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Solar Cool™ is leading the way in solar air conditioning. The hotter it gets, the better it works™.

• Deduct 30% of the cost of the Solar Cool™ air conditioner directly off your federal income taxes

• Save 40%–60% of air conditioning utility costs

• Use less energy during the hottest time of the day!

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Smart Solar AC Presentation

  1. 1. DISCOVER GENIUSCGC1519801 / CAC056951 Sales Presentation
  2. 2. What is Solar Thermal Air Conditioning? Solar Thermal Air Conditioning is the combination of a state-of-the-art high-efficiency 2-stage air conditioning system integrated with a Proprietary Solar Thermal Collector Panel, creating the most energy-efficient Air Conditioning system available today! The key element is the integrated Solar Thermal Collector super heating the airconditioning system’s refrigerant, which in turn reduces the required work load of the compressor. This then lowers theoverall power consumption of the system, saving energy and money.
  3. 3. About Solar Cool Solar Cool has been marketing solar assisted air conditioning since 2005 abroad and in the U.S. since 2009. Over 5,000 systems installed worldwide in 12 countries. In 2010, Solar Cool was launched to bring affordable solar air conditioning to everyone. The Smart Companies has the exclusive distribution rights to sell Solar Cool with in the TRI-County area.
  4. 4. Products PACKAGED SYSTEMThere are two types ofA/C installment applications: SPLIT SYSTEM
  5. 5. Product Overview 21st Century - State of the Art Technology Solar thermal collectors in existence 30+ years Engineered for HVAC No other product like it on the market Most Energy-Efficient AC system available Highest SEER rating available - up to 32 SEER Lowers power consumption - saves energy& money Reduces compressor workload Quiet operation - Environmentally friendly - R410A System maintenance reminder Warranty -10 yr. parts - Up to 10 yr. labor Available only through Solar Cool authorized dealers
  6. 6. Installation Process & Procedures - Cont. Several Panel Mounting Kit options to ensure maximum efficiency: Standard Roof Custom Flat Roof Ground PoleMounting Systems Mounting Systems Mounting System Mounting Systems Mounting Systems Universal Side Mounting Systems
  7. 7. Warranty 10 Year Quality pledge - Outdoor unit replaced in the event of compressor failure 10-Year Parts Warranty – entire system Consumer product registration required for Solar Cool warranty within 60-days of the installation.See current Warranty Terms and Conditions Registration Form for warranty details.
  8. 8. Incentives• 2011 Federal Tax Credits for Solar & Energy Efficiency – Solar Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the entire amount spent on the system – Central A/C (CAC) and Air Source Heat Pumps Tax Credit Amount: $300 – Details: Must be an existing home & your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not qualify.)• FPL Utility Company Energy Efficient Rebate Programs – FPL offers an incentive for its residential customers to upgrade their AC units or heat pumps. The rebate amount varies dependent upon the size of the unit – The Smart Companies applies the FPL Rebate right there on the spot. So you don’t have to!
  9. 9. How Does Solar Thermal A/C Work? • Refrigerant arrives at the compressor as cool, low-pressure gas • Compressor squeezes Refrigerant creating energy and raising it’s temperature • Refrigerant will now leave compressor as hot gas and flow first into the solar panel and then into the condenser. • The solar panel increases the temperature’s difference and helps maintain better humidity control. • Gas enters condenser coil and begins cooling and returns to a liquid state. • Liquid enters the evaporator and pressure declines and begins to evaporate as gas. • Heat is extracted from the air surrounding it which separates the molecules from liquid to gas. • As fluid leaves the evaporator, it has returned to compressor in its original state. 9
