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The Laws of Influence
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The Laws of Influence

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According to Robert Cialdini, there are 7 laws of influence that influence our behaviour and actions.

We like to think we have total control of our actions and behaviour without any outside influences, however we really don't.

These 7 laws must be mastered and skillfully used to get our prospects to take action.

If you have something of value to offer and you don't do everything in your power to get your prospects to take action, you're doing them a disservice.

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  • 1. The Laws of Influence “The Must Have Laws To Make Your Prospect WANT To Say Yes!” The Profit Share Presents…
  • 2. Overview • This tutorial is based on the works of Robert Cialdini • There are 7 Major Laws of Influence that shape the way we ALL act • We like to think we’re smarter than to “fall” for these laws… but the truth is… we’re not! • These laws can be used for good or evil. It is up to your sense of morality to use these laws to make people take action in their best interest 2
  • 3. The 7 Laws of Influence • The Law of Reciprocation • The Law of Commitment and Consistency • The Law of Social Proof • The Law of Liking • The Law of Authority • The Law of Scarcity • The Law of Contrast and Comparison 3
  • 4. Law #1: The Law of Reciprocation
  • 5. The Law of Reciprocation • Human nature makes us feel indebted to others when someone does us a good turn or gives us something • We often pay people back much more than we received • The Hare Krishna Society has been using this law for years by offering small flowers in return for donations and getting fantastic results • To understand a practical example in your own life, have you ever received samples from somewhere only to make further (and even bigger) purchases? • The Christmas present conundrum 5
  • 6. Law #2: The Law of Commitment and Consistency
  • 7. The Law of Commitment and Consistency • We like to act consistent with the identity we hold for ourselves • We are much more likely to do something if we have already made small commitments to do something towards it • Salesmen know this law well. They use it to gain commitment by posing a series of undeniable truth statements to build value in their presentation by getting “yes” answers • The law behind situations where precedents are set 7
  • 8. Law #3: The Law of Social Proof
  • 9. The Law of Social Proof • When we’re unsure of what action to take, we look to others to see what they’re doing for guidance, or even instruction • Ever driven past a road accident behind many other motorists and wondered why no-one stopped? This is Social Proof in action • This is commonly used by marketers in the form of testimonials and case studies • Ever seen Facebook comments below a pre-launch sales page with a seemingly high ratio of favourable comments? This is Social Proof for the product in action 9
  • 10. Law #4: The Law of Liking
  • 11. The Law of Liking • Robert Cialdini refers to this law as “the friendly thief.” • Mainly, people will only ever buy from people they know, like and trust. This is why credibility and likeability amongst your most targeted prospects is such an important gap to bridge • Internet Marketer, Frank Kern, is a master of influencing others using “the law of liking.” Frank will crack joke after joke in a light hearted way to form instant rapport with his market • This is the law of influence behind many relationship building practices in business such as “matching and mirroring” or “researching and profiling your target contact” 11
  • 12. Law #5: The Law of Authority
  • 13. The Law of Authority • In the civilised western world, our entire society is structured based on this law • We are much more likely to act on information we received from a source we perceive as an authority figure. When was the last time you took medical advice from the postman? • This law of influence runs especially deep because it’s not only driven by psychological factors but by sociological ones. We all grew up with this conditioning • Internet Marketers struggle to convey their authority because they believe they don’t have enough knowledge, experience or credentials to pass as an authority figure 13
  • 14. Law #6: The Law of Scarcity
  • 15. The Law of Scarcity • When something is in short supply, the demand for it is greater because we fear we cannot get it • Economic drivers of pricing are based upon relative scarcity. The less the perceived supply, the greater the demand and the greater the potential of holding a higher price point • This law of influence is based on fear. Generally people act more out of fear, or the avoidance of perceived pain, than they will for the joy, or pursuit of perceived pleasure • Apple Computers are masters at restricting supply of their products. This keeps interest high due to a perceived shortage which helps them keep their high price point 15
  • 16. Law #7: The Law of Contrast and Comparison
  • 17. The Law of Contrast and Comparison • We perceive something of higher value when it’s compared to something of even higher value • Savvy car salesmen know this by showing prospects the cars of higher value first, so the car which is really the one closest to matching the prospect’s needs will seem more affordable by comparison • Comparisons are often drawn by marketers which look like fair comparisons, however under scrutiny are unfair comparisons where apples are actually compared to oranges 17
  • 18. Action Exercise: Putting The Laws Into Practice Which Laws of Influence could you put into practice right now to increase your copywriting skills, conversions and make you more money? 18
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