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  2. 2. Fast Klean Starting a new business is not easy.   In fact, sadly, a large percentage of independent start ups fail within three years of launch.   FastKlean have chosen franchising because it helps many more people to succeed in business.   The FastKlean concept has always been based on a partnership approach and teamwork, that is why it works for FastKlean.
  3. 3. Fast Klean FastKlean is a domestic cleaning agency. It works with clients to remove the hassle of trying to find experienced, professional and hard-working cleaners.   Franchising means that the Franchisor (in this case FastKlean) allows other people to trade using its name and the business system it has developed.
  4. 4. Fast Klean It works well for the Franchisor because the core brand is being developed in new areas. Also, because the Franchisee has a stake in the business, he or she is more likely to work hard to make it succeed. Franchising works well for the Franchisee because he or she has everything they need to build a successful and profitable business quickly and effectively.   It really is a win situation!
  5. 5. Fast Klean FastKlean is a domestic cleaning Franchise which allows you to capitalise on this growing market, without having to get your hands dirty!   Only 40 years ago employing ‘domestic help’ was the province of the upper classes or the wealthy. But times have changed. Whilst we all want our homes to be clean and tidy, very few of us want to spend hours of our precious leisure time with a duster in our hands.
  6. 6. Fast Klean As the working environment changes, many people are striving to achieve success and enjoying higher salaries as a result. However the working day has increased in line with those salaries and we have become a ‘cash rich, time poor’ society.   For most of us, time is by far the most precious commodity.
  7. 7. Fast Klean Whether we are professionals working 12 hour days or busy mums juggling the numerous demands of a family – quite often there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done.   With leisure time at a premium, more and more people are choosing to pay someone else to help with domestic tasks such as cleaning and ironing. But once people have made the decision to employ a cleaner, where do they go to find someone reliable and trustworthy?
  8. 8. Fast Klean The cleaning market   Residential cleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with 2.7 million households spending around £12 billion every year on domestic help, with demand predicted to double over the next few years.
  9. 9. Fast Klean Employing domestic help is no longer a luxury.   Instead, it is a lifestyle choice which many different types of people are making; from single working parents to professional couples, the elderly or disabled to busy families.   Because FastKlean offers a flexible cleaning service it makes the option of hiring in domestic help more affordable and attractive to a wider number of people.
  10. 10. Fast Klean The FastKlean mission is very straightforward:   “ By developing professional, open and honest relationships with both our cleaners and our clients we ensure that FastKlean is known for delivering reliable and high quality cleaning services.”
  11. 11. Fast Klean FastKlean – the story behind the business   FastKlean is the brainchild of Antoaneta Tsocheva. After moving to the UK from Bulgaria, Antoaneta began working as a cleaner alongside other part-time jobs. She recognised that there was a need for a professional, reliable and flexible cleaning service in London and so started FastKlean in 2001.
  12. 12. Fast Klean Because Antoaneta set very high standards for FastKlean right from the beginning, she quickly developed a superb reputation in the London area. Demand for the FastKlean service has grown rapidly since the business was founded and Antoaneta now has a team of some 180 cleaners working a mixture of part and full time.
  13. 13. Fast Klean She also has 5 office staff managing the day to day operation of the business and ensuring that client satisfaction remains top priority.   The FastKlean head office was recently re-located to Enfield, into premises with a shop front. This move has demonstrated the power of visibility, with clients regularly calling in to the shop to find out about the range of FastKlean services and to discuss their particular requirements.
  14. 14. Fast Klean Why do clients prefer FastKlean?   We hope that so far you are tempted to find out more about the FastKlean Franchise opportunity. But perhaps you are wondering what sets FastKlean apart from other domestic cleaning Franchises.   We know that clients use us because we are more than just a cleaning company. The wide range of services we offer means that clients have a better choice and receive the required service at a short notice:
  16. 16. Fast Klean We have built our reputation based on the following core service values and any new Franchisee must be prepared to uphold these values. FastKlean offers competitive prices and an excellent standard of service We vet our cleaners very carefully ensuring our clients’ privacy and safety Our cleaners are fully insured and trained for the service they provide to our clients We replace cleaners when they go on holiday, move to another area, change job or are simply unable to attend to work as a result of sickness. Our aim is to provide a stress-free service to our clients, allowing them to enjoy their clean home.
