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Read This FREE Report And Discover A Secret Method for Instant Cash Deposits Into Your PayPal Account - Without A Web Site, A List or Any Real Effort!

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  • I read the full content. I think you are not so much knowledgeable about hiring VA's, the rules of Outsourcing sites like oDesk and the paying terms for VA's work.
    And do you think that, you are the first human who know this secret what you tell Instant Money Secret............. blah... blah,,, blah
    You are doing nothing here just promoting your JVzoo Affiliate Products.... Only the Fool will think it a Cool Secret... Fully useless and I am recommending others to follow this if you are a stupid.
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Instant Money Secret

  1. 1. Instant Money Secret™ Learn A Top Secret Method for INSTANT CASH into Your PayPal Account… Without A Web Site, A Single Subscriber, Or Any Effort!I’m writing this in a hurry…This idea just smacked me in the face, and I have to get this out to you.What’s one of the biggest questions on people’s minds around this time of year?“How can I make some extra CASH?”Well, I’ve been a super affiliate for more than eleven years, and one of the coolest things I’veever learned is that you don’t have to have your own products or set up your own web sitethrough PayPal to get instant money deposited into your account whenever you need it…Any time I want an “instant cash injection” I’ll put together one of these campaigns and likeclockwork, extra money comes flowing into my PayPal account. I don’t even have to do thework anymore. And now you don’t either!It’s not magic… and it isn’t some pie-in-the-sky “get rich quick” scheme.It won’t likely make you rich… but it could very well pay the bills, and give your family andfriends a little something extra to smile about. Once you read every word of this short but powerful report, you’ll understand exactly what I’mtalking about and even if you’ve never made a dime online before… so long as you follow thesimple instructions you’re about to read, and take action NOW – you can make an extrahundred to a thousand bucks or more into your PayPal account in just a few days!With most affiliate programs, you have to wait two-weeks to a month or more to actually getpaid. That isn’t useful for the purpose of putting instant cash into your account. No, for this goalto be realized, you need something that’s going to pay you instantly after each sale…It just so happens there are three GREAT affiliate networks that offer instant commissions: 1. JvZoo 2. RapBank 3. WebinarSwaps
  2. 2. Now, within these three networks are thousands upon thousands of products in many differentcategories or niches that will pay you instant commissions to your PayPal account.You are free to choose any product you’d like to promote, but for our “instant cash injection”strategy we’re only searching for the best-of-the-best… the products that already have soldhundreds or thousands of copies, have a very high conversion of visitor-to-sale, and have a highEPC (Estimated Profit Per Click). The niche doesn’t matter, because we’re NOT trying to build abusiness here… JUST for the purpose of getting cash quickly into PayPal, we’re going completelyby the numbers. We’re only going to promote the products that are proven bestsellers, and willgive us the best chance possible to make instant money the fastest. The Essential Formula for Instant Passive IncomeI’m going to lay out a drop-dead simple affiliate marketing blueprint that you can use to createa campaign selling one of these products immediately, without writing a single word yourself.Here’s the formula:Instant Cash URL + Article + Traffic Source + Outsourcing = Instant Passive IncomeI’m sure you’ve probably heard something similar to that before, and are wondering “what’sthe big deal? How is an article going to make me instant money?” Well, that’s because it isn’tjust any kind of article. It’s the best kind of article. It’s an advertorial…And you don’t even have to write it!An advertorial is part article, part ad. But it’s all “cleverly” disguised as CONTENT.The best way to do this (and do it quickly) is by writing a review of the product you arepromoting. But you’re not going to write it (unless you want to) – you’re going to OUTSOURCEit to someone who will write a kick-butt “article” for ten bucks or less!You have most likely heard of – the web site where anyone can get work done forthem for as low as $5… I utilize this resource heavily, and have found some *excellent* talenton-the-cheap. There’s also a beautiful writing resource called that has some of thebest writers I’ve ever used, and I’ve never paid more than ten bucks for content that hasliterally made me thousands of dollars within days of leveraging it. That’s the truth!Here’s a “trade secret” I’m going to share with you about content…Depending on how you choose to perceive this, you’ll either be overjoyed or outraged. But thetruth is the truth, facts are facts and there’s no way around it. Ok, ready?
