Getting SharePoint Out of the Way of Your Solution


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What does a stakeholder really mean when he or she says “make it not look like SharePoint”? Do your end users have to learn SharePoint terminology to perform their activities? The best developed software does not require a user guide. If SharePoint is getting in the way of your business solution, learn some tips and tricks for customizing SharePoint in this session to improve your users’ experience.

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  • If you had to ask if this is SharePoint, you’re living under a rock, right?
  • Gotta get SharePoint out of the way of your solutionYour users will be as happy as Pharrel’s hat
  • These people are pretty good at what they do, right?They also have used Web pages before. Maybe they’re on to something…
  • What we’re talking about here is a new condition“I think I’m about to have my union card revoked.”
  • That right guys. Even the stilleto.
  • If a stakeholder tells you they need this complex system but you can only use out of the box features, just run
  • Getting SharePoint Out of the Way of Your Solution

    1. 1. “Wait…that’s SharePoint???” Getting SharePoint out of the way of your solution
    2. 2. About Me Rob Wilson @theRobManDotNet MCT, MCITP, MCPD Est. 2004 (SP2003, SP2007, SP2010, SP2013)
    3. 3. “Make it not look like SharePoint!” What does it mean? • Take it literally? • “I’m tired of SharePoint. Give me something new.” • “SharePoint and me?...It’s complicated…” • What else?
    4. 4. Or Maybe… Maybe it’s a usability problem
    5. 5. Or is it NOT SharePoint? Is it SharePoint?
    6. 6. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint?
    7. 7. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint? it IS SharePoint
    8. 8. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint?
    9. 9. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint? it IS SharePoint
    10. 10. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint?
    11. 11. SharePoint, or *NOT* SharePoint? it IS SharePoint
    12. 12. Brand that sucker Problem Solved Right?
    13. 13. Or, is it just…?
    14. 14. Remeber this?
    15. 15. Editor View Was it worth it? Yes, it looks great! The client is happy!! Is it usable? Not so much..
    16. 16. A little more obvious, right? Does it look good? Yes Is there tech jargon? Too much…
    17. 17. Demo  New Designer Manager  Change the Look
    18. 18. “I thought you bought a Buick!”  Embedded video removed  See video at:
    19. 19. The Objective YourSolution
    20. 20. How? Start by recognizing that SharePoint is in the way of your solution
    21. 21. Intelligent User Theory Maybe your users really are capable, intelligent professionals. Maybe the software is the problem.
    22. 22. “The second mistake that programmers make when they design user interfaces is to force users to understand the internal workings of their programs.” From “Why Software Sucks” By David S. Platt
    23. 23. “The most important thing you can do is to just understand the basic principle of eliminating the question marks.” From “Don’t Make Me Think” By Steve Krug Love this!
    24. 24. “SharePoint giveth; the rational developer taketh away.” Noise Reduction Use custom levels. What else?
    25. 25. Diminishing Nerd Syndrome Maybe I should consider what is the best solution rather than what is the quickest or most convenient for me. Maybe I can think like a user. Remember the Golden Rule.
    26. 26. Not enough to wear a hat
    27. 27. - theRobMan, Just Now “The trouble with us developers is that, although we are good at wearing multiple hats, we rarely put on a stakeholder’s shoes”
    28. 28. No manual required  Minimal instructions on pages if necessary  If your instructions contain “Go to Site Actions, then All Site Contents, then…”, you might be a lazy programmer.  If your end users have to learn SharePoint terminology in order to effectively use your solution, you might be a lazy programmer.  If there is a college course on how to use your program…
    29. 29. Sometimes SharePoint Isn’t the Best Fit Sometimes, just run
    30. 30. At Its Core, SharePoint Is Just a Platform Built for flexibility UI is not its strong suit Use it as back end
    31. 31. Use Third Party Tools  Anyone have favorites?
    32. 32. Use JavaScript Angular  angularjs-tutorial/ Bootstrap   JS Fiddlle: SPC 2014 Session:
    33. 33. Lose the jargon
    34. 34. Don’t sacrifice simplicity for flexibility No one ever said “Make it not look like an iPhone app!”
    35. 35. Test the Workflow Beginning To End  Try every solution as all of the roles  Try every solution with the permission level that the user will have  Do not use the word “workflow” in emails to your users, but use business terminology
    36. 36. Create Views Add link directly to view Don’t teach them to use view dropdown
    37. 37. Reduce Clicks  Add your own ribbon buttons  Remove unused ribbon buttons  Use javascript to avoid cascading elipses
    38. 38. Learn the Client Side APIs REST / OData Endpoints JSOM