Facebook an unexpected challenger to Google's search


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Facebook an unexpected challenger to Google's search

  1. 1. Search, social, and the web’s evolution
  2. 2. HelloIm Scott.twitter.com/thescott
  3. 3. CV Currently: Strategy Director at QuirkPast: Head of digital marketing BMW SAPast: Quirk
  4. 4. Wisdom of the crowds Traditional Search Social Search Wisdom of friends
  5. 5. Traditional Search Social Search Exciting times!
  6. 6. next?Traditional Search ere to Social Search Wh Exciting times!
  7. 7. Traditional Search
  8. 8. $23 billion
  9. 9. Relevancy
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  11. 11. LarrySergey
  12. 12. Credibility > Relevancy
  13. 13. 200+ relevancy factors•  The age of the domain•  Links to the domain•  Key phrases in URLs•  Regular fresh content•  Text navigation•  RSS feeds•  XML sitemap
  14. 14. Relevance = loyalty = $$$
  15. 15. Social Search
  16. 16. “Where Google is about the wisdom of crowds, Facebook isabout the wisdom of friends.”Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s VP of global communications, marketing and public policy.
  17. 17. Facebook isn’t wasn’t meant to be asearch engine?
  18. 18. But Facebook users are generating a lot ofcontent …
  19. 19. + 900 million objects Pages, groups, events and community pages(source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics)
  20. 20. 80 community pages Average user(source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics)
  21. 21. 90 pieces of content / month Created by the average user(source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics)
  22. 22. + 30 billion pieces of content / month Shared by the average user(source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics)
  23. 23. Open Graph Protocol(looking outside thewalled garden)
  24. 24. Profiling = Targeting
  25. 25. What about search?
  26. 26. +500 million users Spend 700 billion minutes per month(source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics)
  27. 27. Its only natural that Facebook isexperiencing a lot more searches
  28. 28. ThenNow
  29. 29. Rankings?1.  Your likes2.  Your social circle’s likes3.  What everyone likes4.  Bing results
  30. 30. What drives the success of search?1.  Intent2.  Influence
  31. 31. Social Search Influence Traditional Search Intent(Source: Social,  SEO  and  the  Open  Graph — www.gigya.com)
  32. 32. Social search carries influence because it’spowered by your network - people you trust
  33. 33. ShouldGoogle be worried?
  34. 34. "Were trying to takeGoogles core productsand add a socialcomponent.  If you thinkabout it, its obvious. Withyour permission, knowingmore about who yourfriends are, we canprovide more tailoredrecommendations. Searchquality can get better.”Eric Schmidt, CEO Google
  35. 35. Google’sblendedSERPs
  36. 36. Realtime“Updates”
  37. 37. Google has time to find a solution..
  38. 38. Not Google GoogleTotal searches in USA Sept 2010 > Google: 72%
  39. 39. Where to next?
  40. 40. The best cola?
  41. 41. ?
  42. 42. The battle of paradigms
  43. 43. Its all about usersWhoever owns them, makes the most fromadvertising.
  44. 44. Tips for Google and Facebook?- For users: Add value by creating utility and being relevant- For advertisers: ads that outperform other platforms
  45. 45. Quick tips to ranking wellEngagement rules! (for both Google and Facebook)•  Use content to create inbound links •  Incoming links = good •  The quickest way to get lots of links? Create amazing things •  Earn media•  Video — blended search results •  Own more of the result page •  Relevancy determined by views, likes and text content around video (again, good stuff = more views) •  Spend time optimising and seeding video outside of YouTube
  46. 46. Quick tips to ranking well•  Social Media optimisation — get the likes (and retweets) •  Integrate SM channels on your brand sites (different levels of integration) •  FB like boxes •  FB like buttons (beyond just the brand page, products too) •  (For now though, it’s actually all about the wall and newsfeed!)
  47. 47. GoodbyeIm Scott.twitter.com/thescott