  17. 17. Fast Klean The Future of FastKlean Towards the end of 2007, alongside the growth in the domestic cleaning market, the demand for the FastKlean service was increasing rapidly. Antoaneta knew that she wanted to develop FastKlean into a nationally renowned cleaning brand, whilst maintaining the high levels of service which FastKlean has become respected for. But the decision as to how best to grow the company and make the service available to people throughout the UK was one which required considerable thought and research. Because Antoaneta wanted to allow others to share in her success whilst building her company, she decided to develop a franchise programme. FastKlean (Franchising) Ltd was specifically formed as the launch pad for the development of the FastKlean name throughout the UK.
  18. 18. Fast Klean Training & Support   Our role   As the Franchisor, FastKlean’s job is to recruit new Franchisees to join our network. Our role is to make sure that we find the right people and then work hard to help them set up their business.   We’ll be with you every step of the way. From basics such as opening up your business bank account and registering for VAT, to training you to use our bespoke software system.
  19. 19. Fast Klean Your role   You will not be a cleaner!   Your job is to run your own cleaning agency;   Developing your business Maintaining the high professional standards that FastKlean has established   Maximising the FastKlean opportunity in your territory.   But you will need to be a team player and be prepared to share experiences with other franchisees and the FastKlean head office team.   Most importantly, you must have a real desire to provide the very best service to your clients and to treat your cleaners with respect.
  20. 20. Fast Klean Franchise Package   It is important to remember that we want you to do well.   After all – your success is our success!   That’s why we have put together a great Franchise package.   It is called a ‘turn-key’ package which means that it has everything you need to get going.
  21. 21. Fast Klean The package includes;   • Franchise Licence • Business Manuals • Training & Opening Support – providing all the initial training you need to get started • IT Solution – including use of the unique FastKleen Business and Accounting Software • Business Stationery – so that your business looks professional • Marketing Materials – to help you promote your business and generate clients   • Ongoing training • Help-line facility • Website management and development
  22. 22. Fast Klean FastKlean Franchise advantages   • An established brand • Full initial training • Self employed cleaners – no employment or transport costs • Ongoing support • Management with considerable know-how to guide you • Repeat business
  23. 23. Fast Klean FastKlean Franchise advantages • Work from home • Low investment requirement • Low risk compared to many high overhead businesses • Good profit potential • Good cash flow • A sophisticated computer system for easy operational management  
  24. 24. Fast Klean Who are we looking for? We believe that a FastKlean Franchise is a fantastic business opportunity. But we’re not just looking for anyone; our Franchisees must be able to demonstrate the following qualities and skills.   • Enthusiasm • Ambition to succeed • Organisational and communication skills • A real commitment to quality and service • Self motivated and a positive enthusiastic outlook • Hard working and committed • Prepared to listen to advice and guidance • Able to work within a predetermined system
  25. 25. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Could FastKlean be the opportunity you’ve been looking for?   We have listed below various questions you may have and given short answers to each. We will be happy to answer these in greater detail, along with any other questions you may have.
  26. 26. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. What are the initial costs?   We will happily provide detailed figures, but start-up costs are likely to range from £9000.00-£15000.00, including a provision for working capital.
  27. 27. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. How can I finance the FastKlean Franchise?   The franchise can either be financed from personal capital or from a business loan - most of the major clearing banks have specialist Franchise departments as they view Franchising as a safer way to start a new business
  28. 28. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. Do I need an office?   You can work from home certainly to begin with, keeping your overheads to the minimum as you get started.
  29. 29. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. Do I have to create the market?   No, the market is already there and is client driven.
  30. 30. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. How will territories be protected?   Each Franchisee is awarded sole rights to your own territory which will be predetermined using postcodes to identify boundaries. A territory will offer plenty of opportunity for your business to thrive.
  31. 31. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. On what basis do you select your Franchisees?   We want our Franchisees to succeed and on that basis, we will be very selective .
  32. 32. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q. Is franchising the best option for me?   Assuming you have made the decision to run your own business, franchising may be your best option as it offers many clear advantages over creating a new business from scratch. You will be able to use an existing business format which we have created. This reduces the risk of starting up a completely new business or working a new area. The services are already developed and tested in the market. You can focus on growing your business, in the knowledge that we are with you all the way.
  33. 33. Fast Klean Frequently asked questions: Q . What skills do I need?   You do not need cleaning experience as you will benefit from our full training and support. However, we are looking for people that have the energy and motivation to create a strong client base in a short period of time
  34. 34. Fast Klean The FastKlean system has been designed and developed to generate a profitable business for Franchisees. But this success only comes if you are committed to delivering excellent customer service and prepared to work at developing your business.