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Ten reasons to go mobile first
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Ten reasons to go mobile first


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A list of ten stats illustrating why you need to move from being digital first to mobile first. An accompanying blog post can be found at -

A list of ten stats illustrating why you need to move from being digital first to mobile first. An accompanying blog post can be found at -

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Ten reasons for brands to move from digital to mobile first
  • 2. ‘In 1982, there were 4.6 billion people in the world, and not a single mobile-phone subscriber. Today, there are seven billion people in the world—and six billion mobile cellular-phone subscriptions’ (Mashable 9/5/2012)1 - More people worldwide now have a mobile phone thanelectricity
  • 3. 2 - At the latest, in eighteen months mobile Internet willhave surpassed desktop Internet use
  • 4. All adults: TV 44%, PC +Internet 17%, Mobile phones 13% 16-24 year olds: Mobile phones 28%, PC +Internet 26%, TV 23% Note - this question was last asked in 2010. The results will be more pronounced now3 - The mobile is the most essential form of media among16-24 year olds, ahead of the PC+Internet and the TV
  • 5. Time spent on Facebook’s mobile site and apps per month (441 minutes) has finally surpassed In the EU5, growth usage of its classic rates from mobile website (391 minutes) users accessing social — for Americans who networks by far use both Facebook outpaced growth interfaces. rates of computer users - Twitter grew 110% on mobiles4 - Mobile social networking is growing faster than socialnetworking via PCs
  • 6. Nearly twice as many kids 2-5 58% of children 2-5 in the major can play with a smartphone industrialised nations can play a application as tie their shoelaces basic computer game - most often on their parents’ smartphones / tablets5 - Children today have a familiarity with mobile devices froma very young age
  • 7. In 2010, 52% of photos in the US were taken with ‘single purpose cameras’, while 17% were taken with smartphones.   In 2011, that ratio changed to 44% / 27%.   Similarly, here in the UK, almost a third of consumers say their smartphone is the camera they use most often 6 - We’re heading towards a point perhaps 1-2 years down the linewhere smartphones will account for the majority of pictures taken -and shared
  • 8. One in five U.S. smartphone owners took a picture of a product while in store and nearly the same number texted or called family or friends about a specific product. Women in particular were more likely to make shopping a ‘social’ experience, with 24% taking pictures, while men were more likely to use their phones for information gathering, such as scanning a barcode or comparing prices7 - Smartphones are “poised to become consumers’favourite shopping companion in 2012” (Comscore)
  • 9. 8 - Over a quarter of smartphone owners have bought via theirphones. Over half have researched a purchase (Google)
  • 10. 9 - Once consumers go online with their mobiles, it becomeshabit-forming
  • 11. 10 - And not forgetting social TV. When an adbreak comes on, 60% don’t put the kettle on orfollow the call of nature...they check their phones
  • 12. So what should you bedoing?• Optimise your content for mobile devices• Recognise that mobile consumption is different to PC / Internet consumption both in times of day (AM best), and how its consumed (snacking on smartphones, more detail tablets)• Embrace growing mobile only networks. E.g. photos - Instagram has 50+ million users. Video - Socialcam close to 40 million• If you have a real world or bricks and mortars space embrace signs to social - people will be going online via their phones. You need to channel this via physical prompts
  • 13. Blog post to accompany presentation - To find me: Twitter and Instagram @dirktherabbit To find Rabbit:, @therabbitagency To sign up to our daily Rabbitgram of social media news: rabbitgramnewsThank you! See links for further info
  • 14. Creative commons creditsIanfogg42 - - Wang - II - -’s Wife - Kobold - - Helmond -