  3. 3. An article can be transformed or “leveraged” into ANY other piece of content.For example, you can have someone write an article that costs you $10 (a really great article)and then you can turn that article into a blog post by simply posting it on a blog, you can turn itinto a “review” or “advertorial” – you can paste the article in sections, into PowerPoint, and youhave a slide show… you can record the slide show and you now have a video you can publish onYouTube and other video sites... your only limit is your own creativity!It’s the PACKAGING of information that determines its perceived value (and how much youhave to pay to get it done for you!)So, what we’re going to do is setup a free blog on Tumblr (so you don’t even need your ownweb site, domain or hosting) and then we’re going to put a 750-1000 word article labeled as aREVIEW that we outsource to someone at or iWriter. Then, we’re going to insert ouraffiliate link for a high-converting INSTANT commission product into the blog post and finallywe’re going to drive targeted traffic to the blog for instant cash commissions into PayPal.Sounds easy enough, right?It really is, when you follow this “no-work” method. You don’t need any experience whatsoeverwhen you can leverage someone who spends their days and nights doing what you need to getdone, and does it for so cheap you might freak out!That’s right. We’re going to use outsourcing leverage.But we’re going to do it in a very clever way…First, let’s get down to the basics so you have a crystal clear understanding of what we’re doing.Tumblr is a social media site that has been around for awhile, but is just beginning to gain hugepopularity in just the last few months. Most people don’t see a “Tumblr” link as anadvertisement or “self-promotion” which is what turns most people off…They see a Tumblr site as pure content. And that’s what you’re going to give them!When you have some content to share, and it’s GOOD content that solves some problem,answers a question or provides a solution of some kind, people love to share it.Even if there’s a link attached to it… if it’s good content and doesn’t “sell” but provides anobjective viewpoint of the topic or subject matter, that’s what counts the most!And that’s the job of the article writer you hire to write for you, not your job.
  4. 4. A good writer can simply study the sales copy on a web site and write a brilliant objectivereview about the product, the benefits vs. features, and how it compares to other productssimilar to it. All this can be done with a tiny bit of research on Google. Easy stuff.And again… that’s their job, not yours.Next, once you have the content and a free Tumblr account, and have published the content toyour Tumblr blog, now all you need to do is get eyeballs to the review, right?This is where your next outsourcer comes in.You need a VA (Virtual Assistant) and I have the best resource I’ve ever used for you to hire atop quality VA to do a very specific set of tasks for you that will drive laser-targeted qualitytraffic to your review for just $2 bucks an hour…I’m serious when I say that you can literally have an assistant working for you, driving traffic toyour review in the next 30 minutes or less. And you ONLY pay them after they complete thework, or on a schedule that YOU set. The whole ballgame is in your court. They play by yourrules. You’re the boss. And they’re happy to work for you!I’m talking about the site Whatever you need done, there’s a handfulof qualified workers from the Philippines who are chomping at the bit to do a great job for you,and most of them are completely satisfied with two bucks an hour.You can also find inexpensive outsourcing at, or even Fiverr!(Choose Business > “Virtual Assistant” from the category list)The secret to making outsourcing work is to already have a set of extremely specific step-by-step tasks along with a deadline to get them done. What your VA will be doing, is going towhere people “hang out” online who are interested in the subject matter of your niche, and“sharing” your blog post with them. Remember, it’s pure content, so there’s no spamming, self-promotion barriers or risks of getting your sites shut down. People share articles and contenton the subject matter they’re interested in every single day. It’s how the web works!As long as your blog post doesn’t look like an advertisement, people will like and share it.Another “trick” to getting a lot of folks to share your post, is to find a MEME graphic image thatis somehow related (such as a famous quote for example) and include that in your post. (justsearch facebook, pinterest or google images for the memes… they’re everywhere!)A lot of folks will share the Tumblr post just because they like the meme.
