Introduction to Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook


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  • This is how the main page looks, with pins from the boards you’re following in a staggered display. If you hover over your name at the top, you are presented with a dropdown of options. Choose ‘Settings’
  • You are presented with your Basic Information ‘Search Privacy’, where you can choose whether you wish a search engine from showing your Pinterest profile in search results
  • You can also choose when Pinterest sends you emails and how often
  • You have the ability to connect your Pinterest account with various social networks, so what you pin is posted there as well There is an option to deactivate you account, should you choose Don’t forget to save your settings!
  • Also under that same drop-down is ‘Your Boards’ You ‘pin’ images to boards, which are collections of pinned images
  • From the Twitter homepage (, it’s very easy to sign up Click the Sign up for Twitter’ button
  • Under ‘Account’, you can specify how Twitter treats the media you send and receive in terms of dealing with potentially sensitive media
  • Under ‘Security and privacy’, you an alter your security settings If you protect your tweets, people will have to request to follow you and only those you approve will be to be able to see your tweets
  • Much like with Pinterest, you can choose when Twitter sends you emails and how often
  • When you begin to type in the tweet box, you’ll see that it begins to count your characters down from 140Please note that if you exceed 140 characters, you will be unable to send your tweet You can also click the ‘feather’ icon in the top right corner of your home feed to compose a new tweet
  • From clicking the feather icon, you get a pop up box into which you can enter your new tweet You can add a photo to your tweet using the camera icon or a location using the pin icon To add a location, you must make sure location is enabled in your settings
  • You can search Twitter using the search box located in the top right Search results give you ‘Results’ (which is all results), ‘People’, and ‘Photos’ to do with your search You have the ability to save the search, do an advanced search, or embed this search using the smaller gear drop-down on the right underneath the feather icon
  • If we click on ‘People’, you will get the top results for users pertaining to your search From these results, it’s easy to follow users by clicking the ‘Follow’ button next to their profile snippet
  • Also next to each profile snippet is a little ‘person’ icon, which will give you a drop-down menu of options From this drop-down menu, you can tweet to the user, manage the user in your lists, and other options
  • When you click on a tweet, it expands to give you some options These options include replying to the user, retweeting the tweet, or ‘favoriting’ the tweetRetweeting is the re-posting of someone else’s tweet on your timelineFavoriting a tweet lets another user know you like their tweet and/or allows you to save the tweet for later
  • When you favorite a tweet, a star will appear in the top right corner of the tweet and it will say ‘Favorited’ under the tweet
  • You can also see all of your favourites by clicking on the ‘Me’ icon at the top of the page Then click ‘Favorites’ on the sidebar and you will see all favorited tweets listed reverse chronologically
  • Settings can be found under the gear icon in the top right corner of the Facebook interface
  • When you click on Settings, under the gear drop-down, Security settings can be altered from the sidebarYou can alter each setting by clicking ‘Edit’ to the right of each
  • Privacy settings can also be altered from the sidebar You can alter each setting by clicking ‘Edit’ to the right of each
  • Privacy shortcuts can be accessed by clicking on the ‘lock’ icon in the top right corner
  • When you sign it, it defaults to the News Feed page, which is empty because we have not ‘Friended’ any other users or ‘Liked’ any pages The activity of your Friends and the pages you’ve liked will be displayed on this page There are also icons for friend requests, private messages, and account activity in the top left corner beside the search box
  • You can access your News Feed quickly from anywhere, including here on your Profile page, by clicking on the ‘F’ button in the top left Your Profile can be accessed from anywhere on Facebook by clicking on your name in the top right corner There is a box for your status updates You can set privacy level for your status using the drop-down menu
  • You can search for people, places, and things using the search box at the top When you search, you’re given a drop-down that displays many of the most popular results first It is possible to see more results for your search by clicking on ‘See more results for…’ at the botton of the drop down
  • You can filter your search using the options at the top of the search results Results that are pages will have a ‘Like’ button Results that are people will have an ‘Add Friend’ button
  • On a page (for a sports team, celebrity, film, musician etc.), you have the ability to ‘Like’ the page in the top right corner On most pages, even without liking the page, you have the ability to post something
  • You can Like, Comment (on), or Share an existing post To ‘Share’ a post means that the post will appear on your Profile feed
  • How to use Twitter hashtags: How to retweeton Twitter:
  • Introduction to Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook

    1. 1. Introduction to Social Media Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook
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    3. 3. Change this to ‘Yes’ if you want to create a secret board
    4. 4. Twitter
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    6. 6. Facebook
    7. 7. Friend Requests Private Messages Account Activity
    8. 8. The End Thank you for your attention!
    9. 9. More Help • How to use Twitter hashtags (YouTube video) • How to retweet on Twitter (YouTube video)