Chinese pebbles
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Chinese pebbles






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Chinese pebbles Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A Story about two pebbles with photos of China!
  • 2. The difference between logical thoughts and “lateral” thoughts.
  • 3. There was once in a small village a farmer who owed an large sum of money due to be repaid to a very ugly old man.
  • 4. If the money was not repaid, the law said the farmer would have to go to debtor’s jail.
  • 5. After a terrible farming season, the father did not have the funds to pay his debt.
  • 6. However, the farmer had a very pretty daughter that the old lender was sweet on, so the lender proposed a deal:
  • 7. He said he would cancel the debt if he could marry the farmer’s daughter
  • 8. .Both the farmer and his daughter were horrified about this proposition
  • 9. Seeing this, the old lender suggested chance should determine the outcome of his proposition. ..
  • 10. He told them he would put two pebbles … one black and one white… in an empty money bag,
  • 11. The daughter would then pick one, without looking …
  • 12. 1) If she picks a black one, she must marry me And the debt to her father is eliminated…..
  • 13. 2) If she picks the white pebble, she doesn’t have to marry me but the debt will still be cancelled.
  • 14. 3) If she refuses to pick a pebble, her father will go to debtor’s prison…
  • 15. While speaking, the old lender leaned forward and picked up two pebbles.
  • 16. As he was picking them up, the daughter who had a sharp eye…
  • 17. noticed he had picked up two black pebbles and put them in the money bag
  • 18. But, she said nothing.
  • 19. The old lender asked the daughter to pick a pebble out of the bag
  • 20. This discussion was taking place on the road in front of the farmer’s house and the road was paved with pebbles
  • 21. Imagine for an instant what you would have done.
  • 22. What would you have suggested the daughter to do?
  • 23. There are 3 possibilities :
  • 24. 1) The daughter refuses to pick a pebble
  • 25. 2) The daughter picks out both pebbles revealing the old lender cheated
  • 26. 3) The daughter picks out a black pebble and sacrifices herself by marrying the old « coot » and saves her father from emprisonment
  • 27. Take a moment to reflect on this situation
  • 28. What should she do…?
  • 29. This story means to illustrate a point…..
  • 30. The difference between logical thought and so called “lateral”thought.
  • 31. The daughter’s dilemma cannot be resolved in an equitable manner using traditional logic
  • 32.  
  • 33. Think of the consequences of each of the three possible options.
  • 34.  
  • 35. Here is what the young woman did :
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38.  
  • 39. She plunged her hand in the bag picked a pebble and, clumsily dropped it on the ground
  • 40. Before it could be determined whether it was black or white, it mixed with other pebbles on the ground
  • 41. Ah ! Sorry!... I sure am clumsy, said the young woman.
  • 42. But no matter; if I remove the other pebble from the bag ….
  • 43. we will know which pebble I had picked first, don’t you think?
  • 44. Since the second pebble was black,
  • 45. The first one had to have been white…!
  • 46. . The old lender didn’t dare announce his cheating, ….
  • 47. The young woman transformed a seemingly impossible situation
  • 48. Into a very advantageous ending !
  • 49.  
  • 50.  
  • 51. Moral of the story:
  • 52. A solution exists for most problems
  • 53. It’s just that we don’t always know how to examine all of the angles of the situation
  • 54.  
  • 55.  
  • 56.  
  • 57.  
  • 58.  
  • 59.  
  • 60. END   M ay your 2011 be full of positive thoughts and wise decisions!