  5. 5. Normally, we’d have to build a lead capture page and write autoresponder messages and allthat jazz… but like I said before, for THIS purpose (getting instant cash) we’re not trying to builda business here… we’re only going after the short-term goal for INSTANT cash sales.Once you have some extra cash rolling in, you can set up this stuff to expand on the model andbuild a real business behind it, but for now, you just want the immediate money!So we’re going to be direct-linking in the Tumblr post to the affiliate URL of what we’repromoting, we’re going to have a great quality article in the form of a review, and we’re goingto have a Virtual Assistant that shares the blog post on several social media sites targeted tothe niche of the product we’re promoting… easy, instant, effortless PayPal cash.Is this finally starting to make sense?You’re not doing anything illegal, immoral or unethical. In fact, you’re working with the way theweb was meant to be used… as a platform for sharing free information and content.So the visitors come to the Tumblr page to read your review. A percentage of them WILL clickthe links to check out the full details of the product. And a percentage of those will BUY.And that means instant, hands-free extra income for you – on demand.Want even more income? Promote more than one product. Do the exact steps over again andget a new Tumblr blog (if the product is in a different niche than the first one), a new blog post,and get your VA to share the new post on related fan pages and groups on social sites.It’s completely fair to ask your VA to share the post on at least 50-100 sites a day. This shouldtake them no more than 4 hours per day, (since all they’re doing is sharing a link to the Tumblrpost over and over again) and at $2 an hour, that’s $8 bucks a day for targeted VIRAL traffic!Your VA can post your Tumblr blog to:  Facebook Fan Pages & Groups  LinkedIn Groups  Twitter hash-tags  Google & Yahoo Groups  Discussion Boards & Forums (only where a signature is allowed!)  StumbleUpon  Social Bookmarking SitesThat alone should be more than enough to keep your VA super-busy, driving the highest qualitytargeted traffic for you on a daily basis, and putting money in the bank!
  6. 6. Another “sneaky” secret you can utilize is to further leverage the article and post HALF thearticle on discussion boards, forums and groups, etc… and the full article on the Tumblr blog.The only call-to-action in the first-half of the article, is to read the full review on the blog!This is how you can get around those pesky forums that require you to post content, and notjust a link. Just slice your 1000 word article in half, add the call-to-action to read the full reviewin the BIO or signature of the post, and give that to your VA to share on discussion boards.But which discussion boards?Simple. Instruct your VA to goto in a main keyword related to the product you’re promoting and choose “discussionboards” and “as it happens”. Then choose the option to have the alerts emailed to them.As soon as someone publishes something related to that keyword, they’ll get an instant alertand will be among the very first to reply to the post, question or comment and can include halfthe article (with the call to action to get the full article in the signature) as the reply post.This means your VA will have “first mover’s advantage” and will be published at or near the topof the discussion… which can bring an avalanche of INSTANT quality targeted traffic to yourTumblr blog (which of course as you understand now, translates to Instant PayPal sales!)Just 10-20 of these kinds of reply posts per day can equal a huge amount of traffic.And as long as you have a well-written article/review, a percentage of that traffic is virtuallyguaranteed to purchase the product you’re promoting and put instant cash in your pocket.These are lightning fast “gun to the head” style promotions. You just build it, drive the trafficand make the sales. Then rinse and repeat with a new product. How many products you canpromote in this way is unlimited. And how many sites you can build like this is infinite!I believe there is NO easier or faster way to make money on the internet than what I have justlaid out for you on a silver platter. You never have to worry about writing, SEO, paying fortraffic that doesn’t convert, having a web site, building a list or even having a domain.Just choose a product that’s already made a bunch of people money and step into the stream,utilizing outsourcing to get all the work done, and get paid instant commissions every day.Any time you need another instant cash injection, repeat the process. Done. Money flows.It seems “too simple” because it’s too logical. It’s just using leverage the smart way.
