Getting the most from outlook


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The live presentation includes the actual "How To" portion of this session. This is how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook by Geiger CIO, Dale Denham. Learn tips and tricks related to Outlook that make you more productive.

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Getting the most from outlook

  1. Getting the Most from Outlook 2010 Plus some email & time management tips that apply to all email clients
  2. Quick Overview• Fast paced• Outlook focused• Progress from basic to advanced• What do you hope to learn?
  3. The Ribbon• Customizing the quick access toolbar• Context sensitive tabs• Hiding the ribbon• Moving the QAT
  4. Views• Changing views• Conversation• Sorting• Reading panes/navigation• Changing/adding fields
  5. Key Mail Settings• Always spell check• Turn off stationary• Autosaving emails• The ham sandwich
  6. Using Mail• Searching for similar messages• Search tab & features• Cached email addresses• Turn on bcc
  7. Basic Operations• Safe senders – Auto download settings• Creating/editing/using signatures• Add a follow up to an email
  8. Categories & Flags• Quick overview• Using for follow up dates
  9. Calendar Tips• Create appointments from email• Time zone option• Easy time entry – First Monday in Nov – Next Tue 3p
  10. Power Tip• Edit subject of received email
  11. Getting Social• The Social Media Plugin –
  12. Contact Manager• View activities• Scheduling meetings• Importing business card – Camcard app – Cardmunch
  13. Using Evernote• Evernote demo
  14. Cool Rules• 2 minute delay• Newsletter type mail• Out of Office
  15. Time Management• Working Offline• Turn off notifications – And no read receipts!
  16. Getting Things Done• @next action – do it later• @waiting for – make sure it gets done• @deferred – do it much later• @reference – might want to review• @toread – read later
  17. Clean up• Get started by cleaning up – Using cleanup tool• Create @oldinbox• Move everything• Keep your inbox under 50
  18. Outlook Calendar• Block time to – Read @ folders – Follow up – Cold call – Specific emails
  19. 3 most important things• Quick access toolbar• 2 minute rule• Keep your inbox clean – @next action – @waiting for – @reference
  20. Q&A