Show me the sales! How social media impacts the bottom line


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This presentation provides ten proof points to try and definitively answer the question of how social media marketing impacts sales.

It also questions whether sales are useful to look at in isolation, showing a number of other metrics.

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Show me the sales! How social media impacts the bottom line

  1. 1. The evidence. And why this may not be the right question to ask in isolationShow me the sales! How does social media drivethe bottom line?
  2. 2. 83% of consumers globally are likely to visit a website recommended by a friend on Facebook More than half say comments posted on retailers’ Facebook and Twitter pages, whether positive or negative, also influence their opinions (Global Shopping habits survey)1 - We pay attention to what our friends say online
  3. 3. 62% 70% 61%2 - Consumer opinions online are trusted more than information found on TVor in newspapers (Nielsen)
  4. 4. In Europe - over 50 percent of respondents aged 16 – 64 with access to the Internet use social networks to assist with shopping decisions (IBM)3 - We use social media to research what we want tobuy
  5. 5. "Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20 percent to 40 percent more money with those companies than other customers.” (Bain & Co)4 - If socially active online, we spend more
  6. 6. A study in South Korea (a mature social media market) found that social impacts sales among moderate and heavy users. Recommendations shared among moderate social media users increased brand sales by 5% (Harvard Business School)5 - There is a correlation between social mediarecommendations and a sales uplift
  7. 7. The top 20% of users spend $67 per quarter, compared to $27 for non Facebook users (Comscore)6 - The biggest Facebook users spend the most money online
  8. 8. Twitter averages 19.04 clicks per link vs 2.87 for Facebook According to a(SocialTwist) Kantar Media study in the US, 35% of social media users say Twitter has influenced their purchasing decisions7 - Though smaller than Facebook, Twitter plays a bigpart in fostering brand recommendations
  9. 9. Radio Shack in the US found that customers checking into their stores on Foursquare spend 3.5x more than those that dont8 - It is not just about Facebook and Twitter -smaller networks can also bring commercialbenefits
  10. 10. Super fans and advocates on your social channels are 50% more likely to create content that influences a purchase (ComBlu)9 - Super-fans can become an auxiliary sales team
  11. 11. In the quick serve industry, consumers exposed to social media have a 7x greater likelihood of higher spend (WPP / Ogilvy) 60% of consumers say they factor other travellers online reviews into their plans when booking a vacation / holiday (eyefortravel/ Simpliflying)10 - The picture is the same when looking at individualindustry sectors
  12. 12. But - is asking ‘show me the sales’ the right question to ask inisolation?
  13. 13. Social media is more powerful when seen ashelping to protect your brand reputation, assist theoverall cycle and (ultimately) change behaviour
  14. 14. ‘Cyber-disinhibition’ means 20% of consumers now feel empowered to lash out at consumers online (Euro RSCG) A single bad tweet or Facebook comment can cost you 30 customers (Convergys Group)If you don’t catch it, negative sentiment can harmyour brand - consumers increasingly go online tocomplain
  15. 15. The importance of monitoring, capturing andresponding to comments (Source - Conversocial)
  16. 16. Social media doesn’timpact sales in isolation It impacts the whole sales cycle
  17. 17. Social media is at its most powerful when changingconsumer behaviour - one example, Movember
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