  7. 7. You can even pay your outsourced workers with PayPal, out of the profits they make for youfrom the instant commission affiliate products! It’s almost like free money.And there’s ZERO competition because each article/review/advertorial is completely 100%unique. The sales come from the hyperlinks embedded in the blog post, so there’s not even adirect call-to-action. It’s not an advertisement. It’s pure quality, sharable content!You can even have your VA post the article to the Tumblr blog for you, and hyperlink the mainkeywords to your affiliate link. So, now you truly have a “no-work” method that DOES work!The Holy Grail of Instant CommissionsNow that you have a solid understanding and overview of the method, let’s get down to thespecifics, so you can actually put this plan into immediate action for instant profits…First, head over to JVZoo and sign up for a free affiliate account. It’s an easy sign up process andyou’ll be instantly approved once you confirm your email address and phone number.Then, search the Marketplace… goto Affiliates > Find ProductsYou’ll see a database of a bunch of products you can promote for instant commissions.Beside some in the list, you’ll see a bright blue button that says “REQUEST” and beside othersyou’ll see a green button that says “Get Links”…The products with the green buttons are pre-approved and you can start promoting them andgetting instant commissions right away. The blue REQUEST buttons means you must first beapproved by the affiliate program owner before you can actually receive the commissions.Nine times out of ten, the best product owners “vet” their affiliates to make sure they don’tacquire a bunch of spammers who will put their web sites in jeopardy. So as long as you arefriendly and honest, (tell them you promote on social sites) they’ll approve you right away.My little “trick” to quickly locate a great affiliate product to grab instant cash commissionsfrom, is by sorting the database first, according to # of sales made. Just click on the table thatsays “Sold” and it should reorganize the database and reveal the best-sellers.In my experience, any product with 500-2000+ sales under its belt is a good product topromote… although to be sure, you also want to pay attention to the conversion %, EPC andrefund rate. I usually prefer to find products with a 5-10%+ conversion rate, $0.50-$1.00+ EPCand a 0-5% refund rate. Of course, the less the refund rate, the better for you!
  8. 8. Like I said before, we’re not that concerned with what the product actually is or does, or eventhe category/niche the product is in… we’re only after “gun to the head” fast sales – and bytaking the refund rate into account, that gives a good idea of the quality of the product. Anyproduct with a 10-20% refund rate or higher generally means it is a low quality product, andyou shouldn’t waste your time with it. Those with 0-5% refunds means the buyers love it.You are free to choose any product you want in any niche, just follow these guidelines.If the product(s) you find to promote require a REQUEST for instant commissions, you’ll first beset to “Delayed” commissions (pays out 30-60 days) until you make contact with the affiliateprogram owner and let them know how and where you will be promoting their product.If you tell them something like…“Hi there. I’m an affiliate marketer and publisher, and would like to include a link to recommendyour product in an article to be published in my blog and shared on sites such as facebook,twitter and Stumble Upon.” (this is just an example, use your own words)……that’s usually all you really need to win them over and get them to approve you for instantcommissions, even if you have zero sales registered. If you’re brand new to JVZoo, tell them youare an affiliate marketer who has recently signed up to JVZoo to promote their product. This alone will get you approved 95% of the time. For the more stringent affiliate owners, theywant to see some sales before they approve you for instant commissions. Usually around 25sales or so, and you will be approved. My best advice is just to focus on the green “Get Links”buttons if you’re in a mega-hurry and need to make immediate sales into your PayPal.That way, there’s no waiting around for someone else to get back to you.You click the button, get your link – and now have an open channel for instant cash.Another affiliate network you can join is RapBank.They also offer instant commissions, by splitting the sale of the product between you and theaffiliate owner. For example, the first sale will go to the affiliate owner, and the second sale willbe sent to your PayPal account. That’s with a 50% commission. There are several productshowever that do offer 100% commission on the front-end product…And that means you get paid 100% of every sale, directly into your PayPal account, just as if itwas your own product. The reason they allow this is because it builds the affiliate owner astrong list of buyers in which they can market to over and over again. It’s worth the trade ofhelping them build their list so you can make instant commissions on every single sale!
