Is your child ok - Mental Health Disorders in Children


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Common childhood disorders include depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, like self-cutting, Anorexia, Bulimia and obsessive, ritualistic behaviors. Mostly children are resilient. When mental health issues are diagnosed and treated early, they often have excellent long-term outcomes. If you are concerned about you child's emotional health or development, it's important to get a check-up with a qualified therapist..just as you would see your pediatrician if you were concerned about your child's physical health.

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Is your child ok - Mental Health Disorders in Children

  1. 1. Mental Health Disorders Are MoreCommon Than One Might Think. Is YourIn fact, they affect one in every five young peopletoday, interfering with their social, emotional, and Child Okay?cognitive development. Evaluating Mental Health Disorders in ChildrenCommon childhood disorders include depression, anxiety, Most health insurance policies cover theattention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders, service of MFTs so long as the services areautism, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, like self-cutting, “medically necessary.” This typically includesAnorexia, Bulimia and obsessive, ritualistic behaviors. coverage for face-to-face sessions for a diagnosable mental health problem. SuchSuch disorders are both biological (e.g. they may be coverage may be limited. Please contact yourgenetic) and environmental (resulting from exposure to health insurance company for detailedviolence, stress, loss, toxins). When left undiagnosed and information about the coverage available tountreated, children and their families suffer needlessly.Children can’t just “get over” these problems alone. They you and your family.need your help to overcome them, so they become happy,healthy, well-adjusted adults.Fortunately, most children are resilient. When mentalhealth issues are diagnosed and treated early, they oftenhave excellent long-term outcomes. If you are concernedabout your child’s emotional health or development, it’s California Association ofimportant to get a check-up with a qualified therapist… Marriage and Family Therapistsjust as you would see your pediatrician if you were 7901 Raytheon Road, San Diego, CA 92111-1606concerned about your child’s physical health. Phone: (858) 292-2638 Fax: (858) 292-2666 Brought to you by the ™ California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  2. 2. Offering Extra Support About Marriage and Family Therapists Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are relationship experts. They work with individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and the elderly, providing support and perspective as patients struggle with life’s challenges. Licensed by the State of California, MFTs are psycho- therapists who are uniquely trained and credentialed to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of issues so individuals achieve more adequate, satisfying andWhat’s Normal? What You Can Do Right Now productive relationships and social adjustment.All children play, act out, and occasionally do odd oralarming things. Sometimes these behaviors are The California Association of Marriage and Familytransitory and developmental. But if your child shows Reward good behaviors. Children profoundly want to Therapists (CAMFT) is an independent statewide non-feelings and behaviors that concern you—or persist please their parents. You can ease family tension and build profit organization made up of over 28,000 practicinglong-term—find a therapist that specializes in treating self-esteem by noticing and rewarding positive behaviors Marriage and Family Therapists. CAMFT is dedicated tomental health disorders in children. A diagnostic in your child on a daily basis. If you do so consistently but advancing marriage and family therapy as a healing art,assessment can determine if a behavior is just a phase bad behaviors don’t decrease, they may need professional science, and mental health profession. In fact, CAMFTor something more serious that requires intervention. attention. sponsors so Californians can gain access to qualified local experts who can help.Warning Signs Your Child Needs Help Seek help. Sometimes parents need to relieve their own Anxious or often worried anxiety about their child to understand whether or not an ™ Poor concentration or inability to sit still, focus attention issue is a serious one. If it is serious, marriage and family Sad and hopeless feelings that do not go away therapists are uniquely trained to assess the possibilities and Seeking a Marriage and Family Therapist or other mental Very angry or crying most of the time, overreacting to things, diagnose and treat the true problem (i.e. trauma, family health professional to assist with life’s difficulties is a sign of declining performance in school dynamics, a true disorder). courage and a step in the right direction. Always ask about Unexplained fears a therapist’s special areas of expertise (e.g. grief counseling, Be informed about medications. While medications can children’s issues, relationship counseling) before you engage Suicidal tendencies provide relief from unpleasant symptoms, they do not them to ensure it’s the right fit for you. A need to wash, count, or perform certain rituals hundreds of times per day to avoid unsubstantiated danger address the underlying causes of the emotional distress. TherapistFinder is a California-wide interactive, online Individual or family therapy is an appropriate first step in directory that is user-friendly and searchable by name, location, Obsessive dieting/exercise, unexplained weight loss, avoiding food, binging and purging, excessive visits to the diagnosis because it may offer an effective non-chemical and area of expertise. It’s your introduction to one or more bathroom after meals intervention. In other situations, medication and therapy qualified psychotherapists who hold a California license. Loss of interest in things he or she once enjoyed work most effectively together. Daydreaming too much and not completing tasks Seek out support groups and information. Once you Feeling overwhelmed by life have a diagnosis, there’s just no substitute for someone who Hearing voices that cannot be explained has walked in your shoes. Your therapist can help connect Setting fires, purposefully killing or hurting animals you to appropriate support groups, information resources, Breaking the law without regard for other people and other specialists who can help you and your child.