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This article addresses some of the 'greatest' fears amongst the masses related 'Cell Tower Radiation.' Read the above piece by Dr K.S. Parthasarathy, (Former Secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) which exposes the facts & myths about the cell tower radiation. It demystifies some prominent myths with some of the most authentic research studies that people aren't aware of.

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  • @ execrable piece of human garbage, parthasarathy

    You wont be able to hide behind the fig leaf of 'microwaves are non-ionizing and therefore don't have enough energy to mutate DNA' for very long. The same tired arguments have been used time and again and have been rebutted conclusively. ( ) It's high time that low-level stooges like you stopped flogging the dead horse!

    Oxidative stress due to constant man-made RF exposure causes extensive damage and leads to chronic fatigue, weakening of the vital Blood Brain Barrier, dementia, Alzheimer's and cancer ( ). The most plausible mechanism is via the NADH oxidase and similar targets located in high density in the mitochondrial membrane.

    Friedman et al. ( ) has shown with a GSM signal, an upregulation of the NADH oxidase ( ) within two minutes in an exposure related manner. The upregulation leads to an increased electron transfer via the membrane border and the formation of superoxide (O2 -), which is an oxygen molecule loaded with an additional (free) electron. This superoxide when not eliminated via the superoxide dismutase (SOD) will primarily join with nitrogen oxide (NO) to form peroxynitrite (ONOO-). This is called nitrosative stress and the most potent physiological chemical compound we have in our cells/body. For further reading see: Interestingly despite the huge amount of evidence, the medical community is more or less not aware of the most important and basic issues of diseases.

    Peroxyinitrite has a long lifetime and is therefor able to interact (destroy) cell structures within a volume of about one or two cell diameters. Targets are for e.g. certain metabolic reactions like those needed for energy generation in the mitochondria. The lack of energy for e.g. in certain nerve cell groups explains the wide range of symptoms reported when humans are exposed to RF/MW radiation which are reported at least since 1932 (Schliephake) like: headaches, concentration difficulties, memory problems, dizziness, fatigue, nervousness, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder etc.

    In short, constant exposure to microwave radiation from cell masts can and does cause debilitating disorders and chronic illnesses that last a lifetime.

    WHO/IARC already classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans ( )

    Constant attempts have been made to conceal DNA damage due to microwave radiation exposure. ( )

    Not satisfied? Here's some more - Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern: Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone ( )

    Your guardian angel, the Josef Mengele of today's times by the name of Michael Repacholi, has been accused of 'CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY'
    (!msg/mobilfunk_newsletter/a7dpKRgTTt0/Q01lZTHbJGAJ , )

    Bleat as much as you like but, sooner than later, the inventory of garbage you have compiled with the help of the Australian conman Repacholi will run out!

    If thousands of people around the planet are complaining of the same symptoms, any sane individual, hell, even a hardened cynic, would agree that this is not the handiwork of the so-called scare-mongers.

    Your eagerness to defend the indefensible has rendered your arguments weak and moronic. You are a despicable and crass human being who is prepared to plunge to any depth to earn a few extra bucks. What is truly alarming and appalling in all this, is your psychopathic and deliberate disregard for human suffering and an utter lack of basic human decency.

    And, please don't harbour pretensions of being a man of science, especially when you dispense, at the behest of your employers, selective disinformation aimed mostly at deluding the uninitiated. Your 'science' is, at best, limp and flaccid, pretty much like your morals and integrity, among other things. You are a salesman, plain and simple, and a shitty one at that.

    Btw, you conveniently skirted the questions I posed in my last post. It's rather amusing to see how scoundrels like yourself quickly duck beneath the 'ionizing/non-ionizing' cover whenever tough questions are asked.

    And please don't refer to me as 'Ayantika', you fogey codger perv. Whenever you do that, it makes me wish that you choke on that lowlife Repacholi's dick and DIE! Ciao.
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  • I ignore your comments about me.. Responsible agencies/organizations such as the WHO, the UK Health Protection Agency and the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) have published their findings. The unanimous view of these agencies is that cell phone radiation is not energetic enough to cause cancer causing mutations in cells.The US NCI stated thus:

    'It is generally accepted that damage to DNA is necessary for cancer to develop. However, radiofrequency energy, unlike ionizing radiation, does not cause DNA damage in cells, and it has not been found to cause cancer in animals or to enhance the cancer-causing effects of known chemical carcinogens in animals' (NCI web site accessed on Dec 1, 2013).

    Scare mongers and their supporters may invoke conspiracy theories to challenge this statement. I read the TOI report referred to. It raises certain issues. The genuineness of the reported data needs verification. Maximum solar thermal energy output is about 1000 W per square meter. The TOI report talks about values of cell tower radiation as high as 5000 W per sq. meter. This seems to be unrealistic. If the levels in any area occupied by public exceeds the levels prescribed by the Department of Telecommunication, stringent provisions to take action against the cellular companies exist; they must be invoked.

