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connecting youth with society

connecting youth with society



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4 c engagement.dbroej 4 c engagement.dbroej Presentation Transcript

  • Youth as actors of social change Youth Engagement Continuum Action Week Leadership-training Dirk De Block – D'Broej vzw
  • Youth engagement... Mission impossible?
    • “ Youth are no longer interested in committing, engaging themselves”
    • “ A leadership-training of one year? They won't last!”
    • “ You want to change the world? Utopian!”
    • “ Why don't you just propose them a animator-training?”
    • “ You're working with an elite!”
  • Indications of some strange motivational force field...
    • El Hoceima earthquake shook more than we thought...
    • When a playing ground gets serious business
    • Can an issue be too hot to handle? Palestine...
  • First try: the leadership training
    • 18-22 year
    • Potential volontary and interested in debates
    • Understanding our personal experiences
    • Group dynamics and leadership-attitudes
    • Project-managing skills
  • First try: the leadership training
    • Collectivizing individual experiences
      • Against individual victim blaming
      • Learning to see the structural, collective root mechanisms behind exclusion
    • The causes are social, not cultural
      • Against culturalizing and racist reflexes
      • We're in it together!
    • So why no try to take it on together?
  • Results of our first try
    • 4 groups of youth leaders (in 8 years)
    • 2/3 boys, 1/3 girlsan 10 avondsessies
    • Interesting projects: documentaries – multicultural soccertornament – intergenerational exchange between children and third age – peercounseling against dropout – action against crowded classrooms – exchange between police and youth – documentary about youth that engage themselves – video-inquiry on reasons for schooldropout
  • Results of our first try
    • Several leaders work in the social sector, social-cultural and social-economics
    • Leaders are administrator in youth centre
    • Leaders went back to school, took up language courses
    • Leaders engaged themselves in political activities
    • Leaders organized their own cultural events
    • Leaders acted as spokespersones for neighbourhood youth
    • Leaders realized their own project (exchanges, expositions, etc.)
  • Limits of our first try
    • Motivated young leaders did not find their place in our youth centres
    • Are the youth workers convinced that we have to take on together with the youth their issues?
  • Second try: The Action Week
    • An audio-visual toolkit
    • www.dbroej.be/toolkit
  • Second try: The Action Week 8 steps
    • Groupbuilding
    • Listen
    • Choose
    • Learn
    • Plan
    • Action
    • Valuate
    • Party!
  • We did not invent anything...
    • Objectif Oriented Planning (Project Cycle Management)
    • Freire's pedagogy of the oppressed
    • Alinsky's community work and social action
    • Youth Organizing
    • Child-to-Child
  • Youth Organizing
    • Funders' Collaborative on Youth Organizing
    • Youth Engagement Continuum
  • Proces Youth Organizing
    • Development and Skill Training
    • Outreach and New Member Recruitment
    • Community Assessment and Issue Identification
    • Campaign Development and Implementation
  • Aknowledgments...
    • Touria Aziz and Alhambra for their inspiring exemple and engagement in the aftermaths of the Kureghem-riots of 1997
    • Marie De Leener for her support and methodological expertise, for writing the leadership-training manual
    • Bruno Bauwens for making the Action Week a succes, and writing the manual for the toolkit
    • Caroline Van Kerckhoven for realizing the audio-visual material for the toolkit
    • FCYO for giving us the YEC
    • Makarenko, for helping me through some tough times with his pedagogical optimism
  • Summary - Slogan
    • That's up to you!