Using public relations to build the profile of credit unions
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Using public relations to build the profile of credit unions



Jenny Harding from MGB PR presents at the Welsh Credit Union Summer School 2013.

Jenny Harding from MGB PR presents at the Welsh Credit Union Summer School 2013.



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Using public relations to build the profile of credit unions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Credit Union Summer School Presentation by Jenny Harding Senior Account Manager MGB PR June 2013
  • 2. What should you be doing to enhance your reputation for survival and success? Reputation can be your Credit Union‟s biggest asset – What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • 3. Agenda ♦ Introduction – What is PR? ♦ Building and managing your reputation ♦ Understanding your audiences ♦ Crafting your story ♦ Task: What are your key messages? Who do you want to share them with? ♦ Telling your story ♦ Branding/Website ♦ Media Relations ♦ Social Media ♦ Marketing ♦ Task: Create a 3-month communications plan using a mixture of communications tactics ♦ Close
  • 4. Who we are? ♦ MGB PR are a Swansea-based PR Consultancy established in 1998 ♦ Award winning agency known for our creativity ♦ Work across multiple sectors delivering business-to-business and business-to-consumer campaigns What do we do? ♦ Appointed by the Social Investment Business to handle PR for AWCUSP ♦ Our role is to raise the profile of AWCUSP in the media ♦ Support Credit Unions in communicating success stories in order to attract new members
  • 5. Some of our recent results
  • 6. Coverage has appeared in the likes of…
  • 7. Introduction – what is PR? Chartered Institute of Public Relations: “Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. It‟s the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.”
  • 8. In practice ♦ It can get you in the media when you want to be…….and keep you out when you don‟t! ♦ It can bridge the gap between you and the people you want to influence ♦ It can be used to change people‟s attitudes or behaviour – or in other words, win hearts and minds
  • 9. What PR can do ♦ Build your profile ♦ Enhance credibility ♦ Improve public perception/understanding ♦ Initiate debate ♦ Establish market position ♦ Deliver a more favourable sales environment
  • 10. What PR cannot do ♦ Rescue a fundamentally bad service or product ♦ Mislead the media or public ♦ Overtly misrepresent
  • 11. Building your reputation ♦ Not just about issuing press releases ♦ Need to build a strategy that will: ♦ Reinforce your position ♦ Achieve your business objectives ♦ Make a connection between you and your audience ♦ First step is to understand your audiences ♦ Who are they ♦ What do they want ♦ How do they like to be communicated with
  • 12. Understanding your audiences ♦ Data gathering exercise ♦ Surveys ♦ Focus groups (with members and non-members) ♦ Anecdotal feedback ♦ Feedback forms in branch ….Using this information to your advantage
  • 13. Building your story ♦ Creating key messages ♦ 3-4 key phrases that clearly communicate what you‟re about and what you would most like to be known for ♦ What differentiates you from banks/other credit unions? ♦ Using key messages either explicitly or implicitly in all forms of communication ♦ Helps build a picture of your brand amongst your audiences over time
  • 14. Example – The LC The LC in Swansea has the following key messages: ♦ The LC is South Wales‟s premier leisure destination ♦ The LC has all the ingredients for a perfect family day out – all under one roof ♦ The Gym at the LC is Swansea‟s leading fitness centre – 180 Technogym stations, over 100 classes a week – more than just a gym ♦ The LC is a responsible organisation with its customers‟ welfare at the core of its operations
  • 15. Task In small groups: ♦ How well do you understand your audiences? ♦ What could you do to understand them more? ♦ What are your key messages? (produce 3-4 key messages) 10 minute discussion and report back to the room
  • 16. Telling your story Now that we know what we want to communicate we need to find channels in which to say it… Website ♦ Your shop window – first port of call for anyone wanting to find out more about you ♦ Regularly audit/review ♦ Keep it updated – this will also help SEO ♦ Is it mobile/tablet/tv friendly? Branding ♦ Is your branding consistent across all of your marketing materials ♦ Is it well known amongst your target audiences?
  • 17. Branding
  • 18. Media Relations ♦ PR is not free advertising – there must be a newsworthy value to it Developing news to meet your objectives: ♦ Genuinely new and different ♦ Matters to the audience ♦ First, biggest, only, youngest, etc ♦ Topicality ♦ Highlighting a significant issue or problem – finding solution ♦ Trends ♦ Capitalising on news agenda ♦ Strong photographs
  • 19. Media Relations ♦ Case studies ♦ Third party endorsements ♦ Although material is sensitive – human interest angle is favoured by local media
  • 20. Social Media One definition – interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Choosing the right platform/s is key.
  • 21. Social Media ♦ Twitter ♦ 34 million live Twitter accounts in the UK ♦ Even split amongst the demographics using Twitter ♦ Vast majority of accounts (81%) have fewer than 50 followers ♦ Many businesses choose to use Twitter over Facebook which is seen as more personal ♦ Easy to search/follow ♦ Free monitoring tools available
  • 22. Social Media ♦ Facebook ♦ 33 million UK users ♦ Over 50% of the population now use the platform ♦ Higher penetration in the UK than US ♦ Largest groups being represented are: ♦ 25 – 34 year olds (26%) ♦ 18-24 year olds (23%) ♦ 35-44 year olds (18%) ♦ Targeted advertising helps build profile
  • 23. Social Media ♦ LinkedIn ♦ Approaching 11m users in the UK ♦ Owns the professional social networking space ♦ 79% of users over 35 ♦ Men outnumber women ♦ Opportunity to attract higher net worth individuals ♦ Regularly updated business page ♦ Encourage staff to „link‟ with you ♦ Join/lead discussions
  • 24. Social Media ♦ Blogging ♦ „A writer‟s experiences, observations and opinions ♦ Allows personality to shine through ♦ Short, concise posts (no more than 300 words!) ♦ Link to your website to create new content ♦ Which in turn increases SEO ♦ Responsibility can be shared ♦ Followers can share too
  • 25. Pro‟s and Con‟s of Social Media Pro’s Con’s Direct engagement with target audience Consistent monitoring required Two-way Planned content Real-time Open to criticism Human face Public responses expected Increased search-ability One consistent voice Expected of brands
  • 26. Direct Marketing ♦ Door to door ♦ Delivery of a leaflet or other creative item via mail, print media, or block door-to-door delivery ♦ Direct Mail ♦ Can communicate complex product features, can be highly customised ♦ Electronic ♦ Email campaigns to your database – tailored to existing and prospect members
  • 27. Task Create a 3 month communications plan using the tactics mentioned above: - What improvements can you make to your website? - Do you need to review your brand? - What news can you share? (think of 2 stories a month covering company news, CSR news, case studies, seasonal/local activities) - What social media channels do you use/could you use? - What could you be doing better? Present back to the group
  • 28. Close MGB PR is available to support credit unions in developing, implementing and delivering their communications strategies Jenny Harding 01792 460200 @mgbpr