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Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
Mcom42 september 30th slides
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Mcom42 september 30th slides


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MCOM 42's slide for September 30th's class. Covering the Social Media Marketing Plan, POST and more!

MCOM 42's slide for September 30th's class. Covering the Social Media Marketing Plan, POST and more!

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • Social Media Marketing PLAN: “ The basis of a successful Social Media campaign. Presented by everyone's favorite Social Media Guru, the one and only…. LINDSEY FAIR!!!” -EL
  • Pg 107 in Groundswell Are customers using it? Is there love for the brand? Is it already happening? Is it catchy? Is it fairly straightforward? “ People will remain loyal to the brands they love. How do we make this connection happen and after this is done, how do we maintain that relationship? ” -EL
  • People – who are you targeting? What is their social media tolerance? “ Everyone is different and everyone has a different level of media tolerance. The key to using social media marketing to target people is to be specific to their needs and relate to what they really want. Targets must be defined clearly and should be targeted specifically.” -EL
  • We’ll do more of this on Monday and Friday, be prepared for discussions on this. “ (Without knowing the actual content we are covering) This might relate to MCOM43’s technographics ladder. Who are the creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators and inactives? Know where your target stands on the ladder will help you determine which way you should go with your strategy.” -EL
  • “ Each target on the ladder uses the internet different and can be found at different places. They could be at many different places such as forums, corporate websites, gaming sites, news websites, etc. The location of your target is almost, if not more, important then where they are on the ladder.” -EL
  • “ Before putting your campaign together you need to have a clear objective. Knowing what exactly you need to do will help you have focus on your campaign. What are you trying to do? What do you want with your campaign? Where do you want your business to be after this campaign?” -EL
  • Word-of-mouth problem = need people to talk to each other Complexity problem = difficult things to communicate Accessibility problem = so entrenched in funnel can’t find them “ In order to be successful you need to find solutions to these problems. Dig deep and find people where you didn ’ t think to look first. Simplify your message and make it as communicable as possible. Make it interesting in order to entice people into talking about you/your business/your product. ” -EL
  • Smart goals have to fit a certain guideline in order to be truly “Smart”. Follow the SMART anagram and you should be set! “ Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely’” -EL
  • It’s better to have a mediocre product with an amazing strategy then having an amazing product with a mediocre strategy” (not sure who to credit this quote too) -EL
  • Page 68-69 Groundswell – each team gets 1 to discuss and decide Listening – which ones Talking Energizing Supporting embracing “ worksheet to fill out as you see the channel presentations and try and fit them into which ones are good for which phase and ideas how – this should help you determine these quickly when you know what you are trying to accomplish “ The clarity of your objectives will make or break your strategy. Success depends on a beacon to go toward—a reason to enter the groundswell ” Groundswell p.68 ” -EL
  • Messaging, timing, community building initiatives, engagement & reward “ Use every resource you have, make your campaign relevant on every level and make sure everything from the biggest to the smallest aspects of your strategy is crisp.” -EL
  • It’s not just eny, meany, miny, moe… “ Know what technology will be beneficial to your campaign. Don’t just use what is “in” or what is trending. The key to technology is using it to attain a specific objective and if this objective cannot be met by a technology then avoid it.” -EL
  • POST “ Research vs Listening Marketing vs Talking Sales vs Engineering Support vs Supporting Development vs Embracing From MCOM43 ’ s Lesson 1 slideshow ” -EL
  • “ Once your strategy is put into place then it’s time to put it into action. When the campaign has started, your job is not over. You must follow the progress and make sure it is successful or continues to be. Tracking the plan is just as important as getting it started.” -EL
  • Practical advice page 174 groundswell “ -Start small, but plan for a large presence. -Reach out to your most active customers. -Plan to drive traffic to your community. -Build in a reputation system. -Let your customers lead you. Groundswell p.174-176. Start with one small project or product and see what reacts well with your customers. Then use that knowledge gained and expand to new products. ” -EL
  • “ Ask the opinion of your enthusiasts because they are the ones who truly care. If you have a celebrity, use them. We all know a well placed celebrity endorsement can go a long way.” -EL
  • “” The moment you open the doors to your community, here’s what will happen: nothing. Nobody knows you exist.” The way you get traffic is to advertise where the customers shop because that is the key point where your customer is willing to send there money. And don’t forget to integrate search engines because contrary to what many people believe, they do work.” -EL
  • “ Knowing what your customers are saying about you is extremely integral to social media marketing because it is though this that you know what you are doing right and wrong. Your system will encourage people to participate and behave in a right manner.” -EL
  • “ Listen to your customer. They are the pillar of your business. IF this pillar falls, cracks or even gets torn down you have a serious problem. Let them tell you want they do or do not like and allow that to help your business make the right decisions.” EL
  • Not so much about the big launch with social, it’s continuous and relies on previous momentum. The POST is what gives the fence it’s support - the fence is each campaign, the post is stable. “ Allow your POST to support your campaign and make sure that you continue your initiative once the POST is planted. ”
  • Page 106 in Groundswell In teams fastest team to complete the plan. Discuss +’s “ Ready, Set, GO.” -EL
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Marketing PLAN presented by Lindsey Fair
    • 2. Is there love out there?
    • 3. PEOPLE
    • 4. Technographics profile ..AND
    • 5. Where to look for them
    • 6.
        • OBJECTIVEs
    • 7.
      • Do you have a
            • word-of-mouth
            • complexity or a
            • hide-and-seek
      • problem?
    • 8.
        • Smart goals
    • 9.
        • STRATEGY
    • 10. Listening Talking Energizing Supporting Embracing
    • 11.
        • The fine print
        • ..the details
    • 12.
        • TECHNOLOGY
    • 13. P eople O bjectives S trategy T echnology
    • 14.
        • ACTION PLAN
    • 15.
        • Start small, plan big
    • 16.
        • Find the active customers
    • 17.
        • Plan to drive traffic
    • 18.
        • Build in a reputation system
    • 19.
        • Let the customers lead
    • 20. O bjectives P eople S trategy T echnology A ction
    • 21. All photos used in this presentation are licensed under Creative Commons, NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 and sourced through Google Images and flickr Case / Discussion Adidas used Myspace to create engagement. They probably have to think of changing that strategy now. What major components should they consider for their plan?