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Houston immigration lawyers at The Solomon Law Firm, P.C., have experience representing immigration matters. Call us to speak with a specialist Houston visa lawyer today.

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Houston Texas Immigration Law Firm and Visa Lawyers

  1. 1. Houston Texas Immigration Law Firm and Visa Lawyers www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  2. 2. Immigration Law: United States Immigrant Lawyers in HoustonImmigration Attorneys Experienced in...• Employment Based Visas• Family Based Visas• Adjustment of Status• Green Cards• Citizenship - Naturalization• PERM Labor Certification• Investor Visas• L1-A Transfer Visas• Alien Relative Visas United States Immigrant Lawyers www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  3. 3. Texas Immigration Attorneys - US Immigrant Visa Lawyers in Houston» Immigration law is complex, confusing and constantly changing. Unless you are aware of the potential opportunities and pitfalls in the law, dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) can be a long, frustrating process.» Applications are routinely denied for minor errors or omissions in the large amount of required paperwork. This is why so many people rely upon the services of a skilled immigration law attorney.» To learn more about immigration law, please review the general information we have provided. To speak with an experienced immigration attorney, please contact the Houston immigration law attorneys at The Solomon Law Firm, P . Call for a Free Consultation • Credit Cards Accepted • Payment Plans • Competitive Fees www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  4. 4. US Immigration Law Articles:1 The USCIS Adjudicator’s Field Manual (How the rules are supposed to So we are talking about the person who holds a lot of power over your immigration matter. The USCIS won’t tell the public all of the rules, but this redacted version of the Field Manual, as they call it, or instruction manual, as we might call it, gives us a lot insight...read this article2 Life in America: Perspectives of a Teenage Chinese Girl Ni hao. My name is Angela Tianjiao Solomon. I was born in China and lived in China until I moved to America when I was fifteen years old. It was two years before I returned to China, and when I returned to China, it was as a visitor. I even had to get a visa in order to return to China, because I have an American passport now...read this article www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  5. 5. US Immigration Law Articles:3 The Dangers of Marrying While in the United States on a B Visa or Vis This article addresses an issue that arises quite frequently. This article is not intended to be an exhaustive discussion of this topic. It is written as a friendly warning, because even honest, well-intentioned couples can run into serious problems just because they didn’t realize the trouble that could be created by what they were doing...read this article4 Coffee Makers and Immigration Or What do I do When I get There? Okay, I recognize that these terms are not usually associated with each other, so why such an odd sounding title? Let me explain. This article is not so much about helping you with the immigration process as it is about helping you once your immigration efforts have been successful... read the entire article www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  6. 6. US Immigration Law Articles:5 Bringing a Foreign Fiancée or Spouse to the United States: Starting th So you met a woman who lives in another country, fell in love with her and either married her already or want to bring her to the United States and marry her here. The reverse situation could also be true, where you are an American woman and your fiancé or spouse is from another country...read the entire article6 Bringing a Foreign Fiancée or Spouse to the United States: Who is Elig First let me say that you don’t have to ask a lawyer to get an answer to the question at the top of this article. Just read the instructions for filing a petition for a K-1 fiancée visa or a K-3 marriage visa. Let me help you find them...read the entire article www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  7. 7. US Immigration Law Articles:7 Bringing a Foreign Fiancée or Spouse to the United States: Due Proce Once you are successful in bringing your fiancée to America using a K-1 Fiance Visa, or bringing your wife to America using a K-3 Marriage Visa, things will change. Things will change in many ways, but what I am talking about right now is a change in their rights. They are not yet citizens of the United States...read the entire article8 Bringing a Foreign Fiancée or Spouse to the United States: Choosing t If you are in love with an alien but have not yet married, you may well be asking yourself some important questions. How do I bring her to America ? Should I marry her first in her home country and then apply to bring her to America , or should I apply to bring her to America and marry her after she arrives?...read the entire article www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  8. 8. US Immigration Law Articles:9 Board of Immigration Appeals The worst thing in your life just happened. An immigration judge just ruled against you in your deportation or removal or exclusion hearing...Where can you turn? What can you do? Is the decision final or can you challenge it? Do you need a lawyer?...read the entire article US Immigration Law Articles www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  9. 9. No Price Too Great, a Novel by Lee Solomon» In often raw emotional terms, No Price Too Great tells the story of a Chinese business woman and an American lawyer who met and fell in love while they still lived in separate worlds.» The book presents the difficulties, the hopes, the dreams, the fears, and the sometimes crushing and overpowering feelings that were experienced when trying to bring three people from two totally different cultures into one family. » Visit the official No Price Too Great website www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  10. 10. CONTACT THE SOLOMON LAW FIRM, P.C. Main Office 510 Bering Drive, Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77057 Toll Free 888.777.6391 Fax to 713.358.5513 www.thesolomonlawfirm.com