November 2009 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library


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November 2009 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library

  1. 1. CREEKVIEW THE UNQUIET LIBRARY HIGH SCHOOL NOVEMBER 2009 MONTHLY REPORT Buffy Hamilton, School Librarian Roxanne Johnson, School Librarian Tammy Beasley, Library Clerk 1
  2. 2. My research has made a very big difference to Program Highlights me. I can actually say that I have changed November featured the debut of five for the better. I have additional magazine/news subscriptions based on student requests, including Runner’s never had such a life World, Buckmaster, Georgia Farmers’ Market changing research Bulletin, Fast Company, and MAKE. topic and this Ms. Pickart’s seniors enjoyed the experience definitely has changed of using text messaging to participate in our Poll Everywhere activity that kicked off our my life. I couldn’t mini-lesson on Senior Project research. believe how much this Ms. Lester’s students enjoyed being research project introduced to the powerful principles of “presentation zen” for creating and delivering affected me. It effective presentations based on abstract definitely forced me to images. look at myself and Sophomore and senior students learned made me ask myself about the power of Google Search tools like Google Wonder Wheel, Google Alerts, Google what I could do better News, and other advanced Google search in my life to help strategies. impact other people. I Our library shares a heartfelt thanks to our feel that this research school PTA for their generous donation of $500 to our library program! that I have done will Sophomore students continued to build their make a huge skills in working with Google Sites for learning difference to others portfolios. because they too will Students can now see two additional RSS themed tutorial videos to our library YouTube see what they can do Channel at to help others. I hope that by reading my rary essay, others will decide to devote their time and life to helping those that are in need. 2 Nicole T., 10th grade student
  3. 3. Data Snapshots The Unquiet Library Statistics, November 2009 Number of Class Sessions Served 146 Number of Student Visitors 3246 (Morning, Lunch, Afternoon Hours) Total Circulation 954 9th Grade Circulation 382 10th Grade Circulation 186 11th Grade Circulation 208 12th Grade Circulation 178 Total GALE Databases Sessions 6598 Gale Virtual Reference Library 2989 GALE Discovering Collection 678 Gale Opposing Viewpoints 255 Gale Literature Resource Center 1748 Gale Global Issues in Context 365 Gale History Resource Center, 43 World Gale History Resource Center, U.S. 63 The Unquiet Library Blog 12,199 3
  4. 4. Collaborative Lessons Learning Activities/Instructional Research Pathfinder Collaborative Instructional Partner(s) Issues in Africa, 10th Literature/Composition Ms. Lester Presentation Zen, 10th Literature/Composition Ms. Lester American Author Research Project, 11th American Ms. Carden Literature/Composition Senior Project, 12th AP British Literature/Composition Ms. Pickart Senior Project, 12th British Literature/Composition Mr. Sapere Emily Dickinson Study, 11th Honors American Literature/Composition Ms. Pickart ABCs of European Culture, World History Mr. Martin Mind Altering Drugs, Psychology Mr. Hunsucker Iran and Nuclear Weapons, Current Events Mr. Foster 4