PATT in the UAE.


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PATT Foundation are setting up in the UAE!

Are you ready?

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PATT in the UAE.

  1. 1. “Saving the Planet One Tree at a Time”
  2. 2. Who we are o UK registered Charity and Thai Foundation, o Work across S.E. Asia, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa and the UK o PATT o Fights against deforestation and climate change o Raises environmental awareness o Campaigns for better environmental practices
  3. 3. What we do For the world o Global carbon storage o Planting native trees o Reforestation o Help to avoid the devastating effects of climate change
  4. 4. What we do For people o Providing a sustainable future o Creating employment and funding opportunities o Improving the quality of life
  5. 5. PATT’s values o Action o Youth education o Sustainability o Cooperation
  6. 6. Milestones o 2005 – The PATT Foundation officially formed o 2006 – Registration as a UK charity o 2008 – Establishment of the tree nursery in Khao Yai o 2009 – Registration as a Thai foundation o 2011 – Over 500,000 trees planted o 2013 – Reached 100 Environmental Education and Tree Planting Events with schools
  7. 7. Focuses o Environmental Education – school tree planting o Nursery Set – up o Environmental Education Portal o Corporate Tree Planting Events
  8. 8. Environmental Education – school tree planting o Hands-on experience at reforestation sites o Increasing environmental awareness o Environmental campaigns schoolwide o Eco Camps o Workshops and presentations
  9. 9. Nursery Set – up o Khao Yai Community Nursery Project since 2008 o Over 90,000 trees planted o 1,500 visitors annually o 20,000 seedlings yearly o Stock of over 50 native species o Employment for local people
  10. 10. Environmental Education Portal o Interactive platform for students and teachers o Online learning resources and activities o Lesson plans in accordance with IB and IGCSE o Already 600 schools interested o Easy access, professional support, high quality
  11. 11. Corporate Tree Planting Events o Training for management and staff on sustainable environmental business practices o Carbon offset o Team – Building events o Developing sustainable business strategies o Raising awareness of business environmental responsibility
  12. 12. Why the UAE? o Mangrove and Alhafeya Protected Area restoration o Conservation of wildlife in the mountains o Increasing awareness and participation of local society o Saving threatened species
  13. 13. Suitable native plants for the UAE o Ghaf tree o Christ’s thorn o Olive tree o Wild drumstick tree
  14. 14. Ghaf tree (Prosopis cineraria) o Hardy, fire, drought – resistant o Easy to germinate o Narrow spacing o Little tending o Greening and landscaping o Livestock food and forage
  15. 15. Christ’s thorn (Ziziphus spina – christi) o Drought – tolerant o Medicinal properties o Edible fruits o Source of flower honey
  16. 16. Olive tree (Olea europea) o Evergreen o Durable wood o Little water required o Used for furniture and turnery
  17. 17. Wild drumstick tree (Moringa peregrina) o Drought – tolerant o Easy growth o Edible fruits, high in nutrients o Oilseed feedstock for biodiesel