Flashing 101 by The SC Property Pros Charleston SC
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Flashing 101 by The SC Property Pros Charleston SC



Flashing and the basics

Flashing and the basics



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Flashing 101 by The SC Property Pros Charleston SC Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Flashing What flashing must accomplish. How water moves. Thinking out the details.
  • 2. What flashing must do • Collect – Gather water which infiltrates – Be everywhere it is needed – Deal with all the ways water can move • Control – Capacity to retain water until it drains – Prevent bypass flow • Discharge – Get the water out of the wall – Path to daylight
  • 3. Working with flashing Prescriptive: Follow the rules, codes, manufacturers’ specific guidelines and recommended practices, and the construction documents. Conceptual: Does the flashing as-recommended, as- designed or as-built do everything it should (collect, control, discharge)? Good flashing requires a thought process, not just rules.
  • 4. What BIA has to say Brick Industry Association Technical Notes 7-1998 Flashing is a membrane, … which collects water that has penetrated the exterior wythe and facilitates its drainage back to the exterior. 7-1992 Flashing is essential in a drainage wall system… 21B-1998 … the flashing should extend through the outer face of the wall and be turned down to form a drip …
  • 5. What BIA has to say 7-1998 End Dams - Where the flashing is not continuous, such as over and under openings in the wall, the ends of the flashing should be extended beyond the jamb lines on both sides and should be turned up into the head joint several inches at each end to form a dam.
  • 6. What lawyer bait might say I do not want to see the flashing. Flashing is too ugly, … too difficult, … too expensive, … too time consuming, … not my problem. EIFS doesn’t leak. We have never used it, … never had a problem. What the heck is an end dam?
  • 7. Why flashing is needed The wall WILL leak. Immediate: Masonry permeability, stucco permeability Drainage and pressure equalized systems Internal weeps and drains Non-performing subsystems Future: Deterioration, UV degradation Cracking De-bonding Unbalanced useful life Maintenance deferred
  • 8. Where it is needed - masonry Wall roof Coping intersection Shelf angles Lintels, heads Sills Foundation
  • 9. Where it is needed - residential Roof-wall “Kick-out” Window + Chimney door heads cap Chimney roof Balcony Deck Window + door sills Foundation
  • 10. Ways water can move Gravity Kinetic energy Surface tension Capillary suction Air currents Differential pressure
  • 11. Gravity
  • 12. Kinetic energy
  • 13. Surface tension
  • 14. Surface tension
  • 15. Capillary suction
  • 16. Air currents
  • 17. Differential pressure Head
  • 18. Wind patterns Upward Sideways
  • 19. Resisting intrusion – face seal
  • 20. Resisting intrusion – cavity C A V I T Y
  • 21. Resisting intrusion – rain screen D R A I N A G E P L A N E
  • 22. Resist intrusion – pressure C O M P A R T M E N T
  • 23. Window sill
  • 24. Window sill Add sealant
  • 25. Window sill Add flashing
  • 26. Window sill Add upturn
  • 27. Window sill Relocate the sealant
  • 28. Window sill Add air seal
  • 29. Visualize in three dimensions
  • 30. End dams
  • 31. Fold an end dam
  • 32. Other atypical locations What happens at other locations away from the typical cross-section? • Inside corners • Outside corners • Expansion joints • Transitions to other cladding materials • Laps, splices • Ends
  • 33. Secret of flashing Think like water. Effective flashing results from a thought process, not a rule book. Keep Dry