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Essential business lessons from the world's leading innovators



What lessons can we learn from the people that are at the forefront of the creative revolution? What lessons can be gleamed from the cutting edge of modern day innovation? and how can we harness ...

What lessons can we learn from the people that are at the forefront of the creative revolution? What lessons can be gleamed from the cutting edge of modern day innovation? and how can we harness these lessons to improve our own companies, brands, advertising and marketing?

The Sound attended this years Fast Company: Innovation Uncensored event looking to find the answers to questions just like these. We heard from visionary speakers, creative masterminds and Fortune 500 CEO's. They spoke and we listened.

We got inside PepsiCo's playbook, heard about the new customer experience and learnt the secrets to building a cult brand. We heard about how to lead a creative company, why innovation is everything and how crowd funding will continue to disrupt well established industries - better yet, we synthesized the learnings and implications to share with you all.

Here they are, 10 carefully crafted lessons we think will benefit companies and professionals in any industry.



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  • 'It's how we make the money, not how we spend it' that counts! That really hit home with me! I believe that whatever we are doing in life, we always need to think- am I making the world better? Am I utilising my talents in the right way? Who is benefiting from my hard work? That's why I changed careers to become a training facilitator and life coach!
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  • It is nice ... but referring to slide 5 that '... it is more like reinventing wheel because most problems were solved already' remains me ... 'Everything that can be invented has been invented.' Charles H. Duell, U.S. Commissioner of Patents, in 1899. :)
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  • been authentic to your self nd audience. chose to be original and let your Voice be heard
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  • It was FANTASTIC and refreshing to see your presentation titled 'the world's leading innovators' then the image on slide 2, actually showcased people of diverse ethnicities and ages. Far too often are those two categories not mentioned when 'leading innovators' are brought up (at least not so much in the US).
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  • going to my webby baby checkmyuniverse.com slideshare! Thank you for sharing. I fre.... love it!
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Essential business lessons from the world's leading innovators Essential business lessons from the world's leading innovators Presentation Transcript

