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  1. 1. T H E R E S A B O R S T Essentialism
  2. 2. The Role of This School… We strive to promote education through core subjects using a teacher-centered approach. Students will be educated not only on an academic level, but on a character-building level as well.
  3. 3. The Physical Environment…  This school will have four classrooms for each grade level. One classroom per grade level will be an ITC/CTT classroom to meet the needs of students with IEPs.  The print-rich environment of the school will promote learning and education regardless of where students are throughout the day.  Desks will be arranged in each classroom so they are facing the board to ensure all students are consonantly facing the direction that learning is taking place.
  4. 4. Academic Curriculum… Core Classes How many blocks/periods per week? ELA 5-7 Math 5-7 History 5 Science 5 Extracurricular Classes How many blocks/periods per week? Gym 1-2 Artistic (Music, Art) 1-2 Power Group (a class run by the social worker) 1-2
  5. 5. Extracurricular Activities… Extracurricular Activities When? Drama/Theatre After-School Sports Teams (Baseball, Soccer, Football, Softball, Basketball, Track) After-School After-School Help & Tutoring After-School Yearbook Club After-School Student Government After-School
  6. 6. Rules…  Students will complete all homework.  Students will bring home weekly progress reports and get them signed.  Students will get all tests signed.  Students will have a pass in the hallways.  Students will be at a level 0 in the classroom unless instructed otherwise.  Students will transition in a line at a level 0 in the hallways.  Students will arrive to school by 7:45am and leave at 3:30pm daily.  Students will be in uniform daily.
  7. 7. Equal Opportunity for Education… This is an equal opportunity school for education. We prohibit discrimination against students, faculty and staff. We do not discriminate regarding race, culture, religion, sex, physical or academic ability.
  8. 8. The Purpose of Education…. The purpose of education is to promote academic learning through a teacher-centered approach. Students will be held to a high standard and will be prepared to succeed on standardized tests. Core classes will be emphasized and additional support regarding core classes will be offered throughout the school year. Students will also be held to a high standard regarding how they portray personal character.
  9. 9. Philosophy…  Our philosophy of education is that students should learn core curriculum in a rigorous, teacher-centered classroom. We believe students should be prepped for standardized tests from the beginning to end of the school year. We also believe student’s should be held responsible for how they carry out their character. Good character and commitment to education combined will result in success.
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