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Copy of mutations_down_syndrome_ (3)

  1. 1. Mutations Jasmin Mena    Period.3
  2. 2. What is Mutation?-Mutation is changes in the nucleotide sequenceof DNA.-Mutations can occur in somatic-cells [whichARENT passed to offspring.]. -Also may occur in gametes and CAN be passed to an offspring.    
  3. 3. Types Of Mutations:• Deletion• Inversion                     • Translocation• Non-Disjunction• Duplication
  4. 4. Which Mutation is themost harmful?The most harmful mutation is NON-DISJUNCTION. Its the most harmfulbecause it leads to many failures likeseparating chromosomes duringmeiosis,have more chromosomes, andcause disorders like Down-Syndrome.
  5. 5.  I will be talking about the most known syndrome; Down Syndrome.
  6. 6.  Whats Down syndrome?Down-Syndrome is a disorder that iscaused by a chromosomal condition.
  7. 7. Does Down Syndrome affect thenervous system? Down Syndrome will always  affect the nervous system;the enteric nervous systemit can operate on itself tothe brain and spinal cord.
  8. 8. Who usaully can get itMales or Females? Down Syndrome is most common inboys than girls.Down Syndrome can also be found inanimals like dogs and cats.
  9. 9. Chart to represent the percent risk of a baby having down syndrome from mothers age; 
  10. 10. Does smoking, drinking, anddoing drugs affect a baby to getDown Syndrome?• NO• Researchers say that "drug and alcohol use does not increase the risk of having a child with Down Syndrome."
  11. 11. Symptoms Of Down-Syndrome:• Hympotonia-low muscle tone.•  Hyper flexibility-very flexible and double jointed.• Depressed Nasal Bridge/Flat Nose•  Low Set Ears.•  Small and arched palate big wide wrinkly tongue.
  12. 12. pictures. 
  13. 13. Non Disjunction can also cause:• Turner Syndrome•  Klinefelter Syndrome• Noonan syndrome
  14. 14. Is there treatment forDown Syndrome?• Parents and/or siblings have to give them so much attention and care so they can learn well and have a good  health life.• The other treatment is to have a one hour procedure in the fetal stem cell takes place under the skin but  its a painless procedure.
  15. 15. STANDARDSUnit 3; Unit 9;STANDARD 5C STANDARD 9CStudents know how genetic  engineering Students know how the nervous(biotechnology) is used to produce system mediates communication betweennovel bio medical and agriculture different parts of the body and the bodys interaction with the environment.How do the standards link? These standards relate to my presentation by using standard 5C telling students thatbiotechnology uses and tests things out likechromosomes to see the mutation happening or is going to happen. By using standard 9Cit’s telling student the nervous system has a lot to do when there is a person with downsyndrome/autism and can effect  the person actions/behavior.
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