Graduation Day PowerPoint Presentation


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This is the slide about graduation day.
Is part of the work on my English classes.
This will be helpful to you.
**Loaded into the computer first, then open it. Will add tactics and variety.

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Graduation Day PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. Table of Contents*Note Click on title to go to that pageWhat is Graduation DayWhere to collect your ticketsWhat happens once you have entered the ceremonial hallThe order of the ceremonyHow you will receive your congratulations from the Presiding OfficerRestrictions on entrance to the auditoriumPhotography and recording during the ceremony are restrictedThings to Eat at a Graduation Party- Barbeque- Cold Buffet- Brunch
  2. 2. What is Graduation Day?It is a time to celebrate with all those people, your friends,teachers and parents who have helped you in all the initial years ofyour student life and made learning fun. Yes, it is Graduation Daywe are talking about, that wonderful day when the early years ofyour academic life culminate into an all-important degree.
  3. 3. Where to collect your ticketsOn arrival at Highfield Campus, please collect youracademic dress by making your way to ‘Wippells Robing’ locatedin the Student Union Building 42. Please remember that tocollect your guest tickets from the Ticket Collection andInformation Desk you must be wearing your academic dress.Ticket collection is available an hour and a quarter before thestart of your Ceremony from the Ticket Collection andInformation Desk also located in the Students Union Building.Please be seated in the ceremonial hall 30 minutes before thestart of ceremony.More!
  4. 4. What happens once you have enteredthe ceremonial hallYour e-ticket will confirm the venue, time and seat number foryour ceremony. Please make your way to your ceremonial hall in goodtime. Doors open one hour before the ceremony starts.Graduands must be seated 30 minutes before the start of yourceremony or we cannot guarantee your place at ceremony. YourFaculty Marshals will be on hand in the ceremonial hall to guide you toyour allocated seat. We ask you to remain in your seat to ensure youare presented in the correct order. Please do not change seats orposition in the line-up for presentation as the reader (usually the Headof Faculty or Dean) reading the names will not have your correct namefor presentation. Graduands are announced in the order of individualsubject groups; degree classification will not be announced.There isanother page.
  5. 5. The auditorium doors will close ten minutes before thestart of ceremony; VIP guests of the University are now seatedand then the graduation procession will begin to make its wayto the ceremonial hall. Ceremonies will begin promptly. Oncethe auditorium doors are closed there can be no furtheradmittance.On entering the auditorium of the ceremonial hall,female graduands keep their mortarboards/bonnets on whilemale graduands remove their mortarboard/bonnet and placethem securely under their LEFT arm until they are ready toleave the ceremonial hall. NB Do not place them on the flooras you may not return to the same seat after presentation.
  6. 6. The order of the ceremonyGraduands and guests will be asked to standwhilst the graduation procession enters theceremonial hall. Once the graduation processionhas reached the platform and are ready to beseated graduands and guests will be directed to beseated. The Presiding Officer will declare thecongregation open, and make the opening address.Graduands are presented in order of:-Bachelors-Masters-PhDThere isanother page.
  7. 7. Once all the graduands have been presentedthe Presiding Officer delivers a closing speech andthe procession will exit the ceremonialhall. Following the closing address from thePresiding Officer the audience is asked to stand asthe graduation procession leaves the ceremonialhall. Ushers will close the exits until the graduationprocession’s exit is complete. After this time allgraduands and guests may leave the ceremonialhall in an orderly fashion.
  8. 8. How you will receive your congratulations fromthe Presiding OfficerAt the appropriate moment, the FacultyMarshal will ask your row to stand for presentationand guide you to the Graduands Marshal, near theplatform area. Your name will be checked again.When the reader calls your name, walk across thePlatform to stand in front of the Presiding Officer.They will then place their hands over your hands(your hands are palms pressed together as if inprayer) and say a few words of congratulations toyou. Leave the platform on the far side and aFaculty Marshal will guide you to your return seat.Please be aware that this may not be your originalseat and therefore you cannot leave personalpossessions under your seat.Following the closing address from the PresidingOfficer the academic procession will leave theceremonial hall. Once their exit is complete allgraduands and guests may leave the ceremonial hallin an orderly fashion.