  • 2 ...speakers that were truly thought provoking and inspiring THIS YEARS INNOVATION UNCENSORED EVENT HELD APRIL 10TH AT THE TIMES CENTER, NYC PLAYED HOST TO AN AMAZING PANEL OF SPEAKERS... Monday, April 21, 14
  • The New Customer Experience The secret to building a cult brand Entrepreneurship, innovation and empowerment How to lead a creative company How crowd funding will continue to disrupt the classroom Why innovation is everything What happens when competitors collaborate Evernote’s China Cheat Sheet Why Aereo will prevail Inside PepsiCo’s playbook 3 THEY SPOKE ABOUT... Monday, April 21, 14
  • 4 We were lucky enough to attend, take in and be inspired by their thinking... in the spirit of transparency and conversation, we wanted to share our takeaways with you. Here we go...! Monday, April 21, 14
  • 5 “Most  problems  have  been  solved  already,  it’s  more  about  how  do  we  learn  and   solve  them  more  ef9iciently”  Chelsea  Clinton Business today is more about refining than re-inventing the wheel #1 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 6 “We’re  now  seeing  a  con9luence  of  government  and  business  at  not  just  the   national  but  state  and  even  local  level...  There  are  now  more  people  in  New   York  selling  on  Etsy  than  there  are  cab  drivers”   Chad  Dickerson,  CEO  Etsy ...and craft entrepreneurship is revitalizing industry. Everywhere! Monday, April 21, 14
  • 7 “Don’t  show  up  one  guy  one  day,  and  then  another  guy  the  next  day  -­‐  no  one   will  know  how  to  be  friends  with  you”   Sophia  Amorusu,  Founder  and  CEO  Nasty  Gal Brands need to give people something that’s compelling, consistent and transparent - it needs to feel real #2 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 8 “Brands  are  still  best  experienced  in  the  real  world”   Sophia  Amorusu,  Founder  and  CEO  Nasty  Gal ...because while digital breaks down barriers to entry, it’s still all about the experience Monday, April 21, 14
  • 9 “Being  a  cult  brand  to  me  is  when  people  like  us,  and  other  people   don’t  know  why”   James  Freeman,  Founder  and  CEO  Blue  Bottle  Coffee Building a “cult” brand, depends on having very clear values that your community can understand and share #3 Monday, April 21, 14
  • “I  wanted  to  create  something  that  was  the  anti-­‐thesis  of  the  rat-­‐race   mentality.....ToughMudder  is  about  building  something  bigger  than  yourself”   Will  Dean,  Founder  and  CEO  ToughMudder ...something that’s founded on a bigger premise, a goal your community can share, shape, re- interpret and work towards 10 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 11 “If  it’s  too  perfect,  too  pre-­‐meditated  it’s  going  to  put  people  on  edge”   James  Freeman,  Founder  and  CEO  Blue  Bottle  Coffee ...principals that guide the brand without micro-managing or over- engineering its journey Monday, April 21, 14
  • 12 “With  modern  day  food  there’s  very  little  new  invention  and  a  lot  of  collage.   It’s  about  seeing  something  and  thinking  how  can  i  do  this  in  my  voice”   Seamus  Mullen,  Chef  and  Owner  Tertulia  and  El  Comado By changing the paradigm and seeing the landscape as a communal marketplace, you can be inspired by the competition not afraid of it #4 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 13 “I’m  not  competing  with  the  guy  down  the  street,  i’m  competing  with  myself  -­‐   people  need  to  love  what  i  do”   Christian  Pappanicholas,  Chef  and  Owner,  Resto  and  The  Cannibal ...because ultimately it’s about you and your offer. If you build something great, they will come Monday, April 21, 14
  • 14 “Understand  that  you’re  going  to  be  wrong  way  more  often  than  you’re  right  because   creativity  is  about  solving  problems,  when  we  9irst  put  something  up  it  usually  sucks”   Ed  Catmull,  President  Pixar  and  Disney  Animation  Studios Embrace the “ugly baby” and try not to over-romanticize the creative process #5 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 15 “The  cost  of  preventing  mistakes  is  far  greater  than  the  cost  of  9ixing  them  -­‐   mistakes  are  an  indication  that  you’re  trying  something  new”   Ed  Catmull,  President  Pixar  and  Disney  Animation  Studios ...don’t be afraid of making mistakes, see them as stepping stones or fuel for the process Monday, April 21, 14
  • 16 “A  mediocre  team  will  take  a  good  idea  and  screw  it  up.  A  great  team  will  take   a  mediocre  idea  and  9ix  it  or  make  it  better”   Ed  Catmull,  President  Pixar  and  Disney  Animation  Studios ...understand that the right team is almost always the hardest thing to put in place Monday, April 21, 14
  • 17 “Think  big,  but  start  small  -­‐  test  the  market,  tell  your  story,  9ind  out  what  works  then   re-­‐tell  it”   Troy  Carter,  CEO  Atom  Factory Look to find that “slow bake” magic, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step #6 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 18 “There’s  something  special  about  the  discovery  process  as  you’re  starting  out,   it  makes  things  more  meaningful”   Troy  Carter,  CEO  Atom  Factory ...that way you build deeper connections, ones that both sides commit to and take an interest in helping grow Monday, April 21, 14
  • 19 “The  view  from  the  front  lines  is  often  where  it’s  at  its  clearest”   Charles  Best,  Founder  and  CEO  Donorschoose.org Your community are best positioned (and motivated) to solve the imperfections they see with the market #7 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 20 “They  may  not  typically  adopt  9irst,  but  the  teachers  with  years  and  years  of  experience   are  such  a  powerful  force  -­‐  they’ve  got  so  much  pent  up  creativity  because  they’ve  gone   without  something  like  this  for  so  long”   Charles  Best,  Founder  and  CEO  Donorschoose.org ...experience always counts, but is so much more powerful when linked with new perspectives and innovations Monday, April 21, 14
  • 21 “Think  about  all  the  free  stationary  businesses  basically  let  their  interns  steal,  those  supplies  are   invaluable  to  teachers  around  the  country”   Anil  Dash,  Founder  and  CEO  ThinkUp ...because things you take for granted can impart huge change when introduced in a different context Monday, April 21, 14
  • 22 “When  we  were  looking  at  China  as  a  new  market,  we  constantly  asked  ourselves   how  does  this  improve  us  or  our  mission?”   Phil  Libin,  CEO  Evernote Growth shouldn’t occur just for growths sake #8 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 23 “You’ve  got  to  maintain  that  element  of  locality  if  you  want  to  continue  to  foster   a  two  way  conversation”   Phil  Libin,  CEO  Evernote ...and the value of local knowledge is, well it’s invaluable Monday, April 21, 14
  • 24 “It  differs  from  corporate  social  responsibility  in  our  eyes  because  it’s  how  we  make   our  money,  not  how  we  spend  it”   Indra  Nooyi,  Chairman  and  CEO  PepsiCo Merge performance with a purpose in everything you do #9 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 25 “The  process  (eating  Dorito’s)  almost  always  involved  licking  their  hands  periodically  and   tipping  the  bag  out  at  the  end  to  get  all  the  spices  and  crumbs  -­‐  great  for  the  guys,  but  not  how   many  women  wanted  to  eat  a  bag  -­‐  so  we  had  to  re-­‐think  it,  how  do  we  make  it  more  feminine?”   Indra  Nooyi,  Chairman  and  CEO  PepsiCo ...seek to provide a totally inclusive product experience, think about it on a human level and perspective Monday, April 21, 14
  • 26 “This  is  a  vision  company  and  we  believe  at  the  very  least  it’s  a  step  in  the  right   direction.  We’re  going  to  build  something  and  the  market  will  decide  if  it  has  merit”   Chet  Kanojia,  CEO  Aereo Trust in your vision and be prepared to take chances #10 Monday, April 21, 14
  • 27 “Chet  Kanojia  is  the  Kanye  West  of  tech”   Baratunde  Thurston,  emcee  for  the  day  and  CEO  Cultivated  Wit ..and if all else fails, remember you’re a f***ing rockstar...!!! Monday, April 21, 14
  • 28 KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING!!! We’d  love  to  hear  from  you,  get  in  touch  if.... You  were  there  and  have  more  to  add You  want  to  understand  anything  in  a  little  more  depth You’re  curious  about  what  this  means  for  your  industry,  brand  or  company Or  even  if  you’re  just  curious  in  general,  we’re  here  to  help! Monday, April 21, 14
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