    Once again I deny the allegation that I am in the payroll of COAI. Impotent rage of Ayantika in the face of scientific truths will not deter me from writing what I believe to be the factual position.
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  • @chootiye parthasarathy

    ICNIRP recommendations mean a FAT NOTHING. Austria, China, Russia don't give two hoots about ICNIRP's recommendations as they are well-aware that this self-certifying, self-serving organisation is an arm of the wireless industry. Who funds Paulo Vecchia and his travelling circus? How were funds routed to Mike Repacholi's EMF project? You people are crooks of the highest order and are desperately trying to hide the ill-effects of cell tower radiations with your relentless vile propaganda. And finally, ICNIRP recommendations do not cover any aspect of the non-thermal effects of microwave radiation, therefore these bloody recommendations should be permanently consigned to the garbage-bin.

    Rather than cobbling together biased one-sided articles with the blessings of COAI and launching vituperative personal attacks on Prof. Girish Kumar by questioning his integrity, why don't you arrange for an open debate with Prof. Kumar? Instead, behaving like a gutter-snipe under the cover of sponsored spurious articles and trying to character-assassinate and brow-beat a lone man who dares to fight your hegemony, is the easiest thing to do, ain't it? Your farticles are the most pathetic, disjointed attempts at copying from multiple articles with a liberal dose of ad hominem attacks aimed at Prof. Kumar and his daughter which are usually published in paid MSM like The Telegraph and The Hindu(both Congress mouthpieces).

    And yes, you are in the payroll of COAI because COAI and its twitter coolies keep peddling the half-truths you have generously borrowed from your long-distance buddy Repacholi as 'proofs'. These COAI/DoT coolies (a bunch of fake profiles with pics of 'hot Bangladeshi girls' as DPs) form a significant part of your 22 followers on twitter and often reverentially refer to you as 'The Good Doctor'. You should know because apart from COAI, they are the only losers that retweet your shit, you sad, pathetic clown.

    Big Tobacco, then and Big Pharma and Big Telecom, now, have successfully co-opted zero-integrity scientists and doctors. Vermins like you and Dr. Vijaylaxmi(MOTOROLA agent) are like mercenaries who don't deserve a place in hell.

    All the rats of the sinking ship called the tobacco industry are now lobbying for the telecom industry. The wireless telecom industry with all its tentacles (you included) is the NEW TOBACCO INDUSTRY, only way deadlier.
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  • @ayantikasen2013
    I am sorry I have not been keeping in touch with this thread.Though I am late, let me respond.
    I do not like to enter into a public spat with the gentleman who wrote his views under the title 'DEATH By MICROWAVE'

    The 1998 statement of ICNIRP has been updated by the organization. ICNIRP recommendations have been accepted by the majority of nations. ICNIRP has mechanisms in place to insulate it from lobbies promoting cell phone industries.

    Conflict of interest is a difficult area. I do not want to hold a brief for anyone; however, I cannot avoid commenting on the choice of the Bio-initiative report used to defend any proposition. Bio-initiatve report is actually funded by a firm selling solutions to protect people from em fields. Important chapters of it is written by the head of that firm.
    My views on the Bio-Initiative Report can be accessed at;
    an article I wrote in The Hindu.
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  • I saw the comments of Ayantika Sen today (Sept 25,2013). Though I am late I thought I should respond. Responsible organizations and agencies have not accepted the claim that cell tower /phone radiation can cause mutations in DNA, Cell tower/phone radiation does not have enough energy for it. Well, is there a different mechanism? We do not know. I believe that the radiation standards proposed by Dept of Telecom is sufficiently conservative and has a safety factor of 500.If as claimed by Ms Ayantika, the radiation levels are higher than the DOT norms in some locations legal recourse is available.

    I regret to note that Ayantika unnecessarily questioned by motives. All that I can say is that I am not in the payroll of anybody.I have scrupulously avoided participating in any forum if I have a doubt that it is sponsored by COAI or any cellular company.

    As for my personal credentials: I have a Ph.D in Medical Physics from the University of Leeds, UK.Interaction of radiation with living and non living matter was one of the topics I studied. I started free lance journalism as a hobby since 1977. I am a journalist registered with AAAS, American Medical Association, British
    Medical Association and, NucNet. I have sympathies with any one who died.I have no sympathy to those who falsely claim that the deaths occurred because of cell tower radiation. I do not suggest that Ayantika is in the payroll of scare mongers who invest just Rs 5 lakhs and collect Rs one crore as annual turnover. I believe that such accusations will not lead to civilized discourse and will reveal the bankruptcy of thought and civility

    Dr K S Parthasarathy
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