how to invest in Agarwood

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  • 1. How To Invest In Agarwood Treedom Investments
  • 2. Looking for a new way to invest?
  • 3. Searching, butcan’t find anything that is right?
  • 4. Everyone has their own ideas on which investments are best! Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah!
  • 5. How aboutForestry? Trees!?
  • 6. that’s CORRECTMadam… TREES!
  • 7. I have heard of these “schemes”before, investing in tree’s whatever next?
  • 8. It’s true, people have been investing in forestryFor 100’s of years! A safe port in rough Economic Seas!
  • 9. The Aquilaria Tree Agarwood a precious resin The Aquilaria formed intree is registered Aquilaria trees. The resin is extracted and by CITES as used to produce endangered Oud oil
  • 10. To get the Oud oil out, we chop the tree down!
  • 11. The most expensive essentialoil in the world Grade A Oud can retail at $80,000 USD per KG
  • 12. But be careful, their are dangersout there! Ask the right questions Before you invest!
  • 13. Can you see the plantations, factoryAnd the Oud oil?
  • 14. How do you get from tree to oil?
  • 15. Do they have all the required paperworkTo produce, sell and export Oud Oil?
  • 16. Check, Check and Check again! Don’t get caught out!
  • 17. Know your facts! about Agarwood, Oud oil, its production and what’s required to sell and export it!
  • 18. 7 yrs of plantation managementexcellence…FACT!Never missed a payment toour customers…Fact!We go from Tree to Oud, thenon to market…FACT!
  • 19. Our trees are in Trat province, Thailand. About300km from Bangkok, you may come and seethe trees, our wonderful factory and nurseries I will even buy you lunch
  • 20. So tell all yourfriends, pass the word. Treedom InvestmentsWill Guarantee returns of 12%pa
  • 21. That’s a whoppingOver the investment term of 6yrs
  • 22. With initial investments starting at $4,200 USD You would be crazy not to!
  • 23. So, give us a callHong Kong : +852 (0) 3 101 7468Kuala Lumpur: +603 (0) 2 169 6186Bangkok : + 66 (0) 2 259 6455Dubai : +971 (0) 4 313 2347
  • 24. Or Email us! Or you can even visit us at
  • 25. Thank You!Antony BellInvestments ManagerTreedom Investments