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  • 1. YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR 148 Did you know that if you are smaller than 148cm you should actually still be in a booster seat! On our Travel Wise course only one young leader- Tara was allowed out of a booster seat. It is important to be safe in the car. If you had to choose between getting badly injured in a crash with no car seat or being stared at because you are in a booster seat it is obvious you should choose the second option. DON‟T BE A FOOL SIT IN A BOOSTER SEAT IT ISN‟T UNCOOL! 
  • 2. HI VIZ VEST ARE THE BEST When you‟re on the road we learnt it is very important to wear a hi viz vest. We did an activity and we had to create a little slogan on the back with reflective tape. All the catchphrases were different and had to have a meaning: for example „LET ME LIVE‟ which was our groups catch phrase. It meant, of course, when your on the road you want to be safe and sound and not get fatal injuries.
  • 3. PROBLEM SOLVING While we were at our Travel Wise course we did some problem solving. Our problem was “BIKE RACKS” some reasons are: .They are blocking our fire exits .There are not enough bike racks for all the students. Ways we can solve this problem: . Fundraise for more bike racks doing bake sales, raffles etc. . Move them to another place so they are not blocking the fire exits.
  • 4. THANKYOU Thank you for watching our slide show there will be some more super facts in term 2 FROM THE TRAVEL WISE TEAM!!!!!!!!!