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Powerpoint...what's the point?
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Powerpoint...what's the point?


Published on

Powerpoint could be the most powerful tool on your do you use it? …

Powerpoint could be the most powerful tool on your do you use it?

A presentation delivered for Business Link at their Business Exchnage events in 2010.

Published in: Business

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  • Your slides are not your presentation you are... However today. Things are different so pay attention..Quick experiment...would you all stand up please...?A presentation is a precious opportunity. It's a powerful arrangement... one speaker, an attentive audience, all in their seats, all paying attention (at least at first). Don't waste it.The purpose of a presentation is to change minds. That's the only reason I can think of to spend the time and resources. If your goal isn't to change minds, perhaps you should consider a different approach.A presentation isn't an obligation, it's a privilege. Oh yes the experiment…if you’ve used powerpoint sit down…
  • PAUSEMisuse ignores the most important rule of presenting...respect your audience!
  • My presentation today is much about presenting as it is about powerpoint .and that’s dangerous with some experts in the room, morning Steve!For those of you taking notes…You’ll be able to group what talk about today underGood designEngaging ContentPositive deliveryI love powerpoint and use it all the time…I willendeavour in 30 mins to highlight why and how…So why am I asking the question, cos many others do and PPT get’s the blame for many things…but you can’t blame it that’s silly after all it is simply a tool…or so you might think…
  • Edward Tufte, a former Yale professor, used the Columbia space-shuttle tragedy as his example of why PowerPoint is dreadful. Back in 2003, when the shuttle exploded, Edward "fingered” PowerPoint as a culprit. He argued that information vital to NASA analysts had been shunted to the bottom of a typically cluttered PowerPoint slideThe NASA board went on to say that NASA's use of PowerPoint illustrated "the problematic methods of technical communications at NASA."
  • So we’re in good companyWOW facts and stats...make them interesting
  • And thats not good these people have invested their most valuable commodity in listening to you...their timeDo you need to use it?LPH presentation in DecemberMost PowerPoints fail to deliver because they lack four thingsSignificanceStructureSimplicityPracticeLet’s start with Significance...
  • What’s the subject why does it matter to you? Is it whom? Ask yourselves these questions before you start:Why does it matter to my audience?How do I grab their attention?What do I want them to do as a result? you love need to infect your audience...
  • This may not be your style but be confident not obnoxious!Demonstrate passion, don’t just say it!Has anyone seen Tony Robbins? I’ve seen him in front of 10,000 incredible...
  • How about these guys do they love their subject?Don’t sit down, take care with body language and gestures they may mask your true feelings...And whilst someone else is presenting be out of sight!Now you love your subject, where do you start?
  • Truly great presenters like Steve Jobs visualize, plan and create ideas on paper (or whiteboards) well before they open the presentation software.Why story?
  • Because...The ancient art of conveying events in words, images and sounds often by improvisation and usepowerpoint to embellish!We are storytellers make them compelling...
  • As part of the process you need to decide on the building blocks of your presentationWhat’s the structure going to be? Any ideas? Structure around meaning and the big picture...then support with key ideas...We’ve all heard, beginning ,middle , end; Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you’ve told them...Use headlinesMemorable opening, middle section, memorable closing…How you place the building blocks of your storyGive 3-4 reasons supporting your point They will not remember more anywayThis approach is scalable 5, 15, 45 minsStructure - Not just technically but creatively
  • The next time you deliver a presentation take a moment to think a little bit about the show.That's what professional marketers do. They put on a show, on purpose. Think about highs and lows, emotions and feelings...So maybe forget the begining middle and end and think...OvertureIntroPrologueActs 1, 2, 3EpilogueBow!So you love your subject you’ve planned your story and now what are you going to do...chances are make it too complicated...
  • Simplicity in all things powerpoint!The faliure of most bad powerpoints are that they are too complicatedWith powerpoint, less is certainly more! Don’t be afraid of empty space, ask any designer Richard (Gregory) why do we like empty space?
  • And this man could have been talking about PowerPointBut being simple is not always that simple...lets find out why
