Take the Wheel: Crafting Your Your PLE with Netvibes and Symbaloo by Buffy Hamilton April 2012


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Take the Wheel: Crafting Your Your PLE with Netvibes and Symbaloo by Buffy Hamilton April 2012

  1. 1. Take the Wheel: Crafting Your Your PLE with Netvibes and Symbaloo April 2012 Buffy Hamilton, Ed.S. http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/ple101 CC image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/booleansplit/5408726913/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  2. 2. Today’s Resource Pagehttp://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/ple101
  3. 3. Personal Learning Environments and Information DashboardsPLEs refer to student-designed learning approaches thatencompass different types of content — videos, apps, games,social media tools, and more — chosen by a student to match hisor her personal learning style and pace. Despite the use of theword “environment” in the name, the notion of a collection or aphysical or online space is somewhat irrelevant to a PLE. The goalis for students to have more control over how they learn, and forteachers to set expectations that their students will be moreengaged in understanding and applying their learning strategies.From the Horizon Report 2011 K12
  4. 4. Personal Learning Environments and Information Dashboards
  5. 5. “Infotention for Crap Detection”
  6. 6. Netvibes
  7. 7. Why Netvibes?Free version offers flexibility andcustomizationGentle learning curvePublic page can be shared withanyonePrivate pages perfect for apersonal home page
  8. 8. Netvibes: Dashboard Everythinghttp://vimeo.com/28778534
  9. 9. Timeout for Exploration: Carousel Tour of Sample Netvibes PagesCC image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephaniekac/3550747547/
  10. 10. GettingStarted
  11. 11. To Register…• You need a valid email that you can access• You will need to click on the verification link sent to your email in order to activate your account. You should do this as soon as you complete registration.• You may need to enable images from Netvibes in your email in order for the activation link to work.
  12. 12. Netvibes: Let’s Register
  13. 13. Default Page is Private
  14. 14. Default Page is Private
  15. 15. Activating Your Public Page
  16. 16. Activating Your Public Page
  17. 17. Activating Your Public Page
  18. 18. Editing Your Page Tabbed Page Layout or Adding a Tab
  19. 19. Sharing Your Page Tabbed Page Layout
  20. 20. Sharing Your Page Tabbed Page Layout
  21. 21. Arranging Your Tabbed Page Layout: Deleting a Tab
  22. 22. Arranging Your Page Tabbed Page Layout
  23. 23. Giving a Page a Title
  24. 24. Customize Your Dashboard
  25. 25. Customize Your Dashboard
  26. 26. Netvibes: Let’s Create a Private Page,Give it a Title, and Customize the Lookand Layout
  27. 27. Adding Content
  28. 28. Adding Content
  29. 29. Browse Categories
  30. 30. Editing or Deleting a Content Widget Delete the widgetEdit the settingsof the widget
  31. 31. Netvibes: Let’s add a Widget fromBrowsing the Categories
  32. 32. Essential Widgets
  33. 33. My Favorite “Essential” Widgets Image Webnote To Do List widget Web HTML HTML page Editor Link Module
  34. 34. What You Might Embed with HMTL Widgets• Database widgets (students will need the code ahead of time)• Copyright friendly images from Flickr (Flickr provides embed code if you click on “share” over the photo)• Videos
  35. 35. What You Might Embed with HMTL Widgets• Social bookmarking widget (Diigo, Scoop.it)• Badge for a Wikispaces wiki• Book widget• Original content (VoiceThread, Animoto video, Glogster, products uploaded to SlideShare)
  36. 36. Netvibes: Let’s add an Essential Widgetof Your Choosing
  37. 37. Add a RSS feed
  38. 38. RSS Feeds rss=real simple syndication, a web feed or stream format designed to deliver contentCC image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/dullhunk/3541653049/sizes/o/
  39. 39. RSS Feeds Databases News sources Blogs Websites Online journals/magazine publications Photo streams Forums, Social Networks
  40. 40. RSS Feeds
  41. 41. RSS Feeds: Add a Google News Search
  42. 42. RSS Feeds
  43. 43. RSS Feeds
  44. 44. RSS Feeds
  45. 45. RSS Feeds
  46. 46. RSS Feeds
  47. 47. RSS Feeds Most websites and online publications now provide a menu of specific RSS feeds for free
  48. 48. RSS Feeds: Add a Google News Search
  49. 49. RSS Feeds: Add a Google News Search
  50. 50. RSS Feeds: Add a Google News Search
  51. 51. RSS Feeds: Add a Google News Search
  52. 52. Ideas for RSS Feeds• Blogs from experts on the topic• Saved search in Academic Search Complete (database)• SIRS Researcher• Authoritative websites (example: Veterans History Project at Library of Congress)
  53. 53. Ideas for RSS Feeds• Learning Blogs of Classmates• Class Agenda Blog• RSS feed of a library LibGuides page• YouTube Channel RSS feed (an authoritative channel on a topic)• A Google News search
  54. 54. Netvibes: Let’s add a RSS feed
  55. 55. Search for Content
  56. 56. Add This/Share This SocialBookmarking
  57. 57. Bookmarking from a Database
  58. 58. Bookmarking from a Database
  59. 59. Explore and Play Time
  60. 60. Symbaloo
  61. 61. symbaloo
  62. 62. symbaloo
  63. 63. symbaloo
  64. 64. symbaloo
  65. 65. Bookmarking from a Database
  66. 66. Comparing Netvibes and Symbaloo for a PLE http://bit.ly/dYNc9i
  67. 67. Questions/Reflections/Ideas?