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10 stats why the visual web matters - A talk given by @dirktherabbit at SXSE today

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The visual web

  1. 1. Dirk Singer@dirktherabbit The rise of the visual web SXSE London - 3 July 2012
  2. 2. I like stats I like iphoneography (my blog - (though I don’t claim to be good at it)About me
  3. 3. So I’m going to subject you to 10 (and a bit) statson pictures (....on the internet)
  4. 4. “A noticeable trend this year is beautiful apps or websites. Its all part of a larger trend that Im calling The Visual Web, meaning that images and video are becoming an increasingly important part of what we consume online.” (Richard McManus, Read Write Web) “Welcome to the imagesphere” (Luminate)The visual web?
  5. 5. Mobile Internet should overtake Phone calls the 7th most popular desktop use by 2014 /2015 activity on media (Microsoft) 2nd (02)The shift to an ‘imagesphere’ is tied up with theoverall shift to the Internet becoming more mobile
  6. 6. According to Mintel - Half of us rely on our smartphones, 1/10 of camera owners would just use their smartphone if their camera brokeDigital Camera sales are down 29%
  7. 7. July 2011 - 10 million users December 2011 - 16 million users March 2012 - 26 million users May 2012 - 50 million users 30 June 2012 - 56.2 million usersInstagram is now the largest international mobilesocial network worldwide
  8. 8. Camcorder sales are also down 21%
  9. 9. Socialcam - 6.3 million daily users, 83.6 million monthly users (or 40 million depending on who you believe!) Viddy - 1.6 million daily users, 20.9 million monthly users (App Data)Socialcam and Viddy - The Instagram of video?
  10. 10. Tumblr should overtake blog as a search term in OctoberTumblr is now the world’s most popularblogging platform
  11. 11. At least in the US, Pinterest is estimated to have passed Tumblr with each between 20-50 million monthly (US) A year ago Pinterest visitors accounted for less than 1% of social media e- Last year Pinterest grew commerce referrals. Now 4377%, Tumblr 188% it accounts for 26%The rise of Pinterest
  12. 12. Posts on 60% of 67% of Facebook that consumers are consumers say include an more likely to the image of a album, picture contact a product is very or video increase business if an important, 53% engagement by image shows up say the online 180%, 120% and in search reviews 100%A picture really does say 1000 words
  13. 13. Three things youneed to do1 - Develop a visual contentplan2 - Have a visual socialmedia strategy (and notonly the usual suspects -niche networks like Tadaaalso worth looking into)3 - Think about referraltraffic / landing pages
  14. 14. Image - @miss_lucifer_ (Instagram)Think your business isn’t visual? Think again
  15. 15. More on those stats (see later)• Digital camera sales down 29% camera-sales-slump-as-more-944296• Socialcam and Viddy users - 2012/06/24/socialcam-vs-viddy-and-the-curious-calculus-of-picking-the-most- popular-app/• Tumblr to overtake blog as a search term - 2012/04/17/whod-have-thought-tumblr-to-soon-overtake-blog-on-google-searches/• Has Pinterest overtaken Tumblr? overtaken-tumblr-united-states/• Facebook posts that include an album have 180%+ engagement http://• Six reasons why images are important - marketing/6-powerful-reasons-why-you-should-include-images-in-your-marketing- infographic-0185560#• Pinterest now accounts for 26% of social media e-commerce referrals http:// in-referrals.html
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