  • I have many real examples but have chosen to create a mock up...just in case...I upset someone in the room...Too much noise and confusion here...How much is one extra slide- zero-its free so break it down it costs nothingWhat’s the point, one simple point, remove everything elseIf you’ve got facts and graphs....
  • Make them memorable...Working memory can be increased using something scientists call dual modality- it is not effective to speak the same words that are written so use pictures and words...Its a fact we have better recall for visual information
  • RememberPeople read faster than you speak that makes you useless...And reading is an inefficient way of obtaining information anyhowSo love your subject, structure it well and keep it simple...
  • But here’s a few of my own…This is the bit you might want to write down but I’ve seen some of your notes, so I’ll provide these on a handout afterwards for anyone that wants them…
  • Forget endless listsBulletsLots of pointsLots of wordsNo good, they just don’t work…
  • Self-explanatory!PAUSEAlternatively...
  • If you want to try this go to
  • We are curiosity driven and Vision is our most dominant senseBrains trained to take notice of differences and remember unusual patterns and actionsMake people sit up and take noticeHear something you may remember 10%, add a picture that probably goes up to 65%
  • Make room in any presentation for at least one...Aha!...preferably every ten minutes to liven things up...Holy Shit...Steve JobsAnd now I’m going down on my knees, I beg you please...
  • And don’t use your powerpoint presentation…
  • Now I know what you’re thinking!
  • Write a document….use the notes section in PPTThere are three seperateelementsSlidesNotesHandoutdon’t attempt to combine all three...
  • It will never work completely for the first time. Trust me.Outliers 10,000 hours!Add facts about JobsPreferably practice in front of someone…
  • If you can get some feedback…refer to Richard Mack…If you can’t find an audience present to the furniture…out loud. Try it!
  • Oh and try not to do this...
  • And just so that no-one feels left out
  • Focus on audience not on selfKeep it fast pacedAnd have funYes have fun but that’s not the point of PowerPoint...Have I really answered the question...what is the point?
  • Help people to visualise an intricate conceptReinforce a point using wild imagery or compelling designExcite people with something unexpected..that moves them and changes how they feel…
  • Something that might just change their minds…Get everyone to stand up and clap and shoutPowerPoint is the most powerful tool on your computer…it can move people…
  • I’d now like to hand back to our brilliant, Brilliant Business Exchange host, Laura McHarrie…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Before we start...
    • 2. PowerPointcould be the most powerful tool on your computer
      …but it’s not!
    • 3. PowerPoint
      what’s the point?
    • 4. PowerPoint culprit?
    • 5. There are
      PowerPoint users in the World
    • 6. Most of them are killing their audiences.
    • 7. Who cares?...
    • 8. He does!
    • 9. Maybe they don’t!
    • 10. Create your story...
    • 11. We are storytellers.
    • 12. What’s your
      structure ?
    • 13. Think…putting on a show.
    • 14. Keep it simple stu
    • 15. “Everything should be made as simpleas possible but not simpler.”
    • 16. A Detailed Review of Process #0145
      In order to understand
      the manufacture process
      we have devised this
      simple flow chart.
    • Kids today consume 5 times more fast food than kids in 1970.
    • 22. Process STEPS
      A detailed analysis of the process shows the following aspects need to be considered :
      • Stuff through hole components
      • 23. Trim leads and inspect or re-inspect
      • 24. Load board onto fixture
      • 25. Load board into wave solder
      • 26. Put board in wave solder kanban
      • 27. Pull board from wave & place in inspection kanban
      • 28. Place in board-level test kanban
      • 29. Repair defects
      • 30. Test final product
      • 31. Deliver to production
      • 32. Send test report to inspection team
    • 33. No one wants to watch you read.
    • 34. Some guidelines
      for you...
    • 35. Bullets
      people .
    • 36. Inform withlittletext.*
      * Oh yes you can!
    • 37. Or be creative.
    • 38. More imagery.Greatimagery.
    • 39. Aha!
    • 40. Please no animation or sound effects
    • 41. x As a prompt
      xAs handouts
      xTo dump data .
    • 42. But what if I need to send or hand out info?
    • 43. Practice .
    • 44. Feedback. Go get some.
      Naturally gifted presenter?
    • 45. Feedback. Go get some.
    • 46.
    • 47.
    • 48. Have
    • 49.
      • Visualise
       Reinforce
       Excite .
    • 50.
    • 51. This PowerPoint presentation produced and delivered by
      Steve Mills
      inspired by
      Alexei Kapterev
      Seth Godin
      Steve Jobs
      David Bowman
      Carmine Gallo
      Dr John J Medina
      ‘Aha’ by kind permission Laura McHarrie
    • 52. * Slide intentionally left blank…