plant dieta, shamanic consultations, tobacco purges, guided meditation, group circles, yoga, private ayurvedic consultations, superfoods, mountain spring water, private single or double rooms Cost: From USD$1,111 Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!
  • 4. Learn more about our 9-Day Andean Mountain Ayahuasca Retreat here. About Who We Are Blog Photo Gallery Guest Testimonials Get to Know Us Our Research Philosophy Shamanism Sustainability Ways to Give Ka’Way Monti NGO One-time Donation Volunteer with Us Contact Contact Us Facebook The Way Inn Lodge 1,263LikeLike © Copyright 2014 - The Way Inn / All rights reserved. Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!