  9. 9. So, let’s head over to now and check it out…Once you sign up and get a free account, click on MarketplaceAlthough there’s no clear-cut way to organize and filter the bestsellers from the rest in thisdatabase, there are three main numbers you’re looking for while browsing through the pages ofproducts that can help you spot a sure-fire winner… 1. The Rating (they use a social starring system similar to amazon, more stars = better) 2. The RB Index (according to Rapbank themselves, “...[it] indicates the success of the product as it pertains to affiliate promotions, with a weighting toward more recent sales.” Again, the higher the number here, the better the success of the product) 3. The Refund Rate (only go with products with 0-10% refunds, never higher)And, keep on the lookout for those that say, “Commission: 100%” because those are going topay you 100% of the total price of the product for each and every sale, instantly to PayPal!Finally… there’s a very special “affiliate network” you can join for free, that is completelyunique, has almost NO competition, and will cause PayPal sales to come flying in your inbox…and these are relatively high-ticket sales!There’s a little-known web site called WebinarSwaps that offer their affiliates instantcommissions to get other people to sign up to either LIVE webinars, or replays… the webinarsdo ALL the selling (and do a fantastic job!) and when any prospect purchases the product beingpromoted in the webinar, you make instant money.And these products usually range from $50-$250+ instant commissions per sale!Just a few sales here could double or triple your spending cash.Go there and create your free account. Then login, and click the “Watch Archived Replays” linkat the top. In the database, you’ll see a green button beside each webinar listed that says,“Promote” – Go ahead, and just choose one. You can also watch any webinar replay listed byclicking the green “Watch Now” button at the end of each webinar listed…These don’t have stats you can look at to judge the quality, conversion or refund rate of theproducts offered… however, webinars generally attract a better, more qualified type of buyerand the products offered are most often of a higher quality also. Which means lower refundsand happier customers. So choose a webinar that captures your attention and stands out fromthe pack… click the “Promote” button and get your affiliate URL…
  10. 10. The only research your outsourced writer has to do, is watch the webinar from beginning toend. From this information alone, they can provide you with a high-quality objective review ofthe webinar itself… they don’t even have to mention the product being sold on the webinar!Ok, now you have three AWESOME sources to pull instant cash commissions from.Use the guidelines I have given you to find the “golden nuggets” and get a link to promote…that’s STEP ONE!The next step involves hiring an outsourced worker to write your content piece.Head over to either or and look for someone with high feedback ratingsand positive comments about them (stay away from those with negative feedback)…Once you find your outsourced worker, give them the link to the product you’re promoting andtell them to study it (if it’s a sales page) or watch the webinar and read the pre-written emailswipes to get ideas for the article to be written.Steer clear of actually calling it an “advertorial” or “review” because just having those labels cancause the content piece to be more expensive. But calling it an article can mean any kind ofuseful content, and you can then re-purpose the content into whatever you want.Next, once you have an article you can use (750-1000 words is preferred) you can head over ,, or to hire your VA…Sign up for your free account, and once logged in, click the blue “My Jobs” button at the top.On that page, look for a link that says “Post A Job” and click it.This part is extremely easy as long as you follow the guidelines…In your own words, here’s the basic idea you want to get across in each field:Job Name (required) – Help Wanted: A Virtual Assistant to Publish ArticlesJob Description (required) –I am looking for a part/full-time Virtual Assistant to publish and distribute articles I give you onmy blog, guest blogs, message boards and social media sites such as facebook and twitter.Must be willing and able to follow directions, speak English fluently and be a goodcommunicator. Also must have experience in publishing articles to blogs and sharing items onsocial media sites and message boards. No spamming is allowed whatsoever. Will pay for yourservices on the 1st and 15th of each month to your PayPal account.
