Sigma Specialty Films Overview 2009


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Sigma Specialty Films Overview 2009

  1. 1. Sigma Specialty Films Plastics Overview A $1.4 billion manufacturer based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey., Sigma Plastics Group is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial plastic film. The company, consisting of several film extrusion businesses, produces stretch film, merchandise bags, garment bags and converter- grade packaging, industrial film, bags and related plastic products •Headquartered in Lyndhurst, NJ •Manufacturing in 34 US sites, 1 Canadian site •Approximately 5,000 employees •Produce 1.4 billion pounds of film annually •Produce over 20 billion plastics bags annually •One of the largest buyers of PE resin in the world
  2. 2. Sigma Specialty Films
  3. 3. Sigma Specialty Films Manufacturing Summary Operate 24 Hours/Day – 365 Days/Year Quality and Consistency Driven Lean Manufacturing Focus Major Raw Materials: - LDPE - LLDPE - HDPE - EVA, EVOH, EMA - Nylon - Polypropylene
  4. 4. Sigma Specialty Films Capabilities: Our blown film lines are among the most advanced in the USA. We employ the latest quality assurance techniques and multi-resin technologies to assure consistent, superior quality and performance. Since 1994, Sigma continues to evolve into North Americas most efficient specialty films manufacturer. Our five North American facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated state-of-the-art extrusion equipment. Our commitment to producing superior products and service is second to none.
  5. 5. Sigma Specialty Films Industries Serviced (however, not limited to): •Food Processors and Food Distribution •(meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery and snacks) •Beverage •Laminators and Converters •Construction •Asbestos Abatement •Agricultural •Freight Forwarding, Shipping Sacks •Mailing Services •Furniture and Textile Industries •Apparel Industry •Institutional, Retail, DIY, Custom PE •Pharmaceutical and Personal Hygiene Products •Industrial Assembly Line Packaging •Manufacturers Requiring Carton Liners and Shrink Films
  6. 6. Sigma Specialty Films Capabilities: •Mono, High Density & Co-Ex Films – Up to 3 Layers •Grava Metric Blending – Up to 5 Resins / Layer •Width Ranges 5-128” •Gauge Range 0.4-12 Mil •Flatness for Printing, Laminating and Machining •Monitored Gauge Control •Precise Treating Levels •Excellent Roll Conformation / Consistency
  7. 7. Sigma Specialty Films Broad Product Offering •Custom Gauges, Colors and Resin Blends for Industrial Packaging including Carton Liners, Bin Liners, Mattress Covers, Furniture Covers and Industrial Sheeting •Shrink Pallet Covers, Drum Liners and Printed Pallet Covers •Hazardous and Infectious Waste Bags •Produce and Ice Bags •High Density and Low Density Can Liners •Premium Quality Shrink Films and Bags
  8. 8. Sigma Specialty Films •Custom Blended LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PET,PS, PP & Nylon Materials •High Quality Shrink Bundling Film •High Clarity Converter Grade Shrink Bundling Film •High Quality Converter Grade Laminating Film •Barrier Films for Meat, Cheese & Produce •Flexible Packaging Films for Pouches & FFS Applications •Sheeting for Pouches & FFS Applications •Medical/Pharmaceutical Grade Film
  9. 9. Sigma Specialty Films Sigma Specialty Films is a Leading Manufacturer in the Custom Films Packaging Market PShrink Bundling Films SBags BPrinting PSheeting
  10. 10. Sigma Specialty Films Quality: Our commitment to quality is second to none in the industry. We maintain and practice very comprehensive policies toward Quality Assurance; our employees are trained and kept up-to-date with any technological change to ensure their safety and to ensure that our quality standards are met for all finished goods produced. These quality control procedures guarantee reliable product consistent with your specifications.
  11. 11. Sigma Specialty Films Customer Service: Customer Support Sigma Specialty Films plants are strategically located Coast to Coast to insure service to all areas of the country in a timely manner. We offer a customer service staff at each location to Experience insure that each customers needs are met. Sigma Specialty Films realizes that the customer is our most valuable asset. Sigma’s commitment to expansion and internal Training growth ensures our continued ability to meet ever-growing flexible packaging needs.
  12. 12. Sigma Specialty Films Value Added Proposition •Industry / Technology Leader •North American Distribution Partner Capabilities •New Film Development / Product Quality Leader •Excellent Service Capabilities - Multiple Mfg Plants •Identify Savings - Improve Packaging - Track / Report •Commitment - Lowest Cost to Serve •Combination Products - Services – Values •SMI/CDI Capabilities •Proven Successful Track Record
  13. 13. Sigma Specialty Films Mutual Expectations What Can Sigma Specialty Films Do For You? •Work Consistently with the “Value Added Process ” (total cost focused) •Maintain Competitive Pricing, Supported by Quality Products •Offer Dedicated Customer Service and Local Sales Support Nationally
  14. 14. Sigma Specialty Films Questions And Discussions
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