  9. 9. Restrictions on entranceto the auditoriumThe University ofSouthampton reserves theright to refuse admission orto ask any graduands orguest displayinginappropriate behaviour toleave the ceremony.Please note that for securityreasons:•There are no facilities atthe ceremonial hall to store luggage,large handbags or any type ofpersonal possessions. We kindly askyou to refrain from trying to bringthese items with you to the ceremony.•Graduands are asked topass any personal possessions to theirguest for safe keeping before enteringthe ceremonial hall.•Graduands are asked to usethe ladies/gents toilets before enteringthe ceremonial hall as once in andchecked, you will not be permitted toleave until after the ceremony, onehour later.•You are advised to makesure all mobile phones are switchedoff - not just on silent as incoming callsare picked up by the publicannouncement system.
  10. 10. Photography and recording during theceremony are restrictedPhotographs may be taken until the ceremonybegins but flash photography is not permitted at allas it disrupts the professional recording equipment.Unauthorised video recording of the graduationceremonies is strictly prohibited. Photographs ofyou receiving your congratulations from thePresiding Officer and DVDs of the whole ceremonyare available to purchase on the day please see T-shirts, Photography and DVDs.
  11. 11. Things to Eat at a Graduation PartyDepending upon the preferences of the graduate and hisguests, there are many different types of food to serve as a mainmeal during a graduation celebration. Since there are no specificfoods that must be served at a graduation party, it is usuallybest to simply choose foods that the graduate loves. Selecting aparticular type of menu for a graduation party allows the host tochoose a variety of appropriate and tasty dishes centeredaround the theme. Does this Spark an idea?
  12. 12. Most graduations take place in the spring, sopreparing a menu centered around barbecuing isparticularly appropriate. For a barbecue graduationparty, the main meal usually consists of either chicken,ribs, hamburgers or hot dogs. A few of these choicescan be paired together so guests can choose whatthey would like to eat. If hamburgers and hot dogs areon the menu, proper toppings, such as ketchup,mustard and relish, should be offered. Pre-cooking asmuch of the food as possible, including chicken andribs, makes barbecuing easier during the party. If pre-cooked, the chicken and ribs merely need to bebrowned on the grill. As suggested by, some easy side dishes include coleslaw,macaroni salad, baked beans and chips. If the hostwants to be able to enjoy the party, it is also possibleto hire a professional caterer to handle the barbecuingduring the party. As a dessert, fruit salad is oftenserved, as well as an appropriate cakecommemorating the graduation.
  13. 13. A cold buffet is a good option for hostswho want to keep the party simple. Not only is acold buffet easy to set up, but it is also usually aguest favorite. Food for a cold buffet can be set outearly and do not require preparation during theparty. For a graduation party, the main food in acold buffet is usually a hero. Depending on thepreference of the graduate, the hero can be onetype, such as Italian, or it can be made up of twotypes of hero, such as Italian and American. Manycaterers also offer specialized heroes, such aschicken breast or vegetarian. Proper condimentsshould be served, including ketchup, mayonnaiseand dressing. This type of a buffet also shouldinclude cold salads, such as potato, macaroni orcoleslaw. As suggested by Graduation Invitationand Graduation Party Ideas, setting out bowls ofchips, pretzels and nachos also works well with thiskind of party food.
  14. 14. Most graduations take place in the morning,so a brunch is a great choice for a graduation party. Abrunch requires a bit more preparation than othertypes of parties, but many of the foods can be madein advance. Chafing dishes are a good option to keepheated food warm throughout the party. Typically, abrunch offers a variety of breakfast foods from whichguests can choose what they want to eat. One easychoice is bagels, with a variety of cream cheeses, suchas plain, vegetable or lox. As suggested by Best-Brunch-Ideas-Ever, some hot offerings includepancakes, french toast or waffles. These foods can beprepared beforehand or can be cooked during theparty on a large griddle, as suggested by It is also fun to offer different types ofsyrups and toppings. Ham, bacon or sausage also goeswell with the brunch theme. A brunch would not becomplete without an egg dish, and scrambled eggsusually work best. All hot foods can be kept warm inchafing dishes. Coffee, tea, milk and juice are perfectdrinks to serve during a brunch.