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Powerpoint maumau amber reynolds
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Powerpoint maumau amber reynolds


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Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. Amber Reynolds 10A World Literature/ Composition 7th Period This image is used under a CC license from
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  • 10. Gain
  • 11. “Haraka! Haraka! Hurry!” This image was used under a CC license from 27/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  • 12. Work Cited “Dedan Kimathi.” Wikipedia. N.p., 15 Oct. 2010. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <>. We found a website that was all about one person and the role he had in the Mau Mau. “Dedan Kimathi” is the title of the article, along with the name of the person we were researching. This website gave a lot of good information regarding Kimathi because it was all over just one topic, not a general topic. Evaluation of this website was fairly easy because it had all the information needed to create a correct citation. We found the page title and website name, along with dates of publishing. Our group got a better understanding of this main person because it was a website over only Kimathi, so we didn’t have to dig through a bunch of general information in order to find facts about one person. This helped out a lot with adding information about Dedan Kimathi in our research paper, because it was quick and easy to find the information and plug it in. “’The Mau-Mau’ Unexplained.” Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained. Advameg Inc., Dec. 2008. Web. 23 Oct. 2010. <>. “’The Mau Mau’ Unexplained” is the information source that our group used most frequently. This website had the most useful information out of everything; therefore we took most all of its facts and turned it into our own words. We evaluated this site just like all the others, checking for credibility by finding the author, dates published and updated so we can tell that it was not a fake site, and more. This website had all of the information required, so it was fairly easy to site the source. Our group got the best understand and learned the most from this website because we had to continuously return back to it in order to find more information. Since this website had the most info out of all the other sites and we used it the most in the paper, it was very useful to us and helped us learn even more than we already did, which really improved our writing of the paper.
  • 13. Work Cited Continued… Millies, Stephen. “Lynched Mau Mau Leader Dedan Kimathi.” Chicken Bones: a Journal. N.p., 8 Oct. 2007. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <>. This website was a good source for our group, although we did not use it often. There were a couple of useful facts that was used for the small section of the paper that informed us on the death of an important leader n the Mau Mau, and how this came to be. We evaluated the source by finding the page title and the website name, which let our group know that this site was legitimate by knowing that it was only one single article on a bigger website that posts many articles on certain information. Although we did not use many facts from this page, there was some good information that was very useful when it came to filling in extra concrete detail spaces, while also informing us on different information that we had not learned before. This website was just another helpful resource our group used to write our paper, along with helping us grasp a better understanding of the material we needed to know to write it. Naidoo, Beverly. Burn My Heart. New York: Amistad, 2007. Print. “Burn My Heart” is the book that started our group out on the main idea of “the Mau Mau in Kenya.” This entire book is over this issue, but tells about it in story form, with made up characters and events; yet the main focus is on the Mau Mau and the effects this group had on people. This was an easily cited source because it was a book, so we were capable of quickly finding the information needed to plug into NoodleTools to generate the citation. The book contained all the information needed, including author, publisher, dates, title, etc. “Burn My Heart” was the most useful to our group, because it gave us a feel on how things were for the loves of the Kenyans, while suffering in this terrible time period. It told the story of how the Mau Mau came about, and the journey along as time went on. Therefore this book gave us the best understanding overall, which also turned out to help us in the end when it came to writing the paper and truly knowing what to write about.