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We have an in-house team of PhD holders having ample experience in different fields. These PhD holders enhance the thesis or research paper so that it becomes perfect for publication in case studies. You can avail this required service online also. So feel free to contact and order today.

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  2. 2. About Thesis India  Thesis India helps PhD students and researchers in writing their thesis, dissertation, research paper etc.  Research writing involves a lot of reading on the topic of research, which sometimes becomes difficult for the researcher to do alone. It is herein that we assist them by guiding them and helping them in writing their thesis or dissertation.  Our experts cater to different subjects, who have excellent experience and outstanding domain knowledge.
  3. 3. Services we provide  The services that we provide to our clients have mainly been divided into three broad categories. The categories are:  Writing of thesis or dissertation  Helping in applying statistical analysis  Editing and proofreading of the complete research work  Integration of feedback provided by research guide
  4. 4. Writing Thesis Proposal  Proposal of a thesis includes reviewing of literature on the topic chosen for research, the research questions that would be addressed, the methodology to be used and the expected result of the work. This is the foundation of the research work, which helps a researcher to put forth the points on which he or she would work, before the research committee. Therefore, guidance regarding the writing of proposal becomes necessary. We help them to write their proposal and also guide them in every possible ways.
  5. 5. Assistance in Thesis Writing  We help students in selecting a topic on the basis of their subject and their area of interest in research.  After selecting topic, the work of writing thesis begins, which starts with an introduction to the topic. After that review of literature has to be done, following which comes use of proper methodology for doing the research, and then analysis of data collected and lastly, drawing the conclusion based on the outcome. All these steps require guidance and we help our clients by supervising their work as well as by writing the thesis if needed.
  6. 6. Help regarding Statistical Analysis  Statistical analysis is an integral part of doing quantitative research. For carrying out statistical analysis different statistical tools are required such as SPSS, E-Views, Amos etc. Sometimes students have no knowledge regarding using these tools. Our expert statisticians help them in carrying out the analysis by means of these tools and thereby making their research work more authentic by providing valid explanation of the data collected.
  7. 7. Providing Editorial Service  Writing thesis is not the end of it because while writing we most of the time do not keep notice of spellings, grammar, tense, punctuation, sentence construction etc. The reason behind is that we become so engrossed in putting our thoughts together that these facts go out of our mind. However, presence of these little mistakes in our research work devalues it a lot. For this reason, we provide editing and proofreading service to help our clients in giving their thesis a more professional look.
  8. 8. Integration of Feedback  Feedback comes once the thesis is completed and submitted to the research committee for approval. Before giving approving to the research work, most of the time the committee provide comment on the content and these comments may not be always positive. Our expert writers help in amalgamating the points of feedback in the thesis work which in turn increases the validity of the work.
  9. 9. Ordering for Service required  In order to help our client in reaching us from all over the world, we have an online form that anybody can fill up from anywhere in the world.  The form contains certain details regarding the service that is preferred by the person, who is ordering it, and can also mention the urgency of the work.  Client can even mention if there is any special requirement for the work that needs to be done.
  10. 10. Contact us  Address: Thesis India, A Unit of Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd, Pearls Omaxe, 12th Floor, Netaji Subhash Place, Near Wazirpur Depot, Pitam Pura, New Delhi – 110034  Email:  Phone number: 0091-11-2735-7534 / 0091-11-4568- 0335  Website: