Corporate Lawyers And Outside General Counsel Law Firm In Houston, Texas


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Solomon Ouside General Counsel is a unique corporate lawyer/attorney service offered by The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. for Texas businesses that require the expertise of ongoing general counsel without the expense of a full-time employee or high hourly rates at large law firms.

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Corporate Lawyers And Outside General Counsel Law Firm In Houston, Texas

  1. 1. Corporate Lawyers And Outside General Counsel Law Firm In Houston, Texas
  2. 2. Outside General CounselA concentration on practicing law, not managing people…Businesses throughout Texas unable to afford the expensive cost of full-time corporate counsel are often forced to pay high hourly rates tobusiness attorneys to address routine legal matters.
  3. 3. At The Solomon Law Firm, P.C., however, Houston business attorneyLee Solomon has developed Solomon Outside General Counsel™, aunique program for large and small corporate clients who want to avoidthe pitfalls of handling corporate formalities and legal issues themselveswithout incurring the high overhead and multi-tiered staffing of largelaw firms or the full-time obligation of hiring a general counsel.
  4. 4. With extensive experience as corporate counsel, board member andCorporate Executive of both privately held and publicly-tradedcorporations, Houston business lawyer Lee Solomon, offers SolomonOutside General Counsel™ through The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. to providethe skills and resources of comprehensive corporate counsel coupled withthe affordability and efficiency of a flexible arrangement based on theclient’s real needs, rather than on a set of rigid requirements imposed bythe law firm.
  5. 5. Solomon Outside General Counsel™ offers ongoing legal advice andcounsel on all aspects of Texas business development, operations,tactical planning and dispute resolution, including the confusing issues:• Corporate minutes, directors meetings, shareholders meetings, corporate governance, share issuance, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, risk management, and other requirements for ongoing business operation.• Dispute Resolution – mediation / arbitration, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), trials and appeals at all levels of the state & Federal courts.
  6. 6. • Solomon Outside General Counsel™ replaces the expense and overhead of full-time corporate counsel with affordable pricing and a dedicated approach to the issues that can distract and delay the day- to-day operations of a Texas business.• The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. offers Solomon Outside General Counsel™ as a simple, cost-effective solution that establishes the one-on-one face time and client assistance necessary to address the complicated issues that arise while doing business in Texas.• Clients are able to structure an arrangement that is most beneficial for their business, obtaining a “General Counsel” who will meet with them on demand and function as an integral member of the executive management team.
  7. 7. CLICK HERE for more information on individual areas of legal &corporate practice at The Solomon Law Firm, P.C., including businesslaw, commercial litigation and labor / employment law.
  8. 8. Contact The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. today to discuss the uniqueadvantages for Texas businesses available through Solomon OutsideGeneral Counsel™. A team member will return the inquiry promptly inorder to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.
  9. 9. CONTACT THE SOLOMON LAW FIRM, P.C. Main Office 510 Bering Drive, Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77057 Toll Free 888.777.6391 Fax to 713.358.5513