  10. 10. Cost Benefits What cost benefit does upgrading to a better rated SEER unit provide? A/C UPGRADE SAVINGS CALCULATOR What is a SEER Percentage of Monthly Savings on Your Heating and Air Conditioning Bill Rating? NEW UNIT’S SEER RATING Measuring the efficiency of your current system can be done by finding the 44% 48% 51% 54% 56% 59% 61% 63% 66% 69% 71% 73% SEER rating orEXISTING UNIT’S SEER RATING 38% 42% 46% 49% 52% 54% 57% 59% 62% 65% 67% 69% 49% 67% 69% (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating usually labeled on 32% 36% 40% 44% 47% 50% 52% 55% 58% 61% 64% 66% your compressor or in a 26% 31% 35% 39% 42% 45% 48% 51% 54% 57% 60% 62% reference guide. 20% 25% 29% 33% 37% 41% 44% 46% 49% 52% 55% 58% 13% 19% 24% 28% 32% 36% 39% 42% 45% 48% 50% 52% 7% 13% 18% 23% 27% 31% 35% 38% 41% 44% 47% 51% 6% 12% 17% 22% 26% 30% 33% 36% 39% 42% 46% EX: If your existing A/C Unit is at a “7” SEER Rating and you upgrade to a “16” SEER rated unit…your saving per month would be approximately 69% with the Smart Solar System!
  11. 11. Products and PricingStraight Cooling 16 SEER Split or Package System After FPL & Fed. Tax Credit2 Ton System Installed $8,485.00 $ 5,656.003 Ton System Installed $8,985.00 $ 5,880.004 Ton System Installed $9,485.00 $ 6,160.005 Ton System Installed $9,985.00 $ 6,282.00Heat Pump 16 SEER Split or Package System After FPL & Fed. Tax Credit2 Ton System Installed $8,985.00 $ 6,006.003 Ton System Installed $9,485.00 $ 6,230.004 Ton System Installed $9,985.00 $ 6,510.005 Ton System Installed $10,485.00 $ 6,596.00 *Installation restrictions apply
  12. 12. Air Purification PricingUV light at coil $520.00APCO Fresh Air UV System $910.00Purity UV Filtration $1,280.00____________________________________________________________________Gold Package UV – Coil and Fresh Air Protection $1,285.00Platinum Package – Coil, Fresh Air and Filtration $1,995.00 *Installation restrictions apply
  13. 13. Maintenance AgreementSolar Cool Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement Benefits:• Two annual maintenance visits• Trust certified technicians (Not an outsourced Contractor)• Priority service over Non-Plan customers• Fast response & 24/7 day emergency service (no overtime charges)• Extended appointment times to better fit YOUR Schedule• Maintain & Validate manufacturers warranties• Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns• Increase efficiency & reduce energy costs• Maintain safe operation• Improve comfort and reliability 1 Yr. Protection Plan 2 Yr. Protection Plan 3 Yr. Protection Plan $148.00 $255.00 $382.00 Additional system $89 ea. Additional system $153 ea. Additional system $229 ea.
  14. 14. Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat can I expect on cloudy days?Efficient, low maintenance evacuated tube collectors producethermal energy, even on cloudy days.Who will install the Solar Thermal A/C system?Installation is performed by a licensed HVAC Contractor who istrained and certified by Solar Cool for the Solar Cool product.Does this technology qualify for tax credits/rebates?Yes. To check for current tax and rebate incentives available inyour state, see www.dsireusa.orgWhat is the life expectancy of a Solar Thermal A/C system?The median life expectancy of the Solar Cool solar airconditioning and heating systems is 15 years.
  15. 15. Frequently Asked QuestionsIs this technology reliable?Solar thermal collectors have had 30+ years of success and it wassimply combined with modern day HVAC technology to createoptimum efficiency and output.What type of scheduled maintenance is involved with a solarpowered A/C unit?The scheduling of routine maintenance should be the standardpreventive check-up which is twice every year.Can the solar collectors for the solar A/C be used for any heatingapplications?Yes, when configured as a HVAC / Heat Pump System, the unit willprovide heat in the winter.
  16. 16. Who to Contact After InstallationWe are committed to making the experience for our customers/dealers a positive one.When a post-installation question or warranty issue arise…simply contact The SmartCompanies so that we can evaluate the need and determine the appropriate servicingnecessary. The Smart Companies 6182 Idlewild Street Fort Myers, FL 33966 (239)938-1000 Business Development Manager Matthew Kleizo Direct (239)938-1019