February 2011 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library


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February 2011 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library

  1. 1. CREEKVIEW THE UNQUIET LIBRARYHIGHSCHOOL FEBRUARY 2011 MONTHLY REPORT Buffy Hamilton, School Librarian Roxanne Johnson, School Librarian Bruce Guyer, Internet 1
  2. 2. No, it did NOT turn out to be a disaster ~ on the contrary itProgram Highlights turned out to be MAGNIFICENT!! The Earth Systems students Mr. Sapere and Mr. Peacock’s Healthcare each chose a group to work Science classes Skyped with Dr. Jeff with and a specific natural Weintraub, an ER physician disaster to describe on our The Unquiet Library worked with Ms. Paink’s Wiki Space ~ to explore natural disasters and to create a http://paniknaturaldisasters. wiki to share their findings ( see wikispaces.com/ http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/natura If you click on the titles l-disasters). (beginning with 2nd or 7th) and Ms. Kennedy’s 11th American scroll down you will be Literature/Composition students learned how treated to an alternative to use Google docs for composing drafts of form of technological their American author research papers; they research and imagery. also learned how to use the commenting tools Utilizing cutting edge with Ms. Kennedy’s for immediate feedback websites offering on their writing and how to use that feedback unconventional forms of to improve their compositions. representation, the students Ms. Kennedy’s 9th Literature/Composition worked to portray their topic students explored controversial issues and in a creative and informative used Google Documents to compose their manner. I am beside myself research papers; they also learned how to with pride (and joy)  at the create effective PowerPoints using the amazing inventiveness of our “presentation zen” style of slide design. kids! Please, CHECK IT OUT!! Ms. McCarron’s AP Calculus students learned I would be remiss if I did not how to create a wiki in Wikispaces for their give my heartfelt gratitude to group AP Calculus notebook project and the leadership provided by began building virtual textbooks as part of an our Media Specialist ongoing spring project that they will complete (extraordinaire) Ms. at the end of April. Hamilton. Without her, this Ms. Lester’s seniors explored recent political project would not have been revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Iran. possible. Students continued checking out Kindles, and Mary Panik, Science the Unquiet Library added additional student Teacher requested titles to bring the collection of Kindle eBooks to over 100 books.2
  3. 3. Data SnapshotsThe Unquiet Library Statistics, February 2011Number of Class Sessions Served 169Number of Student Visitors (Lunch 950Hours)Total Circulation 5099th Grade Circulation 14710th Grade Circulation 17311th Grade Circulation 11412th Grade Circulation 75Total GALE Databases Sessions 3818Gale Virtual Reference Library 2037GALE Discovering Collection 122Gale Opposing Viewpoints 215Gale Literature Resource Center 1220Gale Global Issues in Context 224The Unquiet Library Blog 6895Collaborative LessonsPlease visit our monthly report at http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/february2011 to seecollaborative research guides created in conjunction with our classroom teachers for February2011.3