What's Not to Like About Missouri: a Facebook case study


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On the launch of the Missouri Division of Tourism's new Facebook page--VisitMO--a campaign was born: "What's Not to Like About Missouri". Find out how the VisitMO Facebook campaign increased fans by 1024% and provided an ROI of $69 for each $1 invested.

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What's Not to Like About Missouri: a Facebook case study

  1. 1. What’s Not to Like About Missouri: a Facebook case study March 14, 2012 Stephanie Lynch PR Manager at Hoffman|Lewis @theslynch Presentation for Mid-Missouri PRSA
  2. 2. Case Study: “What’s Not to Like About Missouri”
  3. 3. Case Study: Objectives1. Increase the number of Facebook fans by 200%.2. Increase engagement with consumers.
  4. 4. Case Study: Concept1. Be a friend.2. Use humor when appropriate.3. Make it shareable!
  5. 5. Case Study: Promotion$10K in Paid Media1. Facebook Sponsored Stories2. Paid adsTarget two different audiences1. Adults aged 18+ in Missouri2. Adults aged 18+ outside of Missouri
  6. 6. Case Study: Results• VisitMOs Page gained more than 11,000 fans in the course of the eight-week campaign, an increase of 1024%• 9,990 new fans were acquired from paid media• 1,300 fans were acquired *virally• ROI for this campaign = $69 for each $1 invested in this effort. Roughly 15% higher than the ROI from our general paid advertising campaign. *Note that virally could equate owned and/or earned media.
  7. 7. ...Big Question…How can my Facebook page achieve similar results?
  8. 8. Killer Weapons 1. Act like a Community Manager 2. Put your money where your mouth is 3. Be a tool master
  9. 9. Killer WeaponsAct like a Community Manager.• Know who your brand is• Plan ahead (or at least in your head)• Share good stuff• Troll the feeds• Pretend you’re popular• Care about your fans• Network with Community Managers in your industry (#cmgr, #cmgrchat)
  10. 10. Killer WeaponsPut your money where your mouth is.• Create a “test” Facebook ad campaign• Hire someone who can act like a ComMom• Good design and copy counts• Remember: Key Performance Indicators!• Remember: optimize your ads!
  11. 11. Killer WeaponsBe a tool master.Community Management tools• Hootsuite, Argyle or Sprout Social (small biz)Media Monitoring• MyMediaInfo, TVEyes, Meltwater, CustomScoopFacebook App Creators• SnapApp, ShortStack
  12. 12. The future of Facebook?
  13. 13. Facebook TimelinePremium Ads:• Social ads• $50K per month• Buckets of analyticsSo-Mo• Highlight, Glancee, GiveEmThis, Schemer, WanderflyVideo and Photos:• Can FB compete with YouTube and Pinterest?
  14. 14. Resources• Check out the VisitMO Facebook page• Find me here: @theslynch• I also write here: http://www.thetravelvan.com• Facebook Blog• Social Media & Marketing Daily