Drone Hijacking


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This Project uses a Panda board mounted on top of my drone (the attacker) to hijack other drones autonomously and fly them back to the station. The hijacking can be done autonomously. The flight control can also be done autonomously or remotely if we managed to connect to the Panda board from other network.

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Drone Hijacking

  1. 1. THE SEAHAWK Ibrahim Mosaad Hesham Al-enany
  2. 2. Outline • Our objective • Reasons behind our objective • Components used • Initial steps • Drone control • Video stream • Communications • Hijacking • Complete process • Problems faced • Demo
  3. 3. Our objective To use our drone to “hack” out-of-reach drones to rescue and retrieve them back to base
  4. 4. Reasons behind our objective
  5. 5. Components used
  6. 6. Initial steps • Searched how to hijack wireless network • Searched how to control on wireless network • Searched for limitations that will be encountered
  7. 7. Controlling the drone • Use a python library to control the drone from panda • Connecting the panda to AUC network to control the drone remotely • Create any number of instances to control the hijacked drone remotely
  8. 8. Video streaming • Connecting AUC network • Creating a relay socket on the Pandaboard • Using the official Ardrone C++ SDK
  9. 9. Communications • PC connects to Pandaboard via: • Wifi adapter 1 – controls our drone • Wifi adapter 2 – controls hijacked drone • Wifi adapter 3 – to hijack (we’re trying to combine this with 2) • Wifi adapter 4- connect to AUC network to relay video
  10. 10. Hijacking • Installed Aircrack library • Compatibility with wireless drivers
  11. 11. Complete process
  12. 12. Problems faced • Bypassing the AUC network, LAN network, and wireless network: • we had to analyze how it works, and then wrote a python script to solve this problem • Bypassed wireless using application called WPA supplicant • Device drivers: • Patched device driver and installed it on Pandaboard • We used wireless devices from the same vendor (so it is driver compatible) • Same IP class for the two drones: • Connected to the drone box and changed our drones IP class • Using minimum number of wifi adapters
  13. 13. Problems faced continued • AR DRONE HAS 4 PORTS: • 2 For Controlling the drone • 1 for Navigation data • 1 for video streaming • Issue due to 4 PORTS: • We had to tweak the python library so it works only on the control ports, when it used all 4 we couldn’t do the streaming. • We also then tweaked the C++ SDK to do the video streaming separately.
  14. 14. Demo