Dirty secrets of complicated relationships


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This Valentine Week I ran a campaign across my Social Media on 'Relationships'. Lot of my students asked me to consolidate my ideas and share it with them.

So, here's a compilation of all the 'Dirty Secrets of Complicated Relationships'. I have talked about how we complicate simple things and how we can simplify them as well.

I have one post each for the 7 days of the Valentine Week of love and a few more; the ones that I really like to share. Because I know they create an impact!

The ppt has tips for you to become better at your relationships and not let them stunt your growth in life. After all, happy people are more successful.

These tips to improve relationships are just snippets. I have also written about my thoughts on the same in detail on my blog. If you would like to read them, the link is - http://akashgautam.com/blog

If you believe my ideas resonate with you or you find some truth in them or you have friends who need help, please feel free to share this.

Don't complicate your relationships. Love is simple. Keep it Simple Silly!

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Dirty secrets of complicated relationships

  1. Dirty Secrets of Complicated Relationships Akash Gautam akashgautam.com/blog Twitter - @akash_vaani
  2. What attracts the opposite gender today? Less melodrama , Less Confusion Effective Communicators Fitness Freaks Versatility Ranbir Kapoors & not Sunny Deols Anushka Sharmas, Parineetis & not Sunny Leonnes
  3. Love is a Beautiful Beautiful feeling A very Expensive Gift of life. Don’t be in a hurry to give it away to someone Cheap.
  4. It is OK if Your friend has a sex life And you do not have. Today you chase your Goal And tomorrow, Thousands will chase you for your Awesomeness!
  5. You need to move on from your bad relationships. Darr ke aage Doosra preet hai!
  6. They treat you like you are ‘NOTHING’. You call them your ‘EVERYTHING’. Whose problem is it?
  7. ‘FUCK’ & ‘FOCUS’ Cannot co-exist Your Mind can FOCUS on ONLY ONE of them. P.S – You can also sleep / focus between10pm and2am!
  8. 2 things definitely kill a relationship: • Talking less • Talking too much!
  9. No Relationship is a Waste of time. The Wrong Ones teach you the Lessons That Prepare you for the Right One.
  10. Looking for someone who can change your life? Look into the mirror. And look no further!
  11. Love is not a complicated emotion. Keep it Simple Silly! www.akashgautam.com fb.com/akashspeaks Twitter - @akash_vaani