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Digital research project peer review form media 21 fall 2011 voice thread
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Digital research project peer review form media 21 fall 2011 voice thread


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Your Name:___________________________________________________ Date:________Digital Research Project Peer Review: VoiceThread DigitalTextsYourName:_____________________________________________________________Project Number You AreReviewing:________________________________________Group Members Who Belong To This Project1.2.3.4.Topic of the Digital ResearchProject:_________________________________________Instructions for Peer Review 1. Go to your Symbaloo page to access the link to each group project. 2. Open the assigned project number. 3. Provide your feedback on the pages in this rubric/evaluation form. 4. Turn in your completed form to Ms. Lester or Ms. Hamilton. 5. If you do not complete your evaluation form in class today, you must complete prior to tomorrow’s class meeting. 6. Please be constructive and honest in your assessment.For ratings of 0 to 5, please note:0=not evident1-2=evident but poorly constructed3=adequate4=above average5=exceptional/superior 1 Peer Review of Digital Texts and Portfolios: Prezi | Lester and Hamilton, Fall 2011
  • 2. Your Name:___________________________________________________ Date:________ I. Aesthetics and Wiki OrganizationDesign Element Yes No CommentsRequired sections are clearly labeled and identified:  research design proposal  digital text  information sources/works cited  learning reflectionsContent is embedded seamlessly into the page and viewable  Prezi or VoiceThread  badges for each group member  Word documents [Research design process, Works Cited page] published as SlideShare or Issu texts and embedded II. Digital Text: VoiceThreadContent and Design Elements Yes No Evaluation of the Element (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)Title slide includes: Topic First names only of group members with last initial (capitalize initial and follow w/ a period) November 2011 10th Honors World Literature/CompositionStoryboard Organization: The content items are sequenced in a thoughtful,effective, and logical mannerVoice and Narration: The pace (rhythm and voice punctuation) fits the storyline and helps the audience really "get into" the issue. Voice quality is clear andconsistently audible throughout the presentation.VoiceThread Clarity and Design:  the presentation reflects excellent use of font, color, graphics, and multimedia effects to enhance the presentation and to tell the “story” of learning and the reading experience.  Each panel is “clean” and easy to read without being overly “busy” with an abundance of too much content.  media used creates a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different one or more viewpoints of the issue. The media may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors.  VT has a minimum of 10 content slides/panels  Works Cited slides/panels are included 2 Peer Review of Digital Texts and Portfolios: Prezi | Lester and Hamilton, Fall 2011
  • 3. Your Name:___________________________________________________ Date:________Content and Design Elements Yes No Evaluation of the Element (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)Images and/or Video:  the use of these media create a distinct and appropriate tone for expository/information composition.  The media may communicate concrete or abstract representations of ideas and facts.  All multimedia is appears to be copyright friendly.  All hyperlinks work and go to the correct content.Audience:the design elements reflect a strong awareness of audience in the design(classmates, teaches, other teens who may see the VT). The design elementsare thoughtful and purposeful in choice and incorporation into the VT.Economy: the VT reflects and maintains a clear focus through all panels; theinformation presented is balanced and focuses on big ideas without gettingbogged down in irrelevant or off-topic details.Issue is clearly defined and discussed.Content clearly reflects relevant and meaningful concrete details.Content clearly reflects relevant and meaningful commentariesContent: the presentation reflects:*big ideas and deep questions (beyond basic facts)*research that goes beyond surface level, superficial facts and digs into the“how and why”*sequence of ideas, facts, interpretation of information flows in a logical wayContent reflects research and thoughtful analysis that address at least 3 major“why or how” questions:Identify the three big why or how questions/issues in this digital text:1.2.3.Text is free of spelling, punctuation, and major grammatical errors.At least five different sources are included in the Works Cited page, including2 database articles 3 Peer Review of Digital Texts and Portfolios: Prezi | Lester and Hamilton, Fall 2011
  • 4. Your Name:___________________________________________________ Date:________What do you think is/are the strength(s) or most effective aspect(s)of this digitaltext?What could the group have done to have made the project even better?Take a look at each group member’s magazine. How many sources are“scooped” and how would you assess the effort, quality, and energy put intocreating the magazine on this topic?On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate this digital research project (taking intoaccount every element you’ve evaluated today)? Why? Provide your rating anda brief explanation of your evaluation (3-5 sentences) 4 Peer Review of Digital Texts and Portfolios: Prezi | Lester and Hamilton, Fall 2011