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Sponsorship package

  1. 1. Dear Potential Sponsor, On behalf of the organizing committee, thank you for taking time to consider supporting SilverBack Promotions Association Non-Profit Group. With your support, our events promise to make an even greater contribution to the Halifax community while offering a unique experience for all age groups. SilverBack Promotions Association Non-Profit Group is comprised of dedicated students working together to give back to the HRM community. All of our proceeds are donated to the charitable/community groups with whom we partner. SilverBack aims to help charitable and community groups in HRM through designing, organising, and promoting unique events to raise awareness and much needed funds. In addition, SilverBack operates a consulting service for Dalhousie societies, and runs a custom screen printing business to create capital. By August 2011, with your help, SilverBack Promotions Assoc. hopes to have raised $4000 while adding two new events to our current line up. Our established annual events are: The lingerie fashion show Nuovo Inizio (Italian: New Beginning) , the Winter Classic road hockey tournament. This year we hope to add two new events to our annual line up: Lord Dalhousie's Fencing and Feast - a dinner theatre arranged around live fencing- and a Fall Classic Ball Hockey Tournament. Last year, the Nuovo Inizio fashion sucessfully generated a $1000 profit which was donated to Community Action on Homelessness. This event showcases local lingerie designs in a decidedly chic and sophisticated setting. Professional photographers capture the event as cameras are otherwise prohibited in order to maintain a professional level of decorum for the models gracing the runway. The third annual War Child Winter Classic will be held in the winter semester of 2010. We look to build on our success from last year by increasing the number of teams and adopting a pledge format for registration. On site BBQ and DJ services will provide a backyard league ambience, with a wrap up party and award ceremony to follow. Lord Dalhousie's Fencing and Feast will take place in the Great Hall of the Dalhousie University Club on September 30,2010. This family friendly event will invite guests to the Lord's annual tournament and dinner. Local actors will play the role of the Lord and his family, as patrons enjoy a period accurate three course meal while watching live modern fencing in a central piste. Due to the success of the Winter Classic we will be debuting an identical fall classic, welcoming students back to Halifax in style.
  2. 2. Sponsorship Opportunities This year we are looking for sponsors who would like to contribute to the SilverBack initiative. We invite you to participate in our commitment to raising $4000 for local charities/community groups by August 2010. These events provide a unique opportunity for local retail businesses to showcase their merchandise in an exceptional and appealing setting. Since both the art show and soccer tournament are still in the planning stages, opportunities exist to help design how your company will be represented. We offer four sponsorship tiers for your consideration: Platinum Sponsor: $1,000 and over • Advertising on ticket, flyer, and website • Major promotional material at event, headlined area Gold Sponsor: $750 • Advertising on flyer, and website • Promotional material at event Silver Sponsor: $500 • Advertising on flyer, website • Minor promotional material at event Bronze Sponsor: $150 • Advertising on website As a non-profit organization, SilverBack is looking to secure financial and nonfinancial (in the form of beverages, food, lighting, sound and visual equipment, and decor) sponsorship. Below are the various sponsorship opportunities and the related benefits. Thank you for your time and consideration, The SilverBack Executive Committee For more information or to submit your sponsorship application. Please contact our President: Timothy Disher thetimbot@gmail.com 902.440.8150
  3. 3. Sponsorship Agreement Name: ______________________ Title:____________________ Company name as you wish it to appear in promotional material: ______________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address:________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Phone number: ________________________Email:____________________________ Sponsorship Amount: $________________ Details of Donations in Kind:______________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________