  11. 11. Daily tasks include sharing content I give you on facebook groups, yahoo groups, google groups,twitter hashtags, StumbleUpon and discussion boards related to the topic of the article. Aminimum of 50-100 posts per day is required to fulfill your daily tasks.I will give you an article, and you will publish it to my blog, and will share the link to this blogpost on social media sites and message boards. Then, I will give you another article and you willrepeat the process, on a new set of forums, groups and social media pages relating to the topicof the new article. If you are interested in this job opportunity, please send me an email to(your email address) along with your resume and any previous job experience you have.This should be an easy task for any person qualified for this job.If you are the right person, contact me and let’s get started immediately.Job Category: Virtual AssistantThen click “Create Job And Continue” to post your job opportunity.From my experience, within the hour you should have at least 3-4 workers emailing you,applying for the job and giving you their resume to qualify them for the position.After you click continue, you’ll be asked if you want this job to be Open, or Closed. Choose“Open” to make sure the job opportunity is listed immediately in their database.You’re almost done!Now you have:  An article written by an outsourced writer  A Tumblr blog  An outsourced Virtual Assistant to do all the actual workThe only thing that’s left is to give your VA exact instructions on what to do!Give them the article, give them the login to your Tumblr account (after meeting with them anddetermining they’re the right person for the job) and have them post the article on the blog…Then, tell them to use the main keywords of whatever product you’re promoting, and find 20-50 related groups and social media pages (on the sites mentioned in this report) and startsharing the content. It’s wise to give them a link or some other tracking link to actuallypromote, so you’ll be able to tell precisely how many visitors they’re sending for you.
  12. 12. Within approximately 24 hours, contact your VA and follow up with them to see what they’vedone. Ask for a report of every site or social media page they promoted your article on, and forthe first few runs, inspect what you expect. Make sure they’re doing their job and doing it well.The good news, is that if they’re not doing a good job, you’ll know after the first run.Fire them, pay them their $8 or whatever and hit up another VA who applied for the job.Most of the time, you’ll be able to tell the quality of the worker by the initial interview. So youaren’t likely to have to fire anyone, but if you need to… cut your losses and move on FAST.You’ll find that most workers from the Philippines are extremely hard workers, they’re loyal,honest and very reliable. $2/hr is a lot of money to them, and they’re overjoyed to work for agood employer. As long as your instructions are specific, your deadlines are clear and you holdthem accountable for their work, they will impress you with their skill and work ethic.Also, don’t forget to give them the method of using Google Alerts to find the top traffic sourceswhere people are hanging out and talking about the topic of the article you had written.Just 50-100 quality posts and ‘shares’ per day, can translate into INSTANT PayPal cash for you,and within just a few days…And you can take this much further into the Year…Once you have cash coming in on a regular basis from all this content and traffic, you can thenget a lead capture page made for you with a free offer and an autoresponder, so YOU’RE theone getting all the subscribers and building your list in the thousands…This of course means that you can pick ANY product to promote (using the guidelines) from theInstant Cash Affiliate Networks, use their pre-written email copy, drop it into theautoresponder and see consistent, effortless affiliate sales commissions flying into your PayPalaccount on a daily basis from all three major networks.That’s the method in a nutshell. Now go take action and grab your extra INSTANT cash!Enjoy Your Success,Jason Mangrum, Author of Uberman,Super Affiliate, Modern Day | MindOfPower.comPS. Want some instant cash commissions selling MY bestselling product? Click Here!Notice: This report may be freely distributed and shared with anyone you wish, so long as the content within the report remains in-tact and unchanged.Copyright